Mentally Ill And Violence In The Media.

Discussion in 'The Media' started by Jimbee68, May 11, 2016.

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    Why are there so many stories about mental illness, and violence, in the media all of a sudden?

    I was born in 1968. So my memories go back to at least the 70's. And it was never like this. I recall back in the 80's, for example, once in a while there was a story like this. But now it is literally every week. Sometimes even several times a week. What gives? And what is different now?

    Most mentally are not violent, BTW. And of course, Pres. Reagan did cut funding to mental health services, a trend that continues to this day, I understand.

    But still something is undeniably different. Clearly not a conspiracy, at least not a well-planned one. But as I said, something is clearly different now.

  2. Because human mentality has changed and become more diseased. Not counting a lot of asylums were closed for the truly insane. We have a lot more medicine to work with now, and if its not compatible with the subject in question it can cause psychosis episodes, and insanity. Not counting with the ease of getting supplies to be destructive causes more destruction. That and it was probably not talked about as much in that day and age because people tried to keep it quite. There wasn't as much media influence in society so we could hide incidents better.
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    Attracts attention, boast ratings.
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    According to the official data, rates of violent crime have dropped in the past dew decades, at least in the US. According to this chart, you are right that they used to be lower, but that was before you were born.


    (from: )

    If these data are to be believed, my explanation for the perceived increase in violence would be the media itself. We are currently bombarded by media more than ever before. Everywhere we turn there is some sort of news outlet giving us new information. They need to find some way to fill the 24 hour time slots, so they broadcast and over blow every story that they can find. A lot of these stories might have been delegated to a single back-page newspaper article 20 years ago.
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    I think it ties in to gun control wishes.

    They want to make it so if you've ever taken an antidepressant drug you can't get a gun carrying permit.
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  6. I think maybe there are more people recognized and diagnosed as being mentally ill, such that when you hear about a violent crime that person may have had mental instability in the past or been diagnosed with something in the past. These days you can hardly get arrested without being diagnosed as one thing or another.
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    It's called "weapons under disability" and most states already have that law on the books. If you've taken an antidepressant, you must be disabled. (doesn't matter if it was prescribed for pain)
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    Oka, Georgia only has a problem if you've been in rehab.

    • If you've been in a mental hospital or drug treatment center within the last five years, you must ask that your county probate court judge approve your license application. The judge will seek a recommendation from the superintendent of your hospital or treatment center, and then determine whether it's safe for you to carry a gun.
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    At the moment Weapons Under Disability isn't being used to take anybody's guns away... It's usually a tagged on charge once someone has already broken some other law, with or without weapons being involved. It also doesn't specifically mention antidepressants. All it would take is some subtle "re-defining" of it's meaning and 1/2 or more of those with guns could likely lose them.
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    Plus, you know how we've all lost our ability to feel empathy from the damn Tylenol...
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    That's designed in... empathy would not be a desired trait in a controlled populous.
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    Nope. It would not.
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    it's an election year, so there's stories about what the mentally ill candidates do every day.
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    Speak of the devil (literally) because he claims he was hearing voices and presumably one of them was the devil telling him to kill himself and everyone around him)

    May 12, 2016, 12:21 PM

    [SIZE=14pt]Questions surround mental patient's release from hospital before stabbings[/SIZE]

    TAUNTON, Mass. - State officials planned to review the circumstances involving a man who fatally stabbed 2 people at a home and mall and injured several others hours after being released from a hospital where his family said he was taken while suicidal and depressed.

    The family of Arthur DaRosa said he had been battling mental illness in recent months and checked himself in to Morton Hospital on Monday evening. He was released Tuesday morning and hours later fatally stabbed an 80-year-old woman in her home and a 56-year-old teacher dining out at a mall with his wife before being shot and killed by an off-duty sheriff's deputy.

    Morton spokeswoman Julie Masci said in a statement that the hospital is barred by federal law from acknowledging patient names or disclosing patient information.

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    Something or somebody is behind many people's becoming mentally ill. There are warfares that are covert. What you consume could be causing you mental problems, if what it is is somebody's new aged arm in today's arms race between countries.
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    Because the governmedia always has an agenda when they promote something heavily.
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    Sensationalism at it's finest. You do not hear of those with mental health issues who are stable and coping being reported as there is no story there that they wish to bring forth. They only report the situations that are of the small minority of those with mental health issues who for what ever reason lose control.

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