Simple Ways To Turn Your Hair Blonde

Discussion in 'Free School' started by anababin, Apr 28, 2016.

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    i'll never get over the fact that my hair isn't blonde so bleached it with regular bleach. it turned a lighter colour. oh well. a little too late but still worked. people still think I'm retarded because I have dark hair.
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    my hair was platinum blonde when i was a child. it got darker over the years and almost looks black now in some lighting but if you really look at it it doesn't look like a typical brunette and there are still a few almost colorless hairs (gray hairs, i'm too young for that?) Some people have told me I have an unusual combination of hair and eye color phenotypes (dark hair and light colored eyes) but apparently this is common among people of certain European ancestry.
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  4. PunchDrunkKitten

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    Sun - in? Maybe? I dont remember the home mix for it, but my Mother put it in all our hair growing up especially during summertime.

    The effect lightened, and in my case gingerfied, the hair slowly over time in a relatively non damaging way with time spent in the sun.
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    I think the home recipe for sun in is mostly lemon juice. I remember trying sun in as a teenager for a whole summer, but nothing happened. My hair is way too dark for that...
  6. They make hair bleach. It's relatively cheap and can be found at any beauty supply store. It must be mixed with toner I think. And there are things you can mix into it to make the effect less yellow-y or "brassy". The beauty supply place should be able to coach you on this to a certain degree. I used to bleach my hair all the time so I should know but it's been years. What you do is mix this stuff, put it in your hair, then apply heat! Takes awhile but works great. The only thing is it might not turn out the way you wanted it. I've had varied results from orange, to yellow, to a nice creamy white color. Anyway... it takes practice, and if you have the money you might wanna just go to a hair place and have them do it for the $40 or whatever it costs.
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    if you have dark hair, use a toner it will lighten over time, then you can put a color on it and it won't be red or brassy.. sun-in is hydrogen peroxide .. lemon juice can only do so much..
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    Can someone tell me why this was posted in the "Free School" subforum?
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