Seven People Control Most Of The Media

Discussion in 'The Media' started by Nerdanderthal, Nov 30, 2014.

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    That's why I don't have Russia Today in my top news sources ;) But you're right, and I'm a bit kidding: it also counts for media and news in our own countries of course! Russian media overall though... it's really a notch further away from press freedom, and much more prone to serious manipulation of the facts, than in our countries.
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  2. stormountainman

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    Asmo, I agree with you. I have noticed in the USA news is manipulated; but, for a variety of reasons, not just "the official government line." Here we have corporate interest, and religious interest that in some instances twist news. I like Democracynow with Amy Goodman. I keep track of Huffington Post, and lots of others. The Detroit Free Ptress got bought out by Gannet, who I think is a piece of crap. Gannet is owned by a major defense contractor that like to sell war and intervention to the population. I follow Voltairenet (Theiry Maysan) often.
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  3. Bud D

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    News exploits facts, sometimes getting facts wrong. They have ratings and must make money like everyone else. So they cater to a population.
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  4. hotwater

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    This interview/debate between Alex Jones and David Duke pretty much sums up what you've been saying.........

    David Duke Exposes Alex Jones as a Zionist Shill

  5. Eleven

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    A Chinese company may soon buy America's "Paramount Studios", which is the sixth largest in Hollywood.
    As China restricts freedom of speech, thought, press, and religion, I hate to see it becoming owner.

    Used to be, America's clergy would have influence on what we were allowed to see (especially Catholic clergy, here and in places such as Ireland). "Decency Laws". Now, hypocritical Left-Wing Fascists will have input on what WE are allowed to watch!

    See article in yesterday's "Wall Street Journal" July 13, 2016. Oh, A GE facility, "Appliance Park", where heavy appliances have been made for decades, is now owned by China.
  6. P_Bateman

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    they grew up and no one wants to admit they would rather fuck them when they were kids
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  7. Carlfloydfan

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    I have heard there are anywhere from a dozen to a few dozen families that are all inter connected and mingle/procreate amongst each other who have slowly, throughout the centuries, gained power over much of the globe. They fund both sides of basically any war, own any major news outlet, create agencies that more or less print money out of thin air (debt based currency) and basically remain behind the scenes. They push a lot of agendas we see today and lesser known ones and weather you want to believe it or not, they do push population control.
  8. tumbling.dice

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    Well "they" are horrible at it...we're at 7.4 billion people and counting. [​IMG]
  9. MaGeR-ZkareJ08

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    This, and almost every thread, could be solved by a philo-logician point of view, which could take a very concise speaker hours, with pictures and graphs, or a print journalist half a lifetime of struggle through different publictions. Can I try and make my view, as archaic, standalone and vague as it may seem, with questions revelled rather than revilled....

    The Olsen Twins, whether Jewish of a 12/13 original tribes of the middle east descent, or, like many Jews, descendant of converts, from the Kazhars to Western Europe, or, as some people don't know, the first Post-ChristEra Kingdom of Eritrea, and other African Semitic-Influenced Peoples, Etc (although going by looks, these girls are pretty caucasian...) but whether knowingly Jewish or no, what does that matter?

    I should elaborate a bit of my viewpoint, on actual point of fact language "roots" that people use without clarifying it with themselves, first, take this Root/Branches stormountainman.... Nordic World Tree deliberation, right without contemplation, but plain to read right to your psyche....i'll catch up with this line of thought in a minute... but lisen to Jethro Tull for a while, great musician, gave me endless joy travelling as a youth...then, my own words, semiticism. Some MAJOR Hangup is that Anti-Semiticism is about defaming Judaism. Yes it is. But It's more. It's anti Middle Eastern, and yes, Hollywood and News play patheticlly against Western States' Anti-Islamism whilst in the same "power/opinion dodgeball" practice hall that is brewing a more Real>U&Me Hell on frickin earth! I>E> the zionist/racist duality i find about {Jews+$$$}+{Oil=Blood} Minus Real Human Compassion, extended indefinitely by some crazy, heretical views being churned about by these CERN/Propechecies/Conspirators all over youtube Minus again the faith people Could of Had if anyone had all the answers, which, Pressed Rat is the point you may be geting at, the people who run Israel or doing the hollywood rolecall are probably crazier than I AM...but getting bak on track....

    I've a mixed background myself, I was raised a liberal/disipline method in West Germany, I was moved to a Kibbutz in my early youth, after skirting the Sahara with a convoy I can't remember, I've discovered more about the nature of so-called "crutch-beliefs" and thier roots, from the root of "Consensus of Language"(Anon.) to "Fruits{Flowers?} of The Gods"T. McKenna yet still I am mystified by the evolving nature of this system I try and struggle to find a name for; the InformationFlood~~IgnoranceSuperiority Wave. It seems that old magic, witnessed impressively in Marvel Action Movies, Yggdrasil - Root/Branch - could be a link to this HolyWood~~referring to structured cultural building blocks or Memes, regarding observable and useable (old) Magic? utilisable (New?) Technology ~~Pagan Calender Tote ~~ Holly King/Oak King i.e. Spring-Summer/Autumn-Winter in constance, yet without batting an eye the Alexandrian Wicca, coincidentally home and schooling (geographically, North Egypt, and, ethically, ex-act!!!) of Jesus, having deliberated enough how many Abrahamic "Divisions" there are emanating from an over-suffered part of the world, coupled with just a Times-Level Crossword Analysis of a few differing concepts you might have a clue as to how to break into "News".

    I Am sorry if i got off topic, a book and a year could answer some of my own questions easier than it has been to think, as a U.K. laddy, WHAT OR WHO? DO THE OLSEN TWINS STAR IN? i mean, WHO ARE THEY??? is it like the kardashians, or paris hilton, its like my wiccan cousins in an alterative space/time limbo are dropping baby godesses around!!! whether pretty, cute, drug-worn etc, the Pharma's or CERN guys should probably as them about Odin, Chtulu or any other "{time/s~fan-Reality show they could be in.....I don't quite know Spawn, I know Spore though, I'll find my Paris H. in a quiet corner in the Isles of Scilly.

    xExZxE LooV
  10. stormountainman

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    In The Knights of the Black and White, Jack Whyte says Jesus was a reveloutionary, fighting the Roman occupation of the Holy Land. The Romans had removed the Mccabee Judges and installed the Pharisees. The local Jewish population were extremely pissed at the Romans and went on an insurgency war. The Roman punishment of crusifiction was not handed down lightly, not to common criminals such as thieves. Crusifiction was the Roman punishment for crimes against the state. And Jack Whyte says that was the reason Jesus was crusified. After his death, Rome wanted to pacify the Jewish population in the Levant and bring it into the Roman Empire proper-like. So, they began to give the God status to Jesus, in tales like walking on water, and turning water into wine. The Jews knew the Romans were blowing smoke up their ass, and it was all about occupation of their country.
  11. tumbling.dice

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    At one time "news" pretty much meant Walter Cronkite. Nowadays people can search the internet for the "news" they agree with. I don't think this is an improvement. [​IMG]

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