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Can you finger a virgin?

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#1 Jay_Game



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Posted July 29 2007 - 08:38 AM

Hey im new on here.. its quite reassuring reading through the forum and realising that everyone has concerns and problems, and not just me..

anyway.. ive recently started going out with this girl who is a virgin, my last girlfriend wasn't a virgin.. so i need to know can you finger a virgin.. or will it be painful for her.. and will i end up with blood on my hands?

responses will be appreciated..



#2 nesta



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Posted July 29 2007 - 08:47 AM

sure can, but it depends on a lot of things.

if she has an intact hymen, fingering her may break it, and you may end up causing her some discomfort and perhaps bleeding.

if she does not (it can break from a number of things other than just sexual activity) then you're in the clear.

a good bet is to find out if she wants you to in the first place. if she does but is unsure of whether it will hurt or not, suggest to her that she try doing it herself when masturbating some time, just to make sure. that way, if shes never been fingered/done it herself/her hymen hasnt been broken from some sort of nonsexual physical activity, then she can take it slow, do it in as much comfort as possible with as little embarassment as possible, and get the painful part over with in privacy.

personally, if i were in your shoes and she was comfortable with it and wanted me to proceed, i would be quite pleased to do so, even if there was a little bit of blood.
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#3 Jay_Game



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Posted July 29 2007 - 08:54 AM

thanks a lot

#4 Musikero


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Posted July 29 2007 - 09:07 AM

Or you can go down on her. I doubt your tongue will be able to tear her hymen or make her bleed.

#5 deuro



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Posted July 31 2007 - 10:32 PM

My last girlfriend was a virgin and when i fingered her I could feel her hymen
If you dont stretch it it wonnt hurt or bleed or break
So what I did was use one finger slowly or use one finger but not too deep
She really enjoyed that

#6 samxmalone



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Posted September 08 2007 - 06:24 PM

i'm a virgin, and would just like to ask how tough a hymen is??

i've attempted to break it, to make things a bit easier for when the time comes.. but it's really uncomfy and i weasle out ..