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knife fighting?

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#41 mastercylinder



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Posted July 29 2009 - 07:53 AM

tell u the truth knife fighting scares me--used to do it as a teen so nobody died but the blood andshere terror of facing someone with a knife who wants to hurt yu is intens--swicthed to nanchucks they do alot more hurtful damage and keep the enemy farther away

#42 Musikero


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Posted August 01 2009 - 09:56 PM

One that's wooden or plastic and not sharp. No such thing as a knife especially made for noobies - all real knives are sharp and anyone can use them to make you bleed if they really want to regardless of their level of expertise.

What are some good noobie knives?

#43 Rudenoodle


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Posted August 01 2009 - 09:59 PM

Knife fighting...:smilielol5:
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#44 Musikero


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Posted August 01 2009 - 10:45 PM

^I know. Of all the things you can be studying in Free School, why this?

Knife fighting only exists in movies and tv shows. Or in the dojo. Nobody picks up a knife in order to "knife fight" - he's either threatening you with it so you'll give him what he wants (like your wallet) or he wants to kill you.

If he wants something from you, you have to ask yourself: "Is whatever he wants from me worth risking my life for or can I let him have it (while being on guard at the same time cause he might decide to kill me anyway)?"

If he wants to kill you, do you really think it's gonna be a "knife fight" a la Seagal vs. Tommy Lee Jones in Under Seige? Even if you do have your own knife, he's not gonna give you a chance to draw it. Chances are you won't even see his knife.

#45 Musikero


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Posted August 01 2009 - 10:53 PM

With all due respect to Tang Soo Do and your black belt buddy:

He can kick it out of my hand only if my hand is not moving (read that: I'm not actively trying to slash or stab him with it). Hands are rather small and fast-moving targets. Very hard to hit. Besides, this tactic is based on the assumption that I will be showing him my knife before attacking.

buddy of mine who's got a black belt in tong so do once told me that you're supposed to hold a knife like you're stabbing someone, holding the blade away from your "opponent." otherwise, he can kick it out of your hand.

yeah, find a reputable looking video on youtube and learn from that.

#46 Sebastunes



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Posted August 23 2009 - 12:22 PM

who needs knifes when you have jedi mind powers?

#47 SenorBong



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Posted August 23 2009 - 02:48 PM

For training purposes, I'd check out some Krav Maga classes. You can youtube krav maga knife fighting for a few demonstrations, which will be more helpful than reading about it.

And from a practical standpoint, musikero is right. If someone has a knife and wants your wallet, don't fight them. It doesn't take much skill to be deadly with one.

#48 zombiewolf


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Posted August 24 2009 - 02:08 PM

The old saying is "don't show up to a gunfight with a knife..."

For a knifefight...

just don't show up


#49 Hippie McRaver

Hippie McRaver

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Posted August 24 2009 - 08:49 PM

who needs knifes when you have jedi mind powers?

or a gun

#50 PeaceInTheStreets



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Posted August 24 2009 - 08:53 PM

What are you planning on a knife fight? Like seriously? Goin ninja style on your block?
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#51 Musikero


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Posted August 31 2009 - 07:03 PM

By the way, be very wary of knife fighting videos. Some of them are full of crap that won't help in a violent situation and will most likely get you killed. My instructor and I just watched this video last saturday where the idiot posing as instructor performed the dumbest, most lame-ass knife disarm we've ever seen - the kind that will work only if the guy with the knife is holding it very loosely.

#52 gothlord



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Posted November 27 2009 - 02:14 PM

personally i feel there's nothing wrong with learning how to defend yourself with whatever instrument is at hand...after 20+ years of martial arts training i can truely say that training to defend is not a lifestyle of violence, but can be very spiritual with the addition of meditation and inner reflection...p.s. the very best art of self defense is learning how to avoid placing yourself in situations where violence has to be your only answer to a means of escape....on a final note, most of the people i know who carry a knife have done so for a very long time and as is the case in most situations the fight is usually over in the flash of an eye and all thats left for you to do is bleed........

#53 gcdude22



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Posted June 29 2010 - 04:27 PM

I believe if you fight, you should fight to win. Knives are no exception. though if you brought a knife, Id bring a sniper rifle. and Id bring it a mile away.

