Your vision of a Utopian civilization

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  1. I'm trying this on a different forum but I thought I'd try it here too.
    I was wondering what your vision of a utopia would be? What kind of cilivization you would like to live in? Take your time thinking about it and be honest, it doesn't have to necassarily be the most free or proper.
    The different areas to look at would be:

    education- teaching, years in school, subjects taught, schooling vs real life experience.
    infrastructure- homes, country/city/suburban living, community buildings, density, would you have managing and population control?
    family unit- relationships/ marriage or no marriage/ who raises the children, the community or the family?
    sexuality- what's socially acceptable and what's not, free love vs choosing of a select partner(s).
    technology- primitive vs futuristic, the sciences, modern conveniences.
    culture- the personality of the people, how people make use of their leisure time, social get together's.
    Physicality- the shape and look of the people, what the people would evolve into, genetic engineering, wheather it would be seen as okay to use.
    Food/intoxicants- individual farming vs mass farming, drugs and alcohol.
    Hierarchy- political system, monetary system, chiefs, elders, royalty. Or having no one with power over another individual.

    So far I've only got education figured out.

    education- I'd have classes on how to recognize sociopathic and psychopathic people. Everyone will be well equipped to recognize when a corrupt individual is spitting the vile venom that they claim to be altruistic rainbows. Classes on human nature and relationships. Survival, taking children out into nature and teaching them how they can fend for themselves. Psychology, how to manage your mind through stresses and deep hardships, including how to keep a level head even if your on psychedelic drugs that warps your perception of space and time. Mechanics and technology, every person should have a basic understanding of how all the things they use in their daily life run and how they can repair it. Memory techniques and mental exercise (this would be the first things taught in the beginning of their schooling). Exercise and the workings of the body. Deeply training all of your senses and building physical acuity. Their would also be classes were the students become the teacher and decide what they find interesting and wish to teach to the rest of the class. The students would alternate each day so everyone has a chance to teach. Of course the basics too, like math. The future would also be a big thing that's taught, what our civilization is and the problems it may have at the moment or that it may be facing in the future. The students would be asked to contemplate where the society is or should be going. When students reach an age of maturity they can decide wheather or not to continue their schooling, and may continue doing so well into adult hood, even into old age.
  2. Anarchists are welcome, but you still have to tell how you would raise and educate your children if you are free from any type of civilization. How you would go about living your life out.
  3. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    Post apocalyptic landscape with a few scattered bands of humans fighting over a few scraps of meat, canned vegetables, and powdered milk :2thumbsup:

    Education: Survival techniques
    Infrastructure: How to accessorize your blasted-out structure
    Family Unit: Ragtag bunch of misfits
    Sexuality: Radiation induced sterility and impotence
    Technology: Stone Age
    Culture: Tetherball with human heads
    Physicality: Slow, melancholy, post-traumatic stress
    Food/intoxicants: The family dog & cat; followed inevitably by cannibalism
    Hierarchy: The biggest baddest guy is in charge

  4. midgardsun

    midgardsun Senior Member

    Either everybody gets their asses up right now to make permaculture, stop wasting energy, stop using money, stop polluting, stop eating meat or
  5. Remember I'm talking about building a civilization from the ground up. Not necessarily trying to fix this one. What kind of world you would really like to live in. Wheather that be a primivitist tribal culture, or a futuristic wonderland. It can be completely free, or with you as supreme ruler over everybody. An honest telling of the world you would truly like to live in.
  6. Vernadead

    Vernadead Member

    Education: 26 years of ed or more.
    Basically the same as is now for the first ten years.
    At the 11th year starts enlightenment training, self help and psychic development. At year 15 begins free picking of classes, very little requirements to pass.
    At year 20 begins higher education.

    Infra: The world would be connected as one country, but population in a specific area can create states, which may interlap, but no strong government regulation or taxation outside of the minimum the would exist. States can have events, organizations and etc, but no army. Urban Areas are situated on large towers that are self balancing and protected from natural disaster. Between towers are bridges and suburban centers in the sky. The ground below is mostly farmland and untamed reserves to nature. Management includes enforcement of basic laws, and taxation (which studies of people and environment will determine how it is spent). There are no prisoners, only blinded criminals blasted from the tallest tower and wind-glides far into unknown wilderness to be dealt with by nature.

    Family- There would be spiritual ceremonies similar to marriage, but not religious. A family will usually live in the same tower or sky base.

    Sex- Free love, there is no definition of perversion except for rape. No age laws, gender laws, race laws.

    Tech- Primative warfare tech, no big huge cars only use of legs or animals to carry you. The technology available makes well for adventurers. Use of Magic and prayer, charmed items. Farming technology is more than up to par with ours, but green. all Technology requiring a power source uses protons.

