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Discussion in 'Free School' started by bikerdruid, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. bikerdruid

    bikerdruid Member

    i'm a retired high school english teacher and life long student of the occult.
    i would be happy to help in discussion/learning.
  2. Lifex3

    Lifex3 Member

    I miss my old high school English teachers. Where did you teach?
  3. bikerdruid

    bikerdruid Member

    in a rural high school in northern alberta.
  4. Dezignz

    Dezignz Banned

    I taught inner city Philadelphia for two years and our school just got closed down sue to funding issues. It's sad to see the education system in this city...
  5. I have been felling the need for a Master for a long time now. I read all the time since i had to drop out of college thanks to loans. Today i read 2 books, no joke man i have been reading so much i can power read haha. What do?
  6. bikerdruid

    bikerdruid Member

    i'd love to talk books with you.
    i was away for a while.
  7. missSuzi

    missSuzi Guest

    The Occult is very interesting. :cheers2:
    I'd like to chat and all that. I'm trying to learn more about just about everything....
  8. No problem so was I *haha*

    Anyway right now i have been reading a ton about Buddha but i would like more knowledge on the ritual practices that fled to america in the late 1500's.

    Also i have been wondering if it is better to care about the problem or the cause?
  9. Carlid

    Carlid Banned

    Hmm it's a valid offer and well, great that you put it out there, but I'm not so sure that people speak English any more. The occult thing probably has more legs.
  10. bikerdruid

    bikerdruid Member

  11. peacewalker

    peacewalker Guest

    Hey, when you say the occult what are you referring to? I had a pretty crazy experience the night I bought my first tarot deck. It was awesome.
  12. I just got my first tarot deck as well. It was sorta a gift from a friend. Any tricks or hints to helping me understand how to better read them would be awesome.

    What happened?
  13. Logan 5

    Logan 5 Confessed gynephile

    Are you willing to help with learning occult or english comp?
  14. Cultosaurus

    Cultosaurus Member

    Since the word 'Occult' simply means 'Unknown', that covers a lot of territory.

    Perhaps we could form a group in the Groups Section to talk about this and share thoughts, books, experiences and ETC.

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