PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one

Discussion in 'Hip Business Network' started by foxxe, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. foxxe

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    I am 21, with skills (and almost a degree), job experience, etc. There is no reason why I should have trouble getting a job right now. NONE. Now the scary part is that it has proven to be nearly impossible. I don't know what to do. Bills need to be paid tomorrow and there are no jobs to be had. The phone isn't ringing and I've spent my last dollar in gas to go job hunting. So now I will be walking or biking everywhere. I've called/applied to 38 different businesses in the last 7 days or so...If the job market doesn't turn around and things keep getting steadily worse like they have been...shit is gonna get really ugly when there's no jobs and no money. Actually, Texas' jobs are more available than anywhere else in the states right now(or so I'm informed), so I keep thinking to myself "Well if i can't get a job in texas then i cant get a job anywhere." I don't know what I'm going to do after tomorrow when everyone wants their money. If I could just make a quick $200 I could get by. I have nothing to sell (except my car which is out of the question), no one to ask, no collateral for a loan......just don't know what to do. I have no idea how I'm gonna work this out and I definitely don't want creepy people on craigslist to pay me $60 an hour to lick my toes or anything desperate like that, but I AM ALMOST TO THAT POINT. Something's gotta give.
    Please tell me I'm not the only one feeling this pressure
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  2. Lodog

    Lodog killing them softly

    My brother joined the national guard to pay off his loans.
  3. lillallyloukins

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    no, you not the only one love... just keep going... DON'T join the national guard! :prettyplease:
  4. lovelyxmalia

    lovelyxmalia Banana Hammock Lifetime Supporter

    the licking toes thing might work out well...could be a good business venture for you
  5. tuesdaystar

    tuesdaystar Interneter

    Yeah, I'm in the same-ish situation.

    The only job I could get was a telemarketing job at a place that hires addicts and convicts.

    Most of my coworkers have at least one felony.

    I'm at an all time low for income, job security (they fire you on Monday if you didn't meet your sales quota the previous week), and workplace morale.

    It's really hard to not hate my life with a passion...
  6. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    I've been avoiding telemarketing jobs as well :D
  7. walsh

    walsh Senior Member

    Do another degree in employment services
  8. _Bob_

    _Bob_ Una Tana Bibi

    You could come to Europe and teach English-it's what I did. Not a bad deal, really, and it pays really quite well.
  9. walsh

    walsh Senior Member

    I'm interested. How did you do that? Who did you contact?
  10. tuesdaystar

    tuesdaystar Interneter

    I got fired today for not meeting my sales quota last week.

    I feel free :)
  11. jamgrassphan

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    This is where they want us - mired in despair. You're experiencing a weeding out process, but I want you to consider something and this may sound trite at this point in history, but soon, very soon, this will make perfect sense. First of all - debt is an artifice(so is a credit rating), it's a ghost story passed down to the serfs to keep them affraid and to keep them under control. What's happening right now in this country (actually it's been going on since the first gulf "war") is a socially engineered draft. This nation has fallen into imperialism. We, by design, can no longer exist on a self sufficient basis because we have become enslaved by the military industrial complex, which is in turn is controlled by the global banking cartel. I know what you're thinking - this guy has watched the matrix a few too many times, but hear me out. Do not join the national guard - why do think the military is always hiring? Do you really think that if we had used half of our annual "defense" budget on economic growth in the United States, not to mention the banking bailouts (which was a farce, another boogey man fairy tale whose sole purpose was to further concentrate the wealth of this nation into the hands of the very people who want nothing more than to subject the rest of us to a kind of corporate feudalism) Do you really think that unemployment would be such a problem. They want you broke, homeless and in despair - so you'll join the military because they've got something big planned for us, and trust me you're not gonna like it. Of course I'm well aware that this doesn't really help your situation, but I just want you to consider the possiblity that very soon none of this is going make a damn bit of difference to you, or anyone else. I also want you to consider the notion that one of the main reasons no one's hiring is because everyone is feeling very insecure. There are a lot of desparate and very talented people out there getting doors slammed in there face because #1 The big companies hate social justice and they hate President Obama, and they're holding this country hostage, because they don't like his vision of the future, a future where corporations and financial institutions will have to play by the same set of rules that the rest of us are subject to. #2 The decision makers within these companies don't want to compete with new talented and hungry employees because they are affraid of losing their own jobs. My advice, take a step back and scan the landscape. Don't panic. You're 21 - you can and will afford to be poor for a while. It took me five years after college to find anything close to stable employment. It's going to suck, you're going to see some of your friends, who have connections, doing better than you - don't let that get to you - they'll be struggling too, very soon, especially if they go off and start having kids. If you don't have any kids right now, my advice is to avoid starting a family like you would the plague. If you do have kids - you might as well enlist, because you're life isn't about you at all anymore - and at least you're kids will have access to some health care and you can take some satisfaction in knowing that you're at least being a responsible parent. Your relationship with your spouse and children will suffer, and there's a good chance you'll end up getting divorced, but like I said, at least you will have provided for your children. Hang in there. Take the long view of the situation, don't panic, don't do anything foolish, hunker down and survive. Learn to exist on little to nothing - it sucks, but it's also empowering and it will give you an advantage in many of the situations you're likely to encounter in the future. When you do find a job (and you will) focus your entire attention on getting out and staying out of debt. Debt is slavery - avoid it at all costs.