    Culture- Very enlightenment based, no sense of lasting guilt, no shyness or shame. Forgiving and self forgiving, able to love all (does not mean being mushy, you can not like someone but still love them.) Other than that, music and media culture is kept free from unnecessary and marketing brainwashing.

    Phys- crystaline blue beings, genetic engineering only used to create beings beneficial to humans and other animals, or use for harvesting. (animals created for surgical purposes should not be able to feel pain, and already be in a very low mental/evolutionary state.

    Food/intox- Farming is allowed, but monitored. 40% of all farms must be organic. Farms for drugs and medicines must be organic. No alcohol or tobacco.

    Hierarchy- No hierarchy, but government made from the masses. All towers must hold voting centers and must be counted and added as total. All political discussions should be monitored by 30 citizen volunteers to analyze for any corruption. Volunteers must not present bias, but make sure no laws that are beneficial to few and harmful for many are passed. Government is only used for its most basic jobs.
  7. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    I don't believe in the slightest possibility of one.

  8. Thanks for the response :2thumbsup: (no alcohol or tobacco :()
  9. I don't expect it to come true, it's just interesting to think about.
  10. Vernadead

    Vernadead Member

    rofl.... yeah no tobacco...maybe more leniant on alcohol.
  11. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    I know what you're saying, but I know any possiblity I come up with, could be picked apart by me on another day =P
  12. Physicality- I would make genetic engeering be at the forefront of the sciences. It will ascend into a fantasical almost surreal point. The people would be like the x-men. Powers and wonderous features fit for the gods of a celestial and angelic realm. People would not be allowed to design their children though. They would be given special features, but not to the point of designing the look of their face and body. They would have armour like skin, incredible vision and hearing. They would be able to shoot lasers out of their eyes for hunting and protection. As lasers would drain the person of energy and leave their metabolism beyond the point of feeding, they would carry around an energy pack. A cyborginized people, with chamelion mimicking sensors woven into the frame work of the skin to create a hollographic invisibility. People would be able to gentically engineer the weirdest pets which would also serve as protectors.
  13. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    Well then I’d like to go back to basics :2thumbsup:

    Education: How to kill with a spear and atlatl
    Infrastructure: Caves and roads leading to ceremonial platforms and sacrificial altars.
    Family Unit: Shared responsibility for upbringing and nurturing of children
    Sexuality: Club her over the head then rape her while she’s unconscious
    Technology: The wheel, fire starting, stone weaponry
    Culture: wrestling, primitive form of soccer (males, only)
    Physicality: Lean, muscular, and sinewy
    Food/intoxicants: wild animals, fish, roots and tubers
    Hierarchy: Chiefdom

  14. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    to me, the optimum civilization, really civilization at all, in any positive sense and as i think of it, is the complete abscence of the tyranny of the dominance of aggressiveness. complete security from aggressiveness ever being able to become dominant.

    abundant public transportation and an energy grid harmonious with nature are the dominant tangible elements.

    nothing lasts very long without a culture that builds and favors it.

    too many people would rather be tortured to death then live in a world that didn't give them something to complain about.

    i think when people understand the real process of gratification, instead of throwing it away for the sake of hallow persuits that are tremendously popular but seldom gratify, or for long, if at all, then civilization will appear.

    its not beyond our actual capacity to do so. and i'm not talking about ascitacism, but simple self honesty.

    we have the means, what we lack is the focus and the will, and that's not an intrinsic lack, but a result of the coerciveness of short sighted interests.
  15. I've stopped adding the rest. I'm wondering if no civilization at all would be preferable to any type of society.
  16. MellowViper

    MellowViper Member

    All production is democratically managed and owned by everyone who has a stake in it, technology is utilized to benefit society and is at harmony with nature, people live for experience and not material accumulation, free exchange of information, no poverty, direct democracy, no authority, self government, horizontal social organization, etc etc.

    education- something democratic in nature that teaches children to critically think, like the Deweyist method.
    infrastructure- homes are extensive structures shared by clans and communities, political entities don't exist or only serve as organizational structures for direct democracy/the city functions an autonomous collective/What would normally be suburban would be reserved for farm land, community centers for higher learning and spiritual development, sustainable density, no managing, just rational people that know how to make collective decisions and to decrease population growth voluntarily if needed.
    family unit- life long, committed group relationships/ the family unit extends to a localized, clan sized segment of community/ the family and community is one in the same/ Children are the collective responsibility of all males within committed orgiastic relationship.
    sexuality- free love/ orgiastic relationships within committed clan sized units.
    technology- It would be futuristic and environmentally sound.
    culture- People would, both, think for their selves and be open minded, people spend their spare time through spiritual and naturalistic exploration, social get together's would involve open interaction and exchange of ideas.
    Physicality- Well fed, happy people/ ideally cybernetics could enable people to merge consciousness temporarily to understand one another better and for democratic organizing. The next stage in evolution would be an interstellar culture and development of a higher state of consciousness that spans more dimensions of space-time.
    Food/intoxicants- localized farming to to save on fossil fuels and counter current trend of corporate monopoly, non-harmful to sentient life/ psychedelic drugs (no ego enhancing or addictive substances like cocaine and methamphetamine). Cannabis will grow everywhere in abundance in the wild as a free source of medicine, clothing, and food.

