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Discussion in 'Cannabis Activism' started by Keramptha, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. Keramptha

    Keramptha Senior Member

    If you can read 'conversations with god..by i forget..lolI think it's the second or third book that has the best chapter ever on natrualising the purpose of the plant. that god gave to man for mind expansion, and cheap clothing...it's really sound considering the other issues he tackles..and weeds up there with the best of them. aahhhh
  2. paulfreespirit

    paulfreespirit Senior Member

    yeah man " for me " everytime i have a smoke i get spiritually high man./peace/
  3. Mr Mojo Rison

    Mr Mojo Rison Member

    When i get high with a group of friends we just end up talking about all the issues in the world and how to fix them..............that shouldn't be illegal
  4. sanpedro

    sanpedro Member

    Using marijuana is alot better than those idiots who use meth.

    At least pot doesnt make someone a violent individual.

    Its these man made drugs that are dangerous, even chewing coca leaves is not the same thing as using cocaine, yet our good ole US GOVERNMENT doesnt see the distinction between the two.

    Peyote, Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, Khat..etc should all be legal, and the man made drugs should be illegal
  5. element7

    element7 Random fool

    It's because the common intillect has decided they are too irresponsible to handle it (i.e. debt) and force this belief on everyone else.
  6. sanpedro

    sanpedro Member

    Well there is alot of ignorance regarding the so called ''War on Drugs.'' There is a saying that to overcome ignorance its important to know about the history of the subject, with the War on Drugs they arn't illegal because they are bad, but rather because of racism.

    Cocaine was blamed on the blacks, Marijuana on the Latinos, Opium on the Chinese..etc, but of course the white anglos arnt to blame right? This is known as scapegoating and is similar to how the Nazis found different ethnic groups to blame for Germany's social problems.

    If you don't believe me watch the history channel it will tell u about the marijuana hysteria and the word marijuana actually has negative connotations towards latinos.

    Besides ignorant racism, there are other reasons why pot is illegal such as since its natural and a plant there would be no way to have it legal since the government couldnt control every single sale of it since many would choose to grow their own instead of buy from some store. Its a bit harder to brew your own beer, and its just as cheap to buy it from a liquor store actually since the ingredients cost alot.

    Im really sick of the stupid USA and how everything has to be manmade or synthetic, the truth is those things are what harms people, like even aspirin causes 7,600 deaths a year, now compare that to Ephedra which was taken off the market and only caused like 100-200.

    Herbs are bad is a bunch of crap and doctors get paid to prescribe man made poisons that kill people
  7. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    maybe thats one of the REASONS its illegal...
  8. syd

    syd Banned

    I disagree, pot can make individuals very violent. For example, my brother: if he goes without pot for a couple of days, he loses it completely, many a time i've been woken up by him screaming and smashing something in his room.
    But i still agree it should be legal though.
  9. element7

    element7 Random fool

    So he's violent without the pot and therefore it is making him violent?
    Maybe just his disposition and the pot calms him.
    Weed doesn't make people violent, if they are, that's their disposition and has nothing to do with the herb. I've known gang members that smoke herb, doesn't mean it will turn you into a thug either.
  10. shaba

    shaba Grand Inquisitor

    All of the elements that the sun ("God") created from hydrogen and oxygen to the heavy metals, like gold are in the earth and your body. The outcome of universal evolution from the first supernova explosion to the miracle of photosynthesis. We are light and energy, form and consciousness. From light and water grew plants, including our beloved mary-jane. And when we smoke marijuana, we release alpha-brain waves. These waves are created when the brain is in a meditative, and relaxed state, which spurs creativity.

    So when we smoke we actually connect with the earth, because your alpha brainwave and the earth’s resonant standing wave are beating to the same rhythm at 7.8 cycles per second. What do I mean by the earth’s "standing wave"? In electromagnetic terms, the earth is a giant spherical capacitor. Here is how it works. Lightning strikes generate waves that travel around the planet at the speed of light and bounce back, in less than one tenth of a second. This sets up a charge between the positive ionosphere and the ground, the result, waves that are moving at 7.8 cycles per second.

    Amazing, we find that the alpha brainwave and the earth’s standing electromagnetic wave are set to exactly the same extremely low frequency. We are in neurological harmony with the earth’s resonant field, and woven into the fabric of the universe…So in short SMOKE POT.
  11. Loser-aNm

    Loser-aNm Member

    ^^ haha that was hilarious. All that typing just to say SMOKE POT, brilliant.

    Thanks tho, interesting if true, ILl have to check that stuff out.
  12. balko

    balko Member

    dude it was mainly the mexicans who we were going against to illegalize it. it was then 'marihuana' or the h was somewhere.

    ...Reefer Madness. It does make you like jazz. lol.

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