#54 orison


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Posted June 29 2010 - 05:06 PM

I believe if you fight, you should fight to win. Knives are no exception. though if you brought a knife, Id bring a sniper rifle. and Id bring it a mile away.

and you would have ample time to scoop out obstacles, vector in wind velocity, for a kill shot? :rolleyes:.. :D

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#55 Musikero


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Posted June 29 2010 - 06:02 PM


Here's some points the author makes:
Lie #1 You're going to have time to draw your own weapon
"In all the times I have been assaulted with knives, only once was I able to pull my own weapon. And I didn't carry a folder, I carried a sheath knife that I had repeatedly practiced speed drawing. I could, in a crisis, draw and deploy a knife in just over one second. This is not idle boasting, I demonstrate it in many of my videos. And yet, despite this incredible rate of speed, when attacked I didn't have time to draw my knife except for the one time that I leaped wildly backwards to gain space.

That's because by the time I realized there was a knife involved, I was already being attacked...

...Most knife "fighting" training is predicated on the assumption that you have somehow managed to get a blade in your hand."

Lie #2 It's going to be a knife "fight"

Lie #3 "But what if I'm cornered?"

"The truth is, it is incredibly difficult to "corner" someone who is determined to leave. Basically because he will use your face as traction or squirt through the smallest of holes."

Lie #4 He's going to attack you a certain way

Lie# 5 And then he is going to passively stand there while you carve him

Lie #6 Trapping and stripping

Lie #7 Bio-mechanical cutting

"In the eyes of the law, a knife is a deadly weapon. It's use on another human is classified as lethal force. And the only time you are justified in using lethal force -- in most states -- is when you are "in immediate threat of death or grievous bodily injury." In otherwords, if it is bad enough where you have to use a knife on someone, it is bad enough to kill them. If you are at a point where you are just trying to wound someone, you are not in enough danger to justify using a knife."

Lie #8 Knowing how to stickfight means you know how to knife fight

Lie # 9 Knowing kali makes you a knife fighter

"Kali, Escrima, Arnis, FMA, all of them have the aura and mystery of being weapons based arts. Deadly, savage arts of the Filipino warriors....

... these older gentlemen survived a totally different culture, socio-economic environment, time and, in some cases, a World War and foreign invasion of their homeland.

That having been said however, just because the founder of the system or lineage was a walking piece of bad-assed real-estate doesn't make you one.

They weren't knife fighters, those people were survivors. It's what comes from living a hellishly hard life. While they had physical skill that helped them, what kept them alive, what allowed them to strike fast enough, hard enough and brutally enough wasn't their art -- it was the commitment not to die. It was that grim savagery to do whatever is necessary and to do it faster and harder than the other person that kept them alive. In the lexicon, they had "heart."

Their art just allowed them to do that faster..."

Lie #10 Grappling with a knife

The list goes on. Anybody seriously considering taking up "knife fighting" better read this.

#56 Katana



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Posted June 29 2010 - 06:42 PM

I'm a karate black belt. I teach a drill for knife fighting.

1 Back foot across, mawate (turn).

2 Run like hell.

If that drill isn't available, ask yourself: why are you in a position of being threatened with a knife? Who are you hanging with? Where are you, when and why?

The only certainty in a knife fight is that you will bleed.

Stay safe. Apologise to an antagonist. Buy him a drink. Give him your wallet/phone/car keys if he demands them. All of those losses are temporary and fleeting. Loss of an eye, or of your life, is evidently permanent and tragic.

Just my 2c.

#57 MagnumMan



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Posted June 29 2010 - 10:34 PM

Nothing like a good ole' fashioned knife fight to settle a difference

#58 Irminsul



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Posted June 30 2010 - 07:53 AM

Big ass axe > knife.

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#59 snowtiggernd



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Posted July 29 2010 - 04:00 AM

A better class would be in how to defuse a violent situation without having to stoop to that....:)

#60 Musikero


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Posted August 02 2010 - 07:48 PM

Smart suggestion.

To further elaborate: what would be interesting is a self defense class that focuses on preventing an assault from happening through avoidance and/or deescalation - instead of how to deal with an attack that's already happening.

I think people tend to think of self- defense as pure damage control: the attack is happening and you have literally a second or two to do something to survive - hence the focus on martial body movements, weapons, etc.

But self-defense should be actually two-fold. It must have a preventive component, and this component should ideally be backed up with a capability to apply appropriate physical force. These two components complement and support each other. The preventive component minimizes the likelihood of being attacked and possibly even alerts the defender of an impending attack. On the other hand, the use-of-force capability functions as a back-up should the preventive measures fail.

Now, the use-of-force component is pretty much what is being addressed. You have your martial arts schools, both traditional and non-traditional. As well, people can purchase pepper sprays, knives, guns, etc.

But that's just one component.