    Hierarchy- Anarchistic, money doesn't exist (through a more evolved sense of the collective unconscious, people will be able to ascertain how much one contributes to society), chiefs and elders are respected for their age and wisdom. horizontal organization.
  17. MellowViper

    MellowViper Member

    Interesting topic
  18. Thanks for the reply, merging consciousness is an interesting idea.
  19. Kaalvoet

    Kaalvoet Banned

    I would love a world where nudity is the singular norm,but total nudity,including bare feet,but with the abscense of pornography.Money in the form of credits,and whealth is universal, where everyone has a house.TECHNOLOGY- must be advanced, e.g. ,dna screning via the soles of your feet,and screening sole prints as identity,and in males spermatic DNA EVALUATIONS,and in females,ovarion genetic typing,where (by spermatic/ovarion scanning/typing) potential criminals,molesters and rapists be identified and then withdrawn at birth from society.The EDUCATION system must be compulcery for all ages,and genetic grouping done into carreers,and university is accessable and compulsary for every learner. To facilitate and assure maximum innoscense and youth,kids and teens must attend school naked,and at least have 8 hours outside time which involves sport and playtime, and young adults from the age of 16 have inplants that will prevent molestation and sexual abuse.Physical hands on and practical sex education where the pupils must demomstsate their competencies,and be evaluated on their sexual skills,to ensure healthy mariages.Science subjects compulsary.Abuse against animals punished to the exact punishments of human abuse.There will be no wars.because of a common peace and awareness in/of unity among al nations. SEXUALITY- could be practiced and should be encouraged , publically, ( oral sex and mutual masturbation,for single adults and engaged couples only.-Masturbation only for children and teens ) without guilt,and viewed in the same light and leisure time activity as playing baseball or football in the park,and as acceptable as eating a candy bar or drinking a coke in public,but without the acts of unconscented rape,forced molestation or abuse.Penetration is reserved only for mariage,and premarital penetration punished by castration,or eternal wedlock without divorce.Should molestation take place,punishment is either castration of penis and testicles,or death...PETTING/TOUCHING BY OTHERS,may only be by mutual consent,or in ritualistic/religious ceremonies with consent.Sexual maturity and developement in children must be publically celebrated and rewarded (by recieving a piece of ground for the day the child gets married,or as a dowry),i.e. The boy's first ejaculation,and the girls first menstration cycle(demonstrated publically). SEXUAL BRAIN Scanning must be done regulary on kids from age 10 ,evaluating their levels of lust,and then either be defused/released/innitiated via computors,or councelors to faccilitate oppertunities and facilities to release sexual energy,e.g masturbation cells,twice weekly sperm bank deposites as a service to the comunity.In the case of male children that ejaculate,they should have sperm depositories where parents that cannot have children due to male infirtility may be given oppertunity to have kids,as well as single adults,or widdowed people.Young teen boys should have automated sperm harvesters,in case they have wet dreams,so the sperm could be harvested.Mariage must be consumated publically as an act of commitmant and loyalty and respect,as well as a symbol of oath/covenant for the male,never to abuse his wife,and future chldren,and if he does,he is punished by death or castration. ENVIRONMENT-There will be no plastic,or non-biodegradable "stuff" Everything will be recycleble!FOOD must be organic,ballanced,and no junk food outlets.Communication is face to face,internet does not exist,education is globally standardized.rain forests abundant,and all extinct plant and animal spieces restored,and every zoo abbolished.Due to the nudity,and barefooting,there will be no rubber or artificial material pollution,no oil ussage,due to a constant temp of 26 deg celcius,clothes would be unnesecarry,barefooting would be practical,due to the open sexuality,there is no shame,due to the univerral love,no wars,the constant temrature,everythìng is solar and hydro powered,cleaner air,the abscance of internet.a better society,communication is telepathy due to our common peace...ecconmy and education is stardardized and poverty and starvation illimenated...and the healthy lifestyle,heart disease and tb is destroyed,and due to the education,HIV/AIDS Is illimenated.... .this is my utopian world...

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