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  1. [font=&quot]

    [font=&quot]Marijuana Forum[/font]

    [font=&quot]Gram Conversions[/font]

    [font=&quot]1 ounce = 28 grams
    1 "half" = 14 grams
    1 "quarter” = 7 grams
    1 "eighth" = 3.5 grams[/font]

    [font=&quot]A gram is enough for 2-5 joints, or 4-8 bowl-packs, depending on the size of the joint/bowl.[/font]

    [font=&quot]How to Clean Out your Piece[/font]


    [font=&quot]- Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol[/font]

    [font=&quot]- Salt[/font]

    [font=&quot]- Paperclip[/font]

    [font=&quot]- Sink[/font]

    [font=&quot]Mix some salt into the rubbing alcohol (the amount isn’t a big deal, just put in however much you think makes sense). Pour this mixture into your piece, and shake for a few minutes. Then, let it sit with the solution still inside. After a few more minutes, pour this out. Unbend the paperclip and scrape out any remaining resin. All of this is done over a sink, of course.[/font]

    [font=&quot]How to smoke in your room and not get caught[/font][font=&quot]


    - Spoof [/font]

    [font=&quot](How to make a spoof - Wait till a roll of toilet paper runs out, grab it, go down to the laundry room and grab seven or eight dryer sheets, rubber band one of them on the top so it covers the hole, then crumple the rest up and push them against the covered hole in the toilet paper roll. You blow the smoke into the non-covered hole, and it comes out smelling like fresh laundry =D.)

    - Incense or a scented candle[/font]

    [font=&quot]- Another candle

    - Lighter

    - Towel or shirt[/font]

    [font=&quot]- Air sanitizer (ozium) or deodorant spray (axe)

    - Fan to blow smoke out of a window (optional)
    [font=&quot]- Common sense

    [font=&quot]A bowl or bong is much preferred over joints because joints and blunts let large amounts of smoke escape into the air.

    Lock the door. Put the towel down against the gap between the door and the floor to prevent smoke from getting out. This isn’t always necessary, depending on where you’ll be smoking in relation to the door. Have all your supplies with you so you won’t have to make several trips and arouse suspicion. [/font]

    [font=&quot]Light the incense or scented candle.[/font][font=&quot] This is not necessary, as you can eliminate most of the smell with other techniques, and even a bad idea if your parents are suspicious of your smoking.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Light the second candle.[/font][font=&quot] This candle will be used as a flame supply. Instead of using the noisy flint on disposable lighters to light the lighter and causing suspicion, push the butane release (red button) and hold the lighter up to the flame to light it. If you have a fan blowing out your window, make sure to turn it on now.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Commence the combustion of the plant matter.[/font][font=&quot] After you take your hit, quickly put your palm (or flat object such as a rectangular lighter or a quarter) over the bowl (packing only half a bowl should keep you from burning yourself). This will put out the ember and keep any smoke from escaping (take a small hit after it goes out to clear any leftover smoke). If you need to cough, do so into a towel or pillow to muffle the sound.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Exhale into the spoof. [/font][font=&quot]Don’t forget!! This is probably the single most effective way to reduce the smell.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Repeat until you are high.[/font][font=&quot]

    Spray. Ozium is much more effective than something like axe because it actually gets rid of the smell, rather than just masking it like spray on deodorants. Don’t go overboard with this, just a quick one to two second shot is all you need. If you used a towel, you can wave this around to spread the spray around the room. Empty the bowl either out the window or down the sink.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Enjoy the rest of your night![/font]



    [font=&quot]Don’t blow into the pipe/bong.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Don’t drink the bong water.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Don’t smoke with people you don’t like.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Don’t bring it to school.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Don’t drive while high.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Don’t trust dealers you don’t know.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Don’t consent to any search.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Don’t lie to a cop.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Don’t act like you know when you don’t.[/font]


    [font=&quot]Inhale into your lungs, not just your mouth.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Hold your hit for as long as you can.[/font]

    [font=&quot]If you are passed a lighter along with the pipe, pass it along when you pass the pipe.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Use eye drops (Visine, Cleareyes, or, my personal favorite, Rhoto V)[/font]

    [font=&quot]Deseed and destem your stash.[/font]


    [font=&quot]Smoke bowls/bongs more often than joints/blunts (more economical).[/font]

    [font=&quot]Enjoy yourself.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Where to Stash your Stash[/font]

    [font=&quot]- Below the bottom drawer of a dresser/desk.[/font]

    [font=&quot] - In your car (if you have one).[/font]

    [font=&quot]- In your backpack (it’s usually with you).[/font]

    [font=&quot]- In a hollowed-out book.[/font]

    [font=&quot]- Inside the expansion bay of a PS2.[/font]

    [font=&quot]- In a random bag/pocket in your closet. Just keep tabs on the smell.[/font]

    [font=&quot]- In a bag or box under your bed or mattress.[/font]

    [font=&quot]- In a movie or videogame case.[/font]

    [font=&quot]- Beneath a bush outside if you’re really paranoid.[/font]

    [font=&quot]- For concerts, joints in wallet/behind ear, bowls in shoes.[/font]

    [font=&quot]- Use your imagination![/font]

    [font=&quot]The Non-Definitive List of Stoner Terms[/font]

    [font=&quot]April 20th (4/20) - [/font][font=&quot]International Cannabis Day, everyone blazes on this day. Everyone blazes at 4:20 every day too.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Blaze-[/font][font=&quot] To get high![/font]

