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oxycodone and saliva drug testing?

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#1 insanitysmiled



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Posted May 03 2008 - 06:52 PM

Alright, so...

For the past week or so, I've been taking a lot of oxycodone (pure stuff, no APAP or anything else), snorting it and taking it orally. Just the other day, I snorted 15 mg of oxycodone in the morning then went to school. Unforunately, I was randomly selected for drug testing.

Wooo me.

They used saliva testing, with a little cotton-sponge stick thing that goes under your tongue and when enough saliva is absorbed, the end of the stick turns blue.

I've been reading a lot on oxycodone and drug testing, and most sites say that it's not detectable in standard NIDA/SAMHSA drug tests and is rarely tested for in extended tests, too. Others say that is cross reacts with morphine and will show up as a positive for opiates on standard drug tests. I know there are oxycodone specific tests out there, but I just want to know if the oxy will show up on the test that I took, or am I safe?

#2 NorCaliGreenFiend


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Posted May 04 2008 - 07:40 AM

They do random drug screening at your school? Thats ridiculous, just tell them its a violation of you constitutional rights and that you refuse without probable cause. ask them what panel test it is, five panel shouldnt detect oxy.

#3 insanitysmiled



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Posted May 04 2008 - 07:55 AM

Yes, but I signed a consent form at the beginning of the year... It's required in my county that all students who take part in extra curricular activies must be drug tested (and I run track and play in the marching band). I've never been tested until last week, so I got cocky over the year and got away with a lot of stuff. I was lucky that I was never selected all those times.

Of course, I could have just refused to test, but that causes a lot more trouble than just showing up positive on the test. Plus, I had confidence that oxy wouldn't show up so I went on with it. I'm graduating this year so I don't care about what the school wants to do to punish me, I just gotta worry about what the parents will do. =P

I'll ask what panel tomorrow, but the papers we received only stated that the test would look for up to 10 substances and their metabolites, nothing else, no list of substances or anything else, just that it followed SAMHSA standards or whatever. :/ And I've never been drug tested any other time in my life.

#4 kil0


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Posted May 04 2008 - 10:55 AM

This is actually starting to happen at many schools!! can you fucking believe that?!?! Im in florida and they still dont have that, even with probably cause.

But I have a 15 year old lil cousin in New Jersey, and this new law thats beginning to sweep the nation has already passed in NJ. And not too long ago he went to class high as hell and his teacher noticed he 'wasnt sober' so she reported him. He was passed out in class and next thing he knows is he's called down to the principal's office where they put him on a bus to go to a drug testing center!

Of course he failed the drug test, and ended up getting suspended lol...

Thank God they didnt have this bullshit when I was in high school! I used to walk into my English class, and the teacher fuckin hated me and she used to put me on the spot infront of the whole class. I'd walk in with my eyes looking bloodymary, and she'd be like "Damn your eyes are red!" I felt like calling her a stupid bitch and just walking out...
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#5 insanitysmiled



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Posted May 04 2008 - 11:29 AM

Yes, it's absolutely ridiculous... =/
We never had this shit at our school until this year. So I haven't had to deal with it until now...

I've read more on the oxycodone and drug testing thing, pretty much everything I find refers to piss testing and that tells me nothing about my own test. There are countless debates on whether it'll show up on 5 or 10 panel tests and it gets extremely chemical.. I'm just looking for a simple answer. =/

#6 insanitysmiled



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Posted May 06 2008 - 12:31 PM

Just for the record, I passed.
Oh yeahhh. :D

#7 Oxyrisin



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Posted May 10 2008 - 10:17 AM

^^Cool man

I have a friend that they tested using dna from the mouth and said the protien changes for different meds and he tested positive for Norcos and Oxys. But he had a script so he was ok

#8 psychodelic17



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Posted May 25 2008 - 09:09 PM

you could carry around a tiny thing of bleah and put a very tiny bit in...that will say your clean