Tattoo and Piercing Pics

Discussion in 'Body Modification' started by DancerAnnie, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. DancerAnnie

    DancerAnnie Resident Beach Bum

    Post all cool pics of yours (or others'!) HERE!
  2. Hehe I have 3 holes in my earlobes, used to have my bellybutton, but it fell out, and I might get my eyebrow, but I haven't decided. heres my ears: the first hole is stretched to 18, 2nd hole is guaged to 12, and the 3rd hole is standard.
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  3. ihmurria

    ihmurria fini

  4. cat

    cat Member

    Just got the top 2 done yesterday, will be a scaffold once they've healed up. I love them although they hurt like a bitch! I'm in the process of stretching my lobes as well but I'm embarrassed to say I'm only at 2mm lol. [​IMG]
  5. psyche

    psyche fun for the whole family

    my nipples and my septum.
    i had my ears at a 0ga but i took em out and now theyre like 14 or 12 or whatever. can't find an old enough picture that shows em off though.
  6. DejaVoo

    DejaVoo stardust

  7. cool piercing,cat is that 1 or 2?
  8. beatlerific

    beatlerific not like other girls

    psyche your picture makes me want to get my left nipple done too. i only have the right done as of now.
  9. sugrmag

    sugrmag Uber Nerd


    ^^This one I got @ ten years ago....
    ^^And this one (my favorite) I got @4 weeks ago.
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  10. Groovey_chic1

    Groovey_chic1 Member

    [​IMG]this picture sucks but its the best one of my tounge.. this was ona hot day so i was all sweaty!
    next one.
    [​IMG]i hate this one b/c i'm in the process of loosing weight so i got nasty stretch marks anyways i had to remove this one b/c it was a wrong type of ring the 2nd time i got it done it got infected again so i dont have mine right now but ill have it dont like in aug again...
  11. Snowman5000

    Snowman5000 Member

    This isn't me, haha. Its groovy_chic1's tongue ring.
  12. Groovey_chic1

    Groovey_chic1 Member

    thank you snowman i couldnt figure how to add the picture!
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  13. fountains of nay

    fountains of nay Planet Nayhem!

    Your septum piercing is really cute :)
  14. psyche

    psyche fun for the whole family

    go for it! the left hurts a bit more, but it's worth it. it's all about the symmetry.

    thanks! there's something about being complimented by sexy girls that makes me smile like a jackass, heehee.
  15. cat

    cat Member

    Its 2 right now but once they heal they'll be joined by the one bar.

    My lip -


    my left ear as well -


    and my tongue -

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  16. smurphette

    smurphette Member

    Your septum is super cute!!!
    as for the nipples, they look nice, but ouch... did it hurt?
  17. lilylove

    lilylove Member

    this is my tattoo it is inbetween my shoulder blades. MMMM I love it!
  18. psyche

    psyche fun for the whole family

    well it didn't exactly feel GOOD but i would definitely get it done again. the adrenaline rush was somethin else. the left hurt a bit more than the right but it is what it is: a needle going through your nipple. it's not unbearably painful or anything, i kind of enjoyed it actually [​IMG]
  19. psyche

    psyche fun for the whole family

    d'oh, i'm stupid. i forgot to post a picture of my tattoo! it's so easy to hide i forget i have it all the time....
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