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  1. Hey Hippies!

    Me and some friends are going to O.Z.O.R.A. in hungary this summer!
    Has anyone been there; and wants to share their experience?

    What food is served there, is there enough water, is it usually really hot?
    Can you keep your belongings in the tent at day?

    We´ll probably fly to Budapest and then got on the festival buss that goes to Ozora. :daisy:
  2. BTS

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  3. BTS

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    ich bin ungar. ich weiß, das festival, aber noch nicht dort gewesen. nicht allzu weit von mir, weder musikalisch noch lokal.
  4. I think you just come to Ozora ! :hippy:
  5. BTS

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    i wish but i have no money :D
  6. JessicaMay

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    Hey, just wondering if anyone whos been to ozora can inform me on the drug situation? how easy is it to buy there
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    How did you like it?


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