Summer Festivals In Bc Canada?

Discussion in 'Events and Festivals' started by Mattekat, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Mattekat

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    I am going to be in the Okanagan region of BC this summer and was hoping to go to a festival while I'm there. I'm already considering Motion notion, Fozzy fest and Shambala. Has anyone here been to any of these or know of any others I should check out? Shambhala is probably a bit expensive for me, but looks the most exciting.

    I would also love to meet up with people while I'm out there if anyone lives in the area!
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  2. Ashalicious

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    I've never been to Sham, but I have friends that go every year. You should check out "bass coast". It used to be held in Squamish, but was moved to Merritt last year, I believe. I went in summer 2011 when it was in Squamish, and had a fucking amazing time.

    Another great festival is "burn in the forest". It is a burning man inspired festival, also in Squamish. Super small, very chill down to earth people. fucking amazing art and music and costumes. People spend over half the year planning their theme camps for burn in the forest.

    Have fun!
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  3. Rivehn

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    My dream is to go to Sham one day. My co worker has gone in the past and is going this year. He's only told me beautiful stories. Beautiful people Beautiful experience.
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