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So it's a white guy wanting to grow dreads...

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#1 greenfiend



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Posted February 08 2009 - 09:29 PM

ya i know... im a white guy and i want to grow dreads...

okay so for the past year or so ive had this impulse to start growing out my hair and eventually twist dreads. but ive ALWAYS had my hair short and when i say short, when i was younger i had a fuckin bowl cut and for the past 4 years ive been keeping it buzzed.

so i was watching the grammy's tonight like many of you probably were as well and i saw weezy. yes lil' wayne, dwayne carter, young mula crazy... whatever you like. and no homo but i love this dudes dreads. they look damn near perfect.

now i joined this board in hopes of tryin to clear some things up.

im white, so how many white guys have you seen or known that had successful dreads? now if i got dreads i do plan on gettin them done professionally somewhere and havign them maintained fairly often.

so the main question is?

i want dreads like weezy's, is it possible for this white boy to achieve such a thing?

#2 enayes



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Posted February 08 2009 - 09:36 PM

If you want salon-dreads, then you don't want dreadlocks.

If you do want dreadlocks.

1. Wash with a residue-free soap.
2. Stop brushing.
3. Have patience.

If you do this, and never use wax or any other products. Then the answer to your question is yes, a white boy can achieve awesome locks.
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#3 Tuktuk08



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Posted February 08 2009 - 09:37 PM

you can go to youtube and it'll show you a bunch of shit about dreads....or you could do a little digging on the forum. Theres a lot of posts around about dreads. and ya theres nothing unusual about white people having dreads.

#4 greenfiend



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Posted February 08 2009 - 10:40 PM

i like her tips, but this is a girls hair, not a guys... same thing or no?


#5 hax



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Posted February 08 2009 - 10:45 PM

yeah, look for some pictures online, there are a lot of white guys with dreads, im a white guy with dreads, 3 months in and they are looking pretty good, but the reason why the people on tv's dreads look so good is because they arent dreads, all the salons do is twist your hair and put shit in them to make it look like dreads and charge a dick and a half for it, some salons will do the back combing and charge a dick and a half for that. if you want dreads, like everyone else so far who has said it, it'll take time and patience, you can have a friend back comb your hair but they wont start looking like dreads for at least a few months, you might get ridiculed and made fun of but you have to deal with it. just stick with this forum and we will point you in the right way. or you could end up with short hair once you cut it all of because of the wax and chemicals that you used because the commercial sites told you to.

#6 shadygrov



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Posted February 09 2009 - 07:13 AM

Yeah it's unfortunate there are so many myths regarding dreads. Some of these myths are "white people can't have dreads naturally", "you can't wash them", "you have to use wax", "you have to 'maintenance' regularly with palm rolling, root rubbing, and crocheting", and so many more.

The best way to dreads if quit using the nasty harsh shitty commercial shampoo. I think people should do this anyway regardless of their hair texture. Then start washing your hair with a quality organic soap or with apple cider vinegar and baking soda. There are many homemade remedies that work as well as the things you buy, it's a matter of preference and whats works best for your hair.

Gradually start to train your scalp to produce less oil by washing less frequently over time. Go as long as you can without washing until it feels dirty. I wash more than once a week, no less ever two. Here lately it's been less frequent washing due to the cold weather. The winter is definitely taking a toll on my scalp. But as time goes by washing less will actually keep your hair clean longer because your scalp will produce significantly less oil. This process takes a few months to happen though. Just like dreads, it takes time.

After you get a good washing routine you just let everything happen by not brushing your hair. All the knots over time will tighten together and form locks. Sometimes this starts happens in a matter of several weeks other times is months to a year. It really depends on the length of hair and texture. As your hair locks up, the dreads will form together at the root. You can either let them combine to get bigger dreads or rip them apart to stay as individuals. Personally, I don't let my dreads get all that big as scratching and inch in the middle of big dreads is quite hard to do. And bigger dreads take longer to dry and clean. But keeping smaller dreads requires almost daily ripping. Its something I do as a mindless activity. If you keep up with everyday and make it a habit, it's no big deal. But before I had this habit, I inadvertently let several congos form. One made of five smaller dreads, over an inch thick, and impossible to rip apart. So if you don't stay on top of there is nothing you can do unless you use scissors, which I do not do.

That's dreadlocks.. I know it sucks you can't have them over night, in a month, or even a 6 months. At a years time, you should have recognizable locks that starting to really mature. Again, give or take a months depending on the hair type and length. But there a purpose for the slow transformation. It teaches patients and a lot of self confidence. YOU WILL cut or brush them if you don't have either one of those things. Natural dreadlocks come from a lifestyle choice not a cosmetic one.

#7 FLHippieGirl



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Posted May 29 2012 - 01:20 PM

Im looking for a young guy with dreads. There's no guys in my area that have dreads or that are a hippie. Please help? I'm only 15 and I'm new to this site.

#8 Manservant Hecubus

Manservant Hecubus

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Posted May 29 2012 - 02:02 PM

Im looking for a young guy with dreads. There's no guys in my area that have dreads or that are a hippie. Please help? I'm only 15 and I'm new to this site.

Seems legit.

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