The Alpha Male Has Sex With All The Girls- Thats F***ed Up

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by undefeated, Apr 20, 2016.

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    No doubt but the bitches got laid first didnt they. While some really nice girl with 0 confidence and mediocre or below average looks sits at home all the time with her cats because guys dont even notice her. It works both ways.

    I dislike the prenise that women are somehow at fault for who they find sexually attractive.
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    Well yes, it probably is kind of difficult for a guy to pursue a nice girl if she is sitting at home with cats.
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    Another thing I thought of is wouldn't thinking what the OP thinks mean that he is indeed an asshole?
    Who wants to be first to have sexy time with him?
    Anyone? No?

    See, I think it's about these predispositions reserving us from having good company. Not everyone is going to be someone we want to have sex with, date. Some people will be friends. Some might not be anything, but that one conversation. It's about having a good conversation, and going from there. These generalizations we throw out about other people may or may not be true. It doesn't matter because we can and can't prove it. So, it's better to swallow our predispositions, and give people a chance.

    That really pretty girl might like dorky, geeky you. And that nice girl might get the handsome guy. Or it doesn't have to even be about that. You can be good friends with these people.
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    If you have a problem with it you should stop being so beta
  5. You are only going by what you see, what other people tell you

    Its really the guys you never see, never hear a peep from the girls about, they are the guys you really have to watch out for. More likely to be some crusty old guy than the high school jock type with a lot of them.

    Thats a little bit contradictory, oh, no we, dont go for the the alpha male, but girls dont go for you because you are not masculine (alpha male) enough
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    by your post? yeah, it definitely could have been worded better.
  7. I think one of the problems is that many people confuse confident with cocky and alpha male with asshole. An alpha male is a male that on every level is superior to the other males around him. He has a better physique, intellect and emotional development then the rest. That alone makes him more desirable. Now as a result of all that they understand that people like to be treated with respect and other men look up to them. This causes them ti be liked and popular and their personal skills put them in leadership roles. Women subconsciously are planning for a future baby. So leaders, wealthy, strong and popular men are desirable because those men can give the future baby good genetics so fewer health risks, saftey, security and social status. The reason the nice or wimpy guy finishes last is 1.they allow self doubt to convince themselves not to try in the first place. Which not trying is always a complete failure. 2. Women like men that don't misrepresent themselves. Don't tell her you are interested in her as a person if you only want sex. That is why you end up in the friend zone. The alpha, bad boy and asshole types make it known from the beginning that sex and a relationship more then being their buddy is what they want. To often men seeking sex will come up with the idea that if they become a woman's friend they will have a better chance of sleeping with her. Most women will tell you if you start by asking for sex it may offend them but you will have a better chance cause now they know what category to place you in and how much emotional investment to give you. Women feel very betrayed when you become their friend only to tell them you are sexually attracted to them. And they should be you entered by false pretense. Yes a lot of times women date assholes and bad boys because like you they get confused. They think the asshole has confidence till they realize the reason he appears to say what he wants is not because he believes it but because it tricks, embarrases and hurts people. They also confuse the risk taking behavior of the bad boy as someone who will bring excitment into their lives. But in the end tend not to stay in long relationships with them. Whether we like to admit it or not humans primarily live by instinct more than anything. Men want wealth and power cause throughout history those things give the best mating opportunity. Women seek saftey and security for their future children. Whether they want children or not.
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  8. Oh, I could so rip all that right apart

    "Women subconsciously are planning for a future baby" seriously dude?

    You are only going by what you see, what you want to be true

    You think some guy is an asshole because he has a hotter girlfriend than you, and what if that same girl thinks you are more of an asshole than her boyfriend

    "Men want wealth and power cause throughout history those things give the best mating opportunity" - just because you see the billionaire with the model girlfriend, doesnt mean she isnt having to fake an enthusiastic smile in the bedroom, or has a secret lover. Its those secret lovers you dont see, thats what you really have to work out.
  9. well let me start by saying thanks for not being the normal internet debater that as soon as they disagree the swearing and name calling comes out.

    now the women subconsciously planning for the future baby thing is not my belief but the psychology professions belief. I simply regurgitated things I've read.

