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Discussion in 'Free School' started by darkstar~co!, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. darkstar~co!

    darkstar~co! Member

    its really hard to find musicians to be in a band. how do you guys suggest i pursue this? thanks!!! :)
  2. rollingalong

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    sneak up on them and hit them on the head...put them in a big bag and keep them captive with drugs and the occasional blow job
  3. Sites like Kijiji and Craigslist usually have places to post band member wanted ads, and there might even be a local website specifically for that purpose in your area.

    Good luck man
  4. It is hard finding band members, I'm trying to find a bassist atm. My advice is to go on as many sites like Join my band, and put lots of ads up. Also, hang out with new people, and with their friends, and just know as many people as you can, the chances are some of them are musicians. Also go to a lot of local gigs and see if you find people there. Also remember, a crap bandmate is better than no bandmate, what I have don with my band, is started off with me (lead guitar) and the rhythm guitarist and we are pretty damn good (without meaning to sound too imodest) and had a crap singers drummer and bassist, then over time, upgraded them one at a time. Good luck anyway. What kind of music you playing?
  5. scratcho

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    What my son did with prospective members was give them a CD of his to take home and see if they could hang and/or come up with something good to what he already had. Worked out well that way. Hope this helps.
  6. Orison

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    the 3 main rules of band..

    1. get rid of girlfriend
    2. get rid of girlfriend
    3. get rid of girlfriend
  7. samson

    samson Hepcat

    1-go to bars and mingle
    2-ads at music instrument shops
    3-ads on internet -usually these suck
    4-talk to everyone, everywhere. The guy at the gas station that sells rolling papers knows who plays!
    5-local studios know session players who might be available, give them a ring.
    6-do the first suggestion again
    7-go see other bands and swipe their players!
    8- find an open mic night and sit in
    9- put up a sign that reads "free beer for rhythm sections"
    10- make a recording and play all the instruments yourself!
  8. dazedgatsby

    dazedgatsby 'sblood thou stinkard

    I play guitar. And would be interested in joining a band with you but we are in different states. And I do not have a car.
  9. The Imaginary Being

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    starting a band is like going to a wedding

    - you go to watch a friends group play/ go to your friends wedding
    - you watch them rock out/ watch the beautiful ceremony
    - you mingle with fellow envious musicians/ you chat up a bridesmaid
    - you insist you could all be gigging in a few months/ you take advantage of a loveless, drunk, 'always the bridesmaid, and never the bride'.
  10. intechnicolor

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    I would recommend hanging out with the musicians that live in your area. You'd get a really good idea of who's good and who's not, and who's cut out to be in your band. Jam with them and get to know everyone musically. Once you find someone, practice (everyday if possible).
  11. darkstar~co!

    darkstar~co! Member

    its kinda jam band meets folk

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