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Discussion in 'Living on the Earth' started by Spiritawakening, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. cymru_jules

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    I've had lots of people show interest but more often than not they're either just interested in getting high or to put it blunt are just the same as the rest of society. Only lazier.

    I think we're both being silly though, since we're on a forum of like minded individuals. :)
    My excuse is I havn't put enough emphasis on searching for others yet, but when I do this place would be a good starting point.

    If you're prepared to accept that you're not going to find like minded people in your back yard there are some great groups out there. Are you seriously attached to new zealand? I'm willing to "import" the right peeps from overseas :p
  2. Vulpes

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    I think society is within myself, so I believe it will be hard to escape it, but all the same the only thing I really want to do is go and live like a hermit in some remote wilderness place, not out of hatred for people, but merely for the fact that I also feel completely lost in all the madness of the world right now and can think of nothing better than living "naturally" away from the crowds and noise and insanity. It's so great to see that there are other people out there who feel this way as well. Spiritawakening, I wish you heaps of luck! You're very definitely not alone in your ideas. :)
  3. Moving_cloud

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    Hi Spiritawakening,

    oh sometimes we need to let go the search and just be; and trust that those who feel like-minded are drawn each in their own time frame, and their own life conditions (yes sometimes when least you expect it).

    I remember when I was much younger by years than today, I ranted against the establishment ... people seemed so stuck in structures and patterns that felt artificial, and not true ... trapped in believe systems that were not their own. This was not where I wanted to be. Then life took me on, and many curves I traveled and many a molehill I climbed to find a new angle of view - within and without society and also without like-minded. As time went by, society did not matter so much any more ... as the habit of blaming others - like this society in general - eventually becomes another trap of co-dependandy.

    Now i find, even though the patterns have not changed a lot, we as people are changing ... and this is also because of you.

    All change starts within ... and so, maybe these times are not about living in the woods only (as the woods slowly disapear from this planet) ... but to live in the light of your own deeper truth and your own spirit no matter where you set your step ... and see beyond the patterns, the pitfalls of fear, the glory (and curse) of false gods that we believe we're believing in, the noisy bleat, sheepish rules ... to not be distracted by the patterns created by a mass that is as controlling as it is controllable (as it is lying in deep sleep).

    Looking within, you'll find another's spirit ... shining as bright as you dare to see.

    It may become a life long journey ... but then this is what it is supposed to be. A time out - a vision quest - may be a blessing.

    Travel far my friend ... Do it (slogan from the 70ies I always enjoyed) and don't give up the love ... sometimes this is enough to make all the difference.

    Long rant ;)
  4. AceK

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    I heard there are "mole people" that live in the subway tunnels underneath this city and in the sewers and eat rats for their main food source.
  5. ThePoetSappho

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    i can relate. having taken a hiatus from 'normal' living, i really wanna get away from the sickness that is society. it's difficult, but it begins within, and with little steps. slowly detach society's hooks, one by one, and slip away to the collective consciousness.
  6. Madesh

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    I try to separate myself as much as possible. The artificial construct of society is something I dislike and for a time made me terribly depressed.
    I now live off the grid and attempt to live without the trappings of consumer living. Of course I have to engage sometimes with others of that culture, mostly due to the unavoidable taxes etc.
    I'm learning everyday, other friends and likeminds help remind me that I'm not some kind of crazy and inspire me to move forward.
    It's hard, but from my experience totally worth the effort.

    Madesh :)
  7. ThePoetSappho

    ThePoetSappho Driftwood Lifetime Supporter

    i've been trying to separate myself as well more and more. some find it alienating, i'm trying to find a happy yinyang balance between unattachment while balancing and being peacefully and cooporatively. in other words, transcend while still paying the bills...
  8. LornaDoom

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    that is where I want to live
  9. Madesh

    Madesh Member

    Sounds knarly,

    like something from an alternative-reality sci-fi! Perhaps this is where the Great Revolution will begin :2thumbsup:

    Madesh :sunny:
  10. scottish1324

    scottish1324 Guest

    what an awful way to live, but if it makes you happy.

    ive heard there are people in australia that go 'live off the land' in the protected forests and national parks for years. i would be interested to know if any of them come back/survive.
  11. la Principessa

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  13. themnax

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    to live is natural.

    to live without dependence on conventional assumptions is possible.

    the way to depend on others less, is to be able to do more of what you depend on them for, yourself.

    much simpler to say then do.

    must be possible, as many people certainly seem to be doing so.

    the first thing is to understand, what you personally, need and don't need.

    in completely specific terms. only then can you determine, how much seperation you really want, and the beginnings of how to go about it.

    what is minimal technology? it varies with the individual.

    for me i would say a refrigerator, a computer, a way to power them and a way to get something to eat.

    it IS possible to live, with only food (incuding water) and shelter (means of avoiding hypothermia).

    you need to learn, what resources, alternative to social resources, are available where you are (or wish to be)

    and of course, what you are willing, as well as able, to live without.

    that is the determinant as to what can be done.

    i can only speak in the abstract for more then any one person, for the simple reason that we are all different.
    our psychological needs differ widely, and even our physical ones to some degree.
  14. David0301

    David0301 Banned

    with tears in my eyes i have read your comment. what a wonderful kid you are.
    we all have that desire in us. some of us more. some of us even more. it depends on the thickness of the veil of duality we have put on ourselves. but you are special. like a newborn baby. i am sure you haven't been influenced much by society. even refused to go to school. you havent had much interest in watching tv. etc
    it is people like you who are about to make a change of this system. people who dont want to bow down to this matrix life. having left the city was a very good decision you made and certainly helps you attain peace and tranquillity and to just Be. Be you. because you are unique. the way you are.
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  15. David0301

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    " besides i cant do anything for myself at the moment- i mean if the food stops appearing on supermarket shelves im in trouble."

    this is my favourite quote of you
    beautifully said!!!
  16. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    possible, yes. easy, no.
    it is true that nothing is free, but cost can be in other forms then those taken for granted, and with luck, it is sometimes possible for an individual to choose those forms.
    technologies exist to collect incident energy, or conversely, it is possible to do everything by hand.
    but doing everything by hand, it turns out, needs more hands then one's own,
    so throwing any tool more advanced then a sharpened stone out with the bath water is not a magic wand either.

    indeed it is the very level of complex technology that enables an individual to be less socially dependent upon others.
    of course then you are dependent upon others having created that technology,
    so it should be obvious that neither extreme is the magic wand.

    choosing wisely what is the most comfortable balance for yourself is as close as there is to come.
    tools can be complex, relationships with people can be complex, how you achieve your goals, depends upon what they are.

    you can't be ambiguous about this and expect easy simplicity to happen.

    what about your relationship with non-human life? is this a part of your desires?

    there is no one simple answer that fits all, none without taking all of these things into consideration.

    now if you already know what you want with each of these peramiters, then yes, it is possible to get there.
    not to guarantee that you will, but at least to know that it can be done.

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