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  1. it looks too easy to design some thing but when i designed so i got to know that how difficult it is !
    now a days the teachers are making the students fool are not teaching properly if some wants to learn so he should learn it by the internet it is too easy and and for free !
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  2. Irminsul

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    Thanks for that inspirational piece of educational literature.
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  3. wa bluska wica

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    i learned everything i know on the internet

    that's why i eat out of dumpsters
  4. willedwill

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    Eating out of the dumpster = being motivated for impressing your boss; maybe when it relies on choosing anything else. Some people are scared and have to choose these basic values and actions.:sultan:
  5. You have the choice to pay attention in school. You can learn from the teacher. No way that EVERYONE walks out with no knowledge. Try your best and keep your head high.
  6. JeffSorrows

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    Photoshop takes time, you learn more outside a classroom, as with most other classes. (I've never taken a PS class.. But I am an EMT and learned as much in class as on duty!)

  7. oshinn

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    English can also be learned on the internet, but I wouldn't come here to learn it.

    However, there are a ton of great tutorials on the internet that can be accessed if you can't be arsed to take a class. I learned how to use Flash and InDesign via tutorials. But unless you're willing to put in the effort to gain the practical experience with the program, neither are worth your time.

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