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The Art of Spanking

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Posted November 02 2007 - 05:15 AM

Most people associate spanking with childhood punishment but humiliation aside, it can be a very erotic part of sexual play between consenting adults. Although spanking is seen as part of S&M activities there are no rules to say that you, as a couple or individual, cannot use it entirely on its own.

As with all S&M activities, spanking/whipping obviously includes various degrees of pain but some aspects of it can be extremely erotic. The feeling of submission and being completely at your partner’s mercy can provoke feelings of anticipation and excitement which adds to the overall eroticism. If you’re the one doing the spanking, then the feeling of power over your partner and the pleasure of playing around with one of the most erogenous zones of the body: the buttocks, all leads to the same feelings.

Your body’s response to pain is to release chemicals called endorphins to reduce the amount of pain inflicted by a hand, whip or paddle. This, in turn, will boost your orgasm to new levels. Constant punishment of the same area will enhance the sensitivity of the skin and nerve endings, thereby making it more responsive to anything else you choose to do to your partner after he/she has received their punishment i.e. stroking, licking and kissing.

Some points to consider:

Only ever strike your partner on fleshy parts of the body i.e. buttocks and thighs etc. Never strike your partner in the face.
Ensure that both of you are comfortable with the idea of spanking and always lay down ground rules before starting.
If you’re new to spanking and whipping, start small and gradually build up the intensity of the punishment.
Start dishing out the punishment through the layers of clothes first before gradually removing an item at a time until he/she is naked or presenting you their bare backside.

Role play

The art of role play can really heighten your experiences with spanking. Possible scenarios can be headmaster and pupil or even offended husband and naughty wife. Tell him/her when you’re going to hand out the punishment and why you’re doing so and then make him/her wait for it. Inspect her attire. Is she/he up to scratch? Do they look neat? Are they clean? Are they up to your standards that you have given? If they’re not, then they deserve to be punished! Warn them as to what will happen if they do not behave themselves and how much punishment they will receive.

How to Spank

When your partner is across your knee, take the time to caress and manipulate their buttocks. Get a feel of them and take note as to how excited they’re becoming. Inform her/him of what you intend to do to him/her and let them know just what her backside will look like after you’ve finished with it. It all adds to the anticipation which will increase the excitement he/she and you will feel.

Ease into the spanking gradually, maybe spanking over her outer clothing and panties before slowly removing them. Keep rubbing and caressing the buttocks between spankings to encourage the blood back to the area and to warm the skin.

Start off spanking by using your hand. Cup your hand so that it creates a loud noise but doesn’t inflict too much pain. Progress onto the flat of your hand with your fingers spread to increase the intensity of the stings inflicted.

If your partner responds well to your hand, why not try using a paddle? These are leather, paddle shaped tools that may have rivets or studs built in. A good one to use to begin with is the hand whip which is basically a step up from your own hand. A long handle enables you to exert some force behind the spank. Forked paddles are leather with a few flexible prongs or forks. Why not try the Leather Forked Paddle? The Manline Leather Paddle with Faux Black Fur is the ultimate in paddles. Rather than use your hand to caress and rub the buttocks, just turn this paddle over to the fur side to give your lover some pleasure mixed in with the pain.

Moving away from the paddles, the use of whips are likely to inflict the sharpest of pain and are not to be used by the light hearted. Whips that only have the one tail will cause the most amount of pain so, therefore, must be used with the utmost of care. This type of whip also tends to inflict welts or lesions on the skin.

Until you have built up your pain thresholds and you are both happy within your relationship to go a step further, then stick with using paddles or the palm of your hand. If you would like to start using whips, then top begin with use one that has more than one tail to minimise the pain and the damage caused to the skin. The Leather Floppy Whip is a good choice as it’s made from soft material (leather) and has multiple tails. There are a variety of leather whips available at Smiles By Miles so you will be spoilt for choice. Take into consideration your budget and your experience.

When you’re ready you can move onto the more severe types of whips like the Chain Whip, as hard as the name suggests! Or the Leather Platted Whip will give you an idea of what it feels like to be a horse as will any of the 3 sizes of Riding Whips. Ouch!

Whatever you decide to do and use, please ensure you have a spanking good time!

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