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    May 23, 2015

    I had seen the trailers of the PG movie from Disney and it looked interesting enuf for a child my age. In fact I was dreading a room full of kids this holiday weekend but there was only one kid and an adult when I got in the auditorium. A holiday weekend maybe they all left town.The sci-fi fantasy movie is about time travel to the future (in case you didn't guess already) but starts with the 1964 Worlds Fair in New York, where a young Frank Walker (Thomas Robinson) is hauling his jet pack to a science fair being judged by David Nix (Hugh Laurie). Since it does not work perfectly it is rejected but Athena (Raffey Cassidy) a girl with Mr. Nix likes Frank's enthusiasm and slips him an enameled pin with a prominent "T" on it and tells him to follow them at a distance. He gets access to a ride which takes him to Tomorrowland, where with some robotic help his jet pack works and he is allowed to stay and be a part of the future.

    Now back on present Earth, we meet a very gifted prodigy girl, Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) who understands how things work, even helping her dad, Eddie (Tim McGraw) an engineer with NASA. Trouble is, Cape Canaveral Launch site is being dismantled and NASA folding. Casey is secretly sneaking into the compound at nite and disabling their equipment, slowing the work but eventually gets caught.

    After she gets bailed out and is retrieving her belongings from the cops, she finds a pin in her stuff like the one we saw earlier given to Frank. When she touches it she finds herself no longer in the police station but outside in a strange environment.

    Casey Sees Tomorrowland

    Eventually she finds out the pin was slipped there by Athena (who hasn't aged at all since we saw her in 1964) and from here the two set share an adventure being chased by nefarious ppl and searching for a reclusive Frank Walker (George Clooney) for assistance.

    Frank Holed Up With Monitors

    Seems Frank had to leave Tomorrowland and he has issues with his childhood friend, Athena. But the three of them go on a mission to solve a problem in Tomorrowland, which involves more action adventure.

    Frank, Athena & Casey

    I really liked the movie but it did not do well with half the critics and only 63% of audiences liked it. The movie has a strong young woman lead and touches on the current political idiocy of destroying our planet despite knowing how to prevent it. . They specifically mentioned the complacency of ppl to allow the fossil fuel industry to buy them out and not use the alternative energy available. (Need I mention the California Coast this week).

    This is why Tomorrowland was recruiting ppl who could envision doing things better and Casey was the young woman who annoyed every complacent adult by bringing this up. I thot it had a good message for our time and would be good for the intended audience. You know, young ppl other than me.

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