    P.S. learn to bartend. I have friends with Masters degrees who would be homeless if not for their ability to always fall back on bartending. Sad but true.
  12. The_Phantom

    The_Phantom Member

    I don't know if Texas is the easiest to get a job or not. I do know that here in Florida, there are many people that are just as jumpy about losing their jobs as they were three years ago. And, there are no jobs to be had either.

    I created my own job. I work of small engines. From the start, it was slow, and even today, no one has any money to spend. I got lucky and had one engine that needed some pretty pricey parts. The owner knows I gave him a good price because he went to a "company shop" and they quoted him over $600 to do the same thing I did. List price on the parts alone were $357. Now, I have two more of them to repair. Far better than working on lawn mowers for $30 each. While I can get lawn mowers done in less than an hour, and these things will take two days each, I don't get lawn mowers in every day.

    You're not the only one by a long shot. But, if you wait for someone else to hire you, you may be waiting a long time. Is there anything you can do on your own? Some service you can offer "free-lance"?

    If the recession had ended in 2009 as we are being told, the jobs should be out there.... THEY'RE NOT !!!! There are a whole lot of people that are "inventing jobs" to keep things going. Some are even "dumpster diving" to find scrap metal to turn in for recycling. The ones that know how to seperate the metals don't do all that bad. But, there are a whole lot of people in your position. Every week, I hear people saying they don't know how they're going to pay this bill or that one. They're not worried about phone. They use mine. But it's the very basics. Rent, electric, and water. I think you've got a great deal of company all across this country.
  13. _Bob_

    _Bob_ Una Tana Bibi

    In the European Union, English is the common language for business, government, and many other things. Everybody that wants to get a better job needs to learn or improve their English. I moved here without any clear idea who I was going to work for (my wife is European-we met on the internet) and real soon I had plenty of work. The pay is really quite good and most of the people you meet in the job (students, that is) are highly educated and friendly. You can pm me if you want any details.

    And you know, I was in the same boat as a lot of you-educated, but couldn't find a decent job. I had to come to the conclusion that the US wasn't the only place on the planet that I could live and work. Meeting my wife helped that process a lot.
  14. foxxe

    foxxe Guest

    A few years ago this couple wanted me to be thier private massage therapist and travel around europe with them, that would've been a sweet deal. Teaching english sounds fun :) I got a job interview finally! at some place called Whole Earth Provisions Co. I hope I hear back from them soon! It's a retail sales position, but atleast its something. They are the first people to call me back out of more than 40 applications/resumes. I need anything I can get. It also recently occured to me that if I could find an interested daycare (or parent) I could make money teaching babies sign language. I also noticed some stuff on Craigslist for extras needed in some movie or another, the pay seems decent. It might be odd jobs for awhile but I am saving all of my money in the next few months. Then I will probably sell all my wordly belongings (which isn't much) so I can get back on the road. I want to travel around to different intentional communities learning about agriculture, renewable energy and self-sustainability. Ecovillages and Communes seem the most appropriate (and free) place to do that. I wish all you others, struggling to find employment, a great deal of luck on your search. I really hope I get this job! keep me in your thoughts folks ;)
  15. Mothman

    Mothman Senior Member

    Don't know if you've ever thought about owning your own business but the fact that you are female works to your advantage if you do. There are minority programs for start up money and such that you can get involved with.

    If you do go down this path, make sure that you understand the kind of business you are getting into. What I mean is don't start a hotel if you know nothing about the hotel business.

    I am also a beleiver in growing a business out by starting small instead of using debt to make a big splash initially.

    You could sell a product at a local flea market, preferably a clean one. If you buy a certain kind of product may be able to be a licensed distributor of those products and sell them there.

    For example...I buy a lot of knives and gadgets from Cold Steel. They will set you up to be a licensed distributor and order in bulk. I could potentially do this and make small well rounded orders initially and sell the stuff on weekends at a flea market. It may take a while before people know I'm there but there are a lot of cold steel fanatics out there and as long as I'm fair on my prices I should do some level of business and see what happens from there.

    If it is not successful after a while, I do not have to sell a shop or lose a lot because of how I set this up. Just tryin to get your gears goin. A 9to5 is not the only way. Good luck.
  16. indydude

    indydude Senior Member

    Get a truck. There's dozens of ways to make money with a truck.
  17. snowtiggernd

    snowtiggernd Member

    DONT join the National Guard! Try WorkForce, see what day to day jobs you can scrounge up. You could just sell your car and use your bicycle to hit the road too. Theres a whole world out there and your 21. Dont allow yourself to be boxed in. You should be able to find information on living on the road picking up work here and there from folks on Hip Fourms
  18. indydude

    indydude Senior Member

    Yep, gas takes up alot of money. I got a job riding my bike in the city hitting bars and restaurants looking for a bartender job. Do it during the day when they aren't busy. Tell them you'll start out working for tips. My first bar tending job was a gay bar that had drag shows on the weekends. My buddy got a job the same week in a stripper bar. I was so jealous and he razzed the hell out of me. LOL
  19. RiffRaff

    RiffRaff Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    There are jobs out there. You might have to go to McDonalds temporarily, but it is a job.

    Call centers are always hiring. Fast paced work, but again, helps you pay the bills.

    WOLF ANGEL Senior Member

    I'm 51 - and only Life's experience to draw upon
    Have faith - the journey is made better through the adventures of both good and bad along the way - if the answer does not lie within the scope of your eyeline, perhaps it is worth considering going "over the hills and far away" to pastures new?

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