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military drug test....

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#1 honda450r



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Posted September 27 2008 - 04:52 PM

well i smoked for close to 2 years (usually mids and some dank occassionally) and slowed down about 3 months ago to a few times a week but the last two weeks i didnt smoke at all! my recruiter gave me a drug test on thursday which i passed but im paranoid and wondering if it was from all the water and cranberry pills i was taken. I went to meps yesterday and took 2 cranberry pills that morning, drunk a bottle of water, and then about 3 hours later drunk about 8-10 cups of water, held it as long as i could and then finally pissed in the cup but the guy wouldnt let me piss a little and then in the cup like on my pervious drug test, i had to piss in the cup and then i could finish in the toliet. Im suppose to swear in on monday but dont wanna go and then get my drug test results and be discharged for testing postitive, should i just try putting off swearing in just incase my drug test does come back postive or do you guys think im ok and probably passed??? im 6"2 150 and mow alot so i sweat while i am out in the sun if this helps

edit: i know you guys are probably tired of post like this but it would really help me out! annd dont tell me not to do drugs bc i never thought about joining until a recruit called me and quit right after i decide it was something i wanted to do, then got asked to go to meps right after i passed the drug test. thanks in advance!

#2 mephist00



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Posted September 27 2008 - 06:51 PM

well, THC is stored mostly in body fat, the less excess fat you have, the shorter it will stay in your system.. sweating seems probable that it would help in this case..

ive heard cranberry juice does help.. but i dont think there is a 100% sure way of knowing you will pass, unless you havent smoked for around 2 months or more.. or unless you buy one of those nasty drinks that make your piss clean, but some test's test for those too.

however - my girlfriend got drug tested for a job recently.. and she smoked 2-3 weeks prior to the drug test, and she passed it.. she is skinny as hell.. not sure how she passed, it was some good weed :)

#3 stalk



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Posted September 27 2008 - 06:55 PM

what happens if you Fail?


#4 honda450r



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Posted September 27 2008 - 07:20 PM

well im trying to join the navy but havnt enlisted yet so if i did fail i will not be eligiable to join this branch but after 45 days i can try to join another branch but if my drug test doesnt come throught here ill probably give up on it since the navy is the only branch i wanna join! i felt kinda forced by the recruiter to go to meps but ill get over it, i shoulda said no and waited another 2 weeks but thought i could pass since i did pass his 3 test but those test for like 50mg and meps ones are like 15mgs and wanted to get on with my life bc even if i pass i wont be leaving til may 06 09(basically the longer you wait to enlist, the longer til you can leave in the job i choose)

anybody else with experience in the difference of drug test between the ones recruiters have and the ones at meps that are sent to labs to be tested?? anymore input would be much apreciated!

#5 Desos


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Posted November 01 2008 - 10:02 PM

you ought to be fine. from the amount that you smoked and if you get a decent amount of excercise it sounds ok. if you were smoking 3 times a week or around that for atleast 2 weeks before the 2 weeks that you stopped completely then that should be plenty of time combined with a bit of excercise.

thc only really takes 48 hours or so to get out of your system from consumption, or if you smoke for prolonged periods then your THC metabolism speeds up and it can take even less time. but the problem is that it also gets stored in your fat so if you burn any fat containing THC then it can be like consuming thc all over again and you have to wait another 48 hours. so as long as you had a period of atleast two weeks of burning fat before your test then you should be fine. really what you should have done is eaten a ton for 2 days before your test and gotten your body back in fat storing mode.

i was on probation for a while, and ive passed a drug test a week after smoking for 5 days straight, and i have also passed a drug test a day after smoking. it's all about managing your fat. passing thc drug tests aren't nearly as hard as the government makes it out to be.

that said for any anon readers you should really find out your personal rate for passing drug tests before you take this advice to heart too readily.

but then military drug tests could have a much lower cutoff level than govt. tests, but the fact that you started smoking less for 3 months before the test helps some.
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