    I don't recall any time saying someone is an asshole for having a better looking girlfriend than I do. you may have added that yourself. or projected that onto your interpretation of my post. that was very inaccurate and not even remotely close to anything I said.

    you say just because the billionaire has a model girlfriend doesn't mean she doesn't have to fake smile in the bedroom or that she isn't having an affair.
    that's very true and she probably does and is. but he mated with her. I said wealth and power give the best mating opportunity. I never said anything about love or fidelity.

    so thank you for the comments and I welcome further debate on any topic except topics I know nothing about. I believe sharing information and opinions in open discussion is the best way for all of society to advance as long as it is done with the desire to improve ones knowledge and not for the desire to win the debate. if we both learn everyone wins.
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    There are assholes, then there are alpha males. The 2 shouldn't be confused.
  11. Regurgitating things they have read is what 99% of that profession do. These are people that started off at university tackling a degree that wasn't as difficult as say medicine or law. then once they get into the profession are bound by the rules of what most common, accepted treatment is, which is really just trial and error, ie best guess. Also bound by what is going to be acceptable to what their patient thinks, patient is the client, their income stream. Patient doesn't like what they want to hear, they will just go to another "professional". What the majority thinks is irrelevant, it's that 1% that everyone copies and follows, what they think is what determines mantra, just as it is in every profession.

    You don't have to say anything. In real life it's just the looks on your face that give it away. All other girls around you will be a lot better at picking up on those tells. To put simply the girls are 20/30 years ahead of you when it comes to reading faces, the body language contained within. It won't be until you have a daughter that you are forced to / care enough about reading both female and make faces. No use saying some guy with a hotter girlfriend isnt an asshole, if at the time other wonen around you see you with a sulky look on your face

    Most of the psycology professions belive what exactly? That is entry level/ Freudian stuff from 100 years ago that still persists. Most of them today believe everything comes down to early childhood. Put simply means if they grew up with a big family and fitted in, they are more likely to want to recreate that, or the opposite, they'll want something completely different. Averaged out amongst the entire population doesn't make much of a difference anyway.

    They subconsciously want children? I think you are talking about things that are conscious, but just seem subconscious to you becuase none of them have ever told you the truth
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    lol, you always have this dilemma dude. just ignore those people and move on. search elsewhere. if that means staying away from the majority of women, then so be. why guys fuss about wanting to get laid by such fucked up people always amazes me. the trick is you need to drop them as fast as you possibly can as soon as you spot their crazy. pretend they're some sort of highly-radioactive toxic substance that needs to be flung as far away from you as fast as possible. maintain that distance and move on to the next one. rinse and repeat.
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  13. I think it's unfortunate in some circles to see what the OP is talking about. But men and women alike all have a min of their own. They can't be expected to be shared or ... I don't know. I don't think there is a very good solution other than try to figure out where you have a leg up on the competition. Right now I'm taking a college course. That is one place to interact with members of the opposite sex. As far as gratification, I don't even want anything. I'd rather just enjoy the class; at least for now.
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    double post.
  15. I like that avatar, Yggdrazil! :)
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  16. Michael Phelps

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    One method is to use fertilizer instead of talcum powder in your underwear. Then you can grow some balls, and a dick for that matter.
    Then, and only then, will you get the ladies you desire.
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    Women are attracted to confidence and bad boys often come across as confident, aggressive and a bit cocky, they seem to reel us in naturally.
    I've heard conflicting stories from my Gf's who date a lot on men on Tinder and other sites, they like the bad boys in the beginning but they always get hurt by them, they cheat they lie and few to none are long term material. I've also heard they aren't the same in bed as a the called "nice guy. Apparently the bad boy doesn't show any kind of sincerity in bed and usually they spends less time on foreplay.
    My best friend dated many bad boys and she finally hooked up with a "nice guy", she said he is better in every way and loves him a lot, but also says there is a part of her that misses that bad boy. I think we want a bit of wild play in the bedroom! It's so hard to find the right mix.
    I know it seems like nice guys finish last, but it's all about timing... your Dreamgirl is out there looking for you, she may have to go through some hoops first.

    Most girls get hooked and reeled in by the bad boys because they are more aggressive, but don't worry, it won't last too long before she gets hurt and is out looking again, and there you will be, her knight in shining armour will a big smile on your face and that gorgeous girl in your arms!

    Often times if a hot girl is with a dickhead of a guy, it's NOT because she is happy put it that way. They stay for many reasons, but as soon as another guy comes along and sweeps her off her feet, she will leave that asshole like a dirty shirt!

    I love to people watch, I like to study people and couples and read into what they are thinking. It's very interesting what I observe.
    I can tell when a girl is unhappy with her man, vice versa. Look at the eyes, they can reveal a lot and watch the body language.

