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    she walked in to the room utterly naked. her(his) penis was utterly large, utterly erect, longer than her thighs. she had B cup size breasts, almost bordering on the C size, but not quite there. her (his) dick and balls were the largest thing i have ever seen. her face still had the remnants of masculinity, giving her a masculine edge, penetrating my very soul and making my neovagina all wet all over.
    i bent over, laying on the bed. i was male as well, just like her, two males, looking like beautiful women, laying naked on the bed. I had my sex change only recently and her(his) penis was the biggest thing I had ever taken in, i did not know whether or not I would break but I did not care. my body was trembling awaiting her(him) inside of me. i could feel my smooth thighs spread open, my tendons trembling with anticipation. i could hardly breathe. i could feel her intense bodily warmth approaching me about to send me to nirvana. having a pussy was unlike i had ever experienced, i could not feel like i could have an erection and feel erect and stable, only submit and be penetrated at the mercy of my opponent my lover. i could no longer feel a solid, stabilized feeling, but only like a very strong tickle and rub that i could not get enough of, always open and being penetrated more and more, like a belly rub...I could not anticipate it anymore and she finally entered me, and we made love...she kissed me and i felt my body merge into hers, entering a higher astral plane, almost leaving my body in a state of utter bliss and love. i felt right.
    after she finally came i could feel her seed enter my body. my tummy immediately swelled and i could feel her progeny inside of me. it was a male impregnating another male. i went overseas and had an ovarian implant - a complete sex change. it was truly the pinnacle of evolved society - a male impregnating another male - true love. the baby was going to be the most feminine male of all time - as a scientist, i was curious to see it. Two extremely feminine males giving birth to another male - i was so curious to see our new son.
    as of today our story continues - our son is 2 years old and already into cuddling with dolls and Hello Kitty - prefers pink and purple colors most of all - development is coming along nicely. We eagerly await to see his future preferences. We hope he will become a lesbian - like us, and become a beautiful, hot woman like those supermodels in Maxim cover art, fulfilling our lives and destiny and finally making us complete. Oh we feel so whole!
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    So if he is straight would that be ok with you?
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    Straight in what sense?
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    It's like reading a story, but so much is missing, no feeling or reality, but the idea is good..if not just a fantasy! But hey ho well done I guess
  5. morrow

    morrow Free as a bird

    Lol.. so if he is not gay in any way, is that ok? Kinds mucks you idealism up..

    Good question though dice!
  6. sonatadusk

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    The term gay confuses me. In my mind lesbians are not gay and male lesbians are not gay.
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    I'm confused. But glad you're happy.
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    I think I'm a male lesbian.

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    The O.P Has Been Hit With The Big Bad.."Ban Hammer"......Nothing Left To See Here Folks.......So Let's All Go

    Back To Today's Current Topics....... :)

    Cheers Glen.

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