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My experiences with Poppy Pods so far...

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#1 Dude1266



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Posted March 02 2008 - 03:38 AM

I ordered a bunch of poppy pods (supposedly giganteum, about the size of a tennis ball, but only half as high) and got them a couple days back. I thought it would share my experiences with them so far.

Day 1:

I decide to just take out the cap and seeds and eat raw pieces of the pod. I consume about 1 pod every 2-3 hours continually throughout the day, until i have used up 8-10 pods. I did not swallow the pods, i just kept chewing them till they lost thier disgusting flavor then spat out the cud. At first they tasted absolutely horrible but by the 4th one they were completely tasteless.

The first pod had minimal effects but as i ate each subsequent one i could feel myself getting higher with every swallow. I had a very strong constant peak opiate high all day long. Around pod 5 i ended up puking. I puked again later maybe around pod 7. I got a bad case of the itch from this too, but i dont mind that at all, actually find it quite enjoyable.

Day 2: I squeeze some grapefruit juice from a fresh grapefruit into some water and boil it, take it off the stove then drop in 5 ground up pods. Stirred it around off and on for a half an hour, then filtered out the junk. Drank about 2/5ths of the vile concoction (much better than the raw pods, not too hard to get down at all compared to kratom, but still not something i look forward to drinking). The effects start to onset in 5 minutes, but after about 15mins i am forced to vomit. The nausea is just completely overwhelming.

I still got a decent buzz off of it. I decided i'd prolong the high so I drank another 1/5th of the mixture maybe 3hrs later. 15 minutes later, puked again :( This stuff is real hard to hold down. I drink the rest of it spaced out over the day and puke 1 more time. I LOVE the effects of this stuff, just wish my stomach was stronger. I am no novice to holding down massive amounts of disgusting stuff to get high (cough syrup, kratom, hard liquour, whatever), but none of them compare to how tough this stuff is to stomach for me. I have done other opiates in the distant past on occasion (heroin, oxy, hydro, codeine) and they never caused any major nausea.

There is no doubt i will continue my adventures with the pods despite the constant puking. Its probably for the best that my stomach rejects them because if they didnt i have no doubt i would quickly become an addict to this supremely powerful and cheap, and pseudo-legal substance.

#2 KJohns24029



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Posted March 02 2008 - 03:58 AM

Iv heard from a friend, who is an ex heroin junkie, who loves pods doesn't feel addicted what so ever. He would hold onto them for long periods of time before using them. I don't know how he consumes them or how his body reacts but from him the pods aren't addicting at all. This can also vary from person to person. Just some input.
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#3 Dude1266



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Posted March 02 2008 - 06:21 AM

They are absolutely addictive... mostly codiene morphine, various other minor alkaloids.

Never been addicted to opiates but ive been addicted to GHB and alcohol before and its not something im looking to develop again.