    [font=&quot]Blunt[/font][font=&quot] – Either a hollowed out cigar filled with cannabis or (more commonly) a “marijuana cigarette” rolled with a blunt wrap (tobacco paper).[/font]

    [font=&quot]Bowl[/font][font=&quot] – Can refer either to the part of a piece that holds cannabis, or to the pipe itself.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Bogart –[/font][font=&quot] The act of holding on to a joint/piece/blunt for too long, or one who does such an act. Don’t bogart that joint my friend, pass it over to me.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Boo[/font][font=&quot] - A street name for marijuana, listed only in anti-drug literature. No one has ever heard or used it. If you are ever arrested for possession, you should use this term, saving the taxpayers the expense of correcting and reprinting anti-pot pamphlets.[/font]

    [font=&quot] Carb – The hole on the side of a piece used to regulate air flow. Hold it closed with your thumb while inhaling to draw smoke into the chamber, then release to let air in and force the smoke into your lungs. Also called a “rush hole”.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Cherry[/font][font=&quot] - The red burning coal of marijuana in a joint or bowl.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Chillum[/font][font=&quot] - A pipe with the bowl in line with the stem.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Doobie[/font][font=&quot] – Just another word for a joint.[/font]

    [font=&quot] Ganja - A synonym for marijuana.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Hashish (Hash) [/font][font=&quot]- The resin secreted by a marijuana plant. Different kinds of hash are prepared with a variety of recipes.[/font]

    [font=&quot] Hash oil - A liquid extracted from marijuana. Use mostly by dipping smokeables into the hash oil.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Hit -[/font][font=&quot] A drag or puff of cannabis.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Hot Box (White wall) -[/font][font=&quot] Getting high in a car or small space with no ventilation so that you are constantly inhaling atmospheric smoke.[/font]

    [font=&quot] Joint – Marijuana cigarette.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Kind Bud (chronic, hydro, sticky icky, highs) – [/font][font=&quot]High potency[/font][font=&quot] Cannabis.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Mids - [/font][font=&quot]Descent cannabis for the money you pay for it, if you don’t have a lot of money this is the best way to go.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Moocher[/font][font=&quot] – Someone who will smoke your bud in a second, but never has any of their own.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Papers[/font][font=&quot] – Cigarette papers used for rolling joints.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Piece[/font][font=&quot] – Refers to a pipe of one sort or another.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Resin – [/font][font=&quot]Black tar like stuff that builds up in smoking apparatuses.[/font]

    [font=&quot]Schwag – [/font][font=&quot]Low grade cannabis.[/font]

    [font=&quot]How to Make “Cannabutter”[/font]


    [font=&quot]1/8-1/4 ounce cannabis (leftover stems too if you want)[/font]

    [font=&quot]1 stick butter[/font][font=&quot]
    1 Tablespoon water
    1 Pan
    1 Thermometer
    1 Metal Strainer or Cheesecloth

    1. Grind up cannabis as finely as possible.[/font]

    [font=&quot]2. Add butter and water to pan and simmer on low until the butter is melted.[/font]

    [font=&quot]3. Add cannabis to water.[/font]

    [font=&quot]4. Simmer for one hour while making sure the mixture stays below 180° F.[/font]

    [font=&quot]5. Strain plant matter from butter with cheese cloth or metal strainer.

    Yields approximately 1 cup of cannabutter.[/font]

    Mike E
    ...Et cetera[/font]
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  2. rawgarlic

    rawgarlic Member

    Inside the expansion bay of a PS2.

    -good idea thats prob what it was ment for ;)
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  3. buffoonman

    buffoonman Senior Member

    Was you on speed when you wrote that?
  4. rawgarlic

    rawgarlic Member

    nah just blazed
  5. 40oz and chronic

    40oz and chronic 'Nuff Said

  6. KParker730

    KParker730 Member

    tight! u should add what different types of pipes are. like uhh sidecars and zeppelins and hammers and steamrollers and vaporizers.... cause i didnt know what those were for a long time.
  7. that's a good idea. if anyone can help, please throw in a few with descriptions. i'll work on it too.

  8. drpayne04

    drpayne04 Member

    You can also include information on the rumors of marijuana regarding health and mental effects.
  9. SagaciousKJB2

    SagaciousKJB2 Member

    Under stealth smoking...

    Why not tell people about putting a fan in their window backwards? That works better than the spoof; not to mention because a lot of the time with a spoof, it will just wind up smelling like pot and laundry.
  10. rob1134

    rob1134 Member

    i see nothing in here about ***** (fish) lipping the mouthpiece of whatever youre smoking out of. i hate when people do that
  11. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    marijuana faq, eh?

    lol took a few.. years
  12. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    with the issue of towling the door, this can sometimes be more important than one may think. it all depends on the air pressure around your house. i dunno, most places are pretty sweet with it but i live in a terrace and the reason i towl my door is because air is actually sucked out (though you can onnly feel it if you put your hand next to the gap)

    even if the smoke isnt escaping your room, if you have some sort of gust flowing out a hole in your domain, it will draw the smoke away from your piece (and lungs i guess), making smell more of an issue.

    to reduce this factor i towl my door, open the window, and turn on the heater. this pushes air out of the room into the environment.

    but i also smoke out the window;

    in the end unless youre blowing the smoke out the window, pot will be smellable if its smoked, so it comes down to the keeness of your parents or landlord to sniff it out. my mum can hunt out my bong