Propagating Mangroves, Anyone Do This ?

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by TheGreatShoeScam, Nov 27, 2016.

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    This is just a web picture, I am getting roots but no top.
  2. When I am done I am going to put them in front of this seawall that's kind of barren, the water height is just right.

    So many people trashing the planet, my little project make it a little better.
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    or completely fuck the local eco-system by introducing non-native species.
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    the only place I've seen people propagating mangroves is in reef aquarium set ups, and no, you don't grow a tree in a fish tank. They are usually grown in the filtration sump or similar. The reason is because saltwater plants; mangrove/seaweed/macro-algae utilize phosphate and nitrate, natural waste by products of the nitrogen cycle, as they grow and thereby help filter the water.

    I use chaetomorph and caulerpa, but no mangroves.
  5. The propagates washed up on shore from the local ecosystem.
  6. I think I should just poke holes in the sand and place them at the same level I see them starting naturally. Maybe that would be enough. That sea wall just makes the water to turbulent for them to get a hold the way they do in places where the seaweed piles up and they are mixed in and seem to hold on in those piles long enough to root.

    Have about 30 propagates maybe do that with half.
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    Thats really neat! I want to try it! especially in my fish tank.
  8. I posted this originally nov 28 and about 70% made it and are growing in that original one gallon container, leaves on top about like the photo I posted. Its now march 26th.

    I put beach sand and sea water and have been adding fresh water as it evaporates.

    I would recommend this project, seems to be pretty easy so far. All the roots are tangled in the container now and transferring to a growing spot where waves and stuff washing up and damaging them in the next thing I have to figure out.

    Starting them is rather easy, and don't give up on the ones that look dead on top, if the roots are going the top will recover and sprout leaves it just takes longer. I threw out some before I knew this and I think many would have made it.

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