The Miscarriage Of Justice Department

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    The Miscarriage of Justice Department

    US Seeks Maximum—If Paltry—
    Sentence for 'Cold-Blooded' Coal CEO

    U.S. government on Monday requested the maximum sentence of one year in prison for the man once described as the "poster boy for malevolent big business."

    Blankenship, former Massey Energy CEO, was found guilty of a misdemeanor conspiracy to violate mine safety laws in December. An explosion at Massey's Upper Big Branch (UBB) Mine in southern West Virginia killed 29 men in 2010.

    "What punishment can suffice for wrongdoing so monstrous?

    Which is worse: a poor, uneducated young man who sells drugs because he sees no other opportunity, or a multimillionaire executive, at the pinnacle of his power, who decides to subject his workers to a daily game of Russian roulette? Which is worse: that young man carrying a gun during a single drug deal—a crime that will earn him a five-year mandatory minimum prison sentence—or a CEO jeopardizing the lives of hundreds, day after day?

    10 Years Prison Upheld In Eddy Lepp
    Medical Marijuana Case

    The federal judge who sent Lepp to prison in 2009 criticized the federal law which required a 10-year prison term.

    Life in prison for pot?
    As laws ease, some remain behind bars

    While Curtis says she doesn't know an exact number of prisoners who are serving life without parole or de-facto life sentences for non-violent marijuana-related crimes, she lists 17 on her website and says she has a stack of others she is currently working to vet.

    NRA History of Mandatory Minimums

    Fracking Contaminates Groundwater:
    Stanford Study

    The scientists matched chemical compounds used in fracking to chemicals found in two groundwater monitoring wells drilled by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 2008.

    Cheney's Legacy of Fracking America to Death
    Halliburton Watch: fracturing Americans 1949 - ?

    Why Did George Bush Buy Nearly 300,000 acres
    in Paraguay?

    ✔ Bush bought the rights to a veritable ocean of fresh, clear-as-glass, Grade A water.
    ✔ His land rests atop one of the largest freshwater aquifers in the world: Acuifero Guarani, by name.
    ✔ “Acuifero Guarani covers roughly 460,000 square miles under parts of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. It is estimated to contain about 8,900 cubic miles of water.”

    What life is like after police ransack your house and take ‘every belonging’ —
    then the charges are dropped



    Rainbow Farm Massacre
    The Murder of Peter McWilliams
    Drug War Killings
    Hoffman agreed to assist Florida officers in a major undercover deal involving meeting two convicted felons alone to buy two-and-a-half ounces of cocaine, 1,500 ecstasy pills, and a semi-automatic handgun. Within days, her body was found shot five times with the gun that the police had sent her to buy.

    Marijuana Stops Child's Severe Seizures
    Charlotte Figi had her first seizure when she was 3 months old. Over the next few months, the girl, affectionately called Charlie, had frequent seizures lasting two to four hours, and she was hospitalized repeatedly.

    Drug War Collaterally Damaged Kids
    New York Nine Year Old Girl With Dravet Syndrome Dies Without Medical Marijuana

    Where is the Justice?

    Flint lead water crisis

    Radioactive Landfill Leaking Hazardous Waste
    Out Of Control Nuclear Fire At St. Louis Missouri Secret Radioactive Nuclear Landfill, Creek Runoff, Secret Govt Radiation Testing Of Residents And Cancer Links

    LA methane leak
    one of the worst disasters in US history

    A week after the ruptured natural gas well in Aliso Canyon was finally declared sealed, we have a full account of the environmental damage — and it doesn’t look good.

    100,000 people were evacuated

    You know that hardly ever happens
    from smoking pot.

    Chevron’s SF Bay oil refinery fire v Hemp
    ~ Poor Community Still Sickened
    by Chevron Refinery Fire
    ~ Chevron’s Dirty Legacy
    Felt from Brazil to the Bay Area
    ~ Navy Ship Crashes Into Oil Tanker
    ~ Chevron subpoenas non-profit
    for defending the Rainforest

    Koch-Owned Georgia-Pacific
    Environmental Crimes

    BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill

    Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
    On March 24, 1989, the tanker Exxon Valdez grounded on Bligh Reef in Alaska's Prince William Sound, rupturing its hull and spilling nearly 11 million gallons of Prudhoe Bay crude oil into a remote, scenic, and biologically productive body of water.

    Ganjawar on the Poor
    In 1998, Rep. Mark Souder, R-Ind., an advocate of stringent drug laws, slipped into a House bill an amendment denying federal financial aid for college to anyone who had been convicted of either selling or possessing drugs. No congressional committee voted on the amendment. But it passed as part of the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, first enacted in 1965 to create federal financial aid for college students.

    Saudi Arabia funds and exports Islamic extremism
    The truth behind the toxic U.S. relationship with the theocratic monarchy

    Bushit Cheneynagans & Oil!

    According to media reports at the time, energy industry executives participated in the Task Force. In particular, those identified as having been involved included then-Enron President and Chairman Kenneth Lay and lobbyists Haley Barbour and Marc Racicot.
    Cheney's Energy Task Force

    Hemplastic or Fossil Fools Crud

    A Brief Summary of the Uses of Hemp
    ~ Plastic plumbing pipe (PVC pipes) can be manufactured using renewable hemp cellulose as the chemical feedstocks, replacing non-renewable coal or petroleum-based chemical feedstocks.
    ~ Plastic Composites for the Automobile
    and Other Manufacturing Sectors
    ~ Cannabis Building Materials & Housing
    ~ Hemp Plastics - now independantly valued
    at US$900m industry
    ~ The first commercial hemp plastic product
    has been produced. The CD tray
    is now available commercially.
    ~ Over 200 billion pounds (100 million tons)
    of plastics are produced each year.
    ~ 45% of all plastics
    are produced in the United States.
    ~ 29% of plastics produced in the US are used
    for packaging (15% building, 14% consumer)
    ~ The packaging market, in the United States is
    worth $100 billion, a quarter of the global market

    Policing for Profit
    Got SqWAT?
    Forfeiture $quads
    Money Grubbing Dung Worriers
    Religious drug treatment in Texas
    Kochroach & Aleech


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