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bad trip report...

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#1 squirell tree

squirell tree


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Posted November 19 2007 - 09:47 AM

It was a few months ago, the last time I did shrooms. I ate an eighth of some really potent mushrooms at around 7 pm with 2 friends in a shed. then they decided to get some beer so they go to the store and buy 3 40 oz's of OE. After I chug my 40 and sparked up a blunt I already started to feel it coming on, the walls were stretching out and it felt like I was in a golden palace, I was in one of the happiest moods ever. But since I was the only one that ate shrooms, it was getting late for my other 2 friends and they were getting tired.

Since they got drunk they all passed out and they kept turning off the lights half asleep and hella drunk... I kept trying to wake them up and turn the lights on, but everytime I turned the lights on they would wake up half asleep and turn them back off. So I was sitting there in the dark, and then my peak hit me and I literally saw a guy across the room standing there crying. I started freaking out a bit and turned the lights on... but then one of them just turned the light back off and they wouldnt wake up... i started getting scared and then I started hearing time slow down and my vision went purple and I was spiriling down a tunnel and I kept hearing the crying noise... the noise from the crying got louder and louder and I started hearing more then one person crying, then I started crying and hardly even noticed it. I left the shed and walked into the living trying to be as quiet as possible because one of their parents were asleep.

this is when it went all bad... I sat in a chair in the pitch black and thought about my life and what I was doing. the trip started getting worse and worse and then I closed my eyes to try to relax but then I saw myself when I closed my eyes, my face was right infront of me, I had crosses as eyes and my face was charcoal black and was melting down. I got up and grabbed a knife and thought the only way out was death, i was sitting there staring at the knife for a good hour thinking whether or not I should do it. but I just couldnt. I tried to think about my life and that there were people who cared for me and wouldnt be good if I died, I walked back in the shed and layed on the leather couch and sat there... I kept seeing this yellow flower infront of me and it was crying and making a crying noise and I just sat there crying in the dark for another 2-3 hours and finally fell asleep.

lessons learned: dont shroom in the dark
dont shroom with drunk people that pass out and turn lights off
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#2 Iceni



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Posted November 19 2007 - 10:26 AM

Christ, that's pretty heavy. At least you didn't cut yourself or nothing!




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Posted November 19 2007 - 11:45 AM

Last time I took acid my son was asleep in his room and
I kept hearing him cry the way he used to when he was
a new born.
It's good for you man, you did some inner expulsion.
Greatful to be alive? And be normal again? lol
God's hand is always extended you just have to be the
one who reaches out and takes it. -

#4 Beckner420



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Posted November 19 2007 - 11:55 AM

Holy fuck man. Last time i tripped with shrooms, me and my friends also baught 3 40's of OE. I drank barley none, then ate some real good shrooms, rest of the night i was fucked. People said my pupils were almost coming out of my eyes lol.

I felt like i had a bad trip, but it was more of an "inside joke" kind of trip i guess.

#5 tri_vi_um123



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Posted November 23 2007 - 10:02 PM

Hey guy i just thought id tell you about my trip, i had a few mushy capsuals and i didnt think they were gunna hit me it was about an hour later and none of the 4 mates i had with me could feel anything, so we thought that they were duds so we had a few cones and decided that was it, then about half an hour later it hit me like a ton of bricks, fuck me! it was horrible i was talking to my friend for an extra half an hour after she walked out of the room, it felt like my eyes were open but i wasnt seeing anything,

we had to pick up something from a mates place, the guy who was driving has 3 pink neons in his dash board and music pumping i freaked out but none of this compares with the horrors of the next mourning,

it felt like the pain of 1000 hangovers and i only had like 3 coronas but my head was absolutely splitting, and i puked everywhere.

hmmmm i dont know if ill try it again but i really want to move onto acid.

#6 squirell tree

squirell tree


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Posted November 25 2007 - 10:15 PM

^ yeah, to me, when your on acid its easier to communicate... for some reason when im on shrooms i cant talk for shit but on acid I can communicate with friends and talk fine... but Ive also had a couple terrible trips on acid like when I skipped school and dropped 4 doses and my mom called me and told me to go back to school because somehow she found out, so I went back to school and everyone in my class turned and looked at me and theyre faces just started melting to the floor. I almost went crazy in class
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