    The problem with many relationships, is after so long of being together, one or both get bored. If you happen to get married and have kids, say goodbye to the sex you use to have because it will be dissipate, not with everyone but I'd say the majority. (I know this because I talk to a lot of men and women)

    If there is one thing I know about men, it's that they want sex and most of them like it kinky/dirty, and exciting!
    Look for a woman that is into a bit of kink, and that is not reserved about sex because likely she won't change.
    Ok that's all my advice, now I'm rambling, I could write a book on relationships lol.
  18. JoeyM51

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    Not all alpha guys are a holes. That is just jealousy talking. My ex fiancee cheated on me when I was off to war on the other side of the world, with a beta male who felt safe because I was not around. He was the A hole, not me. You cannot paint all alpha males with the same brush. I am an alpha male, former Jock and decorated combat vet. Women have always been attracted to me. My looks and sense of humor attracted them but they stayed for my brains and how well I treated them in and out of the bed. Although I was a jock and very alpha, I also attended private schools for gifted children, started the chess and A/V club plus wrote stories and poems for the school's literary magazines.

    I worked 3 jobs and attended college full time until my wife fell ill and I was forced to take on a full time job to pay the medical bills. I gave up my life's dream for my wife and never regretted it once. I am very competitive and ambitious and that got me to a branch manager position with a large national company when I was 21 years old. I was making as much as my dad and bought my wife a new house that same year. Before I was 30 I had co-authored a book and was one of the top two experts in my field, worldwide. Being alpha and aggressive pays off in all areas of life and don't hate those that use what they were born with to get the girls and the best jobs. Life is not fair and those who are willing to do what it takes, get what they want in life and love.

    As for wanting all the girls. That is a genetic thing among the animal kingdom. Life is nothing more than finding a mate with good genes that is best able to pass along their genes and then protect their children long enough for them to pass along there genes. Do not think we are in charge. Our genes are in charge and we are mere carriers for them. They are the immortal ones passing from one generation to the next, not us.

    I did have all the girls. Girls always were attracted to me for some reason. My wife says that the girls in her school and neighborhood thought I was a hottie. I wish I knew that. My wife had heard girls talk about my bedroom skills and how well I treated women, years before we met. She even saw a picture of me that my girlfriends used to pass around. For some I was just a notch in their belt. Most wanted just sex and not to date. I tended to change girlfriends frequently and everyone knew that. I was never a one woman kind of guy.

    I had sex with 19 women and dated many more than that. All three of my relationships were with bisexual girls. My wife is bisexual and shared her live in girlfriend with me for 30 years and engaged in some group sex activities with me also. My wife was the one who wanted to show me off by asking all of her girlfriends to join us in a threesome using me as bait. We ended up moving her best friend in because she had a crush on me and was secretly bi. I have had a few thousand threesomes over a 47 year period. My wife and I wife swapped and swung with friends. One women was never enough for me sexually but having sex and making love are two different things. We did not have a monogamous marriage and yet are very happily married for over 44 years.

    When I entered the business world I was often criticized for being too shy and quiet. I studied the successful men I knew an adopted their ways and the world opened up to me. I learned a valuable lesson; to get what you want out of life and love, you have to be willing to do what it takes. Life is not fair. It does not reward people for being good. It does not care about you. You can either let life drag you along wherever it may lead or bend life to your world. That is what some of us Alpha's do. I am tired of people being jealous of my IQ. I am tired of people being jealous of alpha men. It seems that no matter what side of the coin I am on, the group on the other side will try to put me down. There is a saying that those who speak ill of a $500,000 car, have never driving a $500,000 car. I have found that to be true. People need to feel better about themselves by blaming others for their shortcomings. Does not matter if you are a beta or alpha male. In fact if it makes you feel better, I lost my first fiancee to a beta male who figured it was safe to seduce my ex fiancee when I was on the other side of the world in combat. Funny that when I came home, he was nowhere to be found. I really did not care about him. My ex cheated on me, not him. I have had sex with married and engaged women myself so I am in no position to cast stones. One more thing. Women tend to want a beta male as a husband but an alpha male in the sack. Depends on the woman of course but some women want to be sexually dominated in bed by a man who takes their orgasms from them rather than makes them have to think about other guys to reach an orgasm, or worse, fake it out of love.
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    So this is what a r/niceguy looks like in the wild, or could be red pill, who knows? Either way, this is not how it works, this is just what you tell yourself because you don't have a sense of introspection
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    Any guy that refers to himself as an alpha most likely isn't an alpha. Poser comes to mind.

    Under no circumstances should a strong man feel the need to identify as an alpha. An alpha would know that. A poser would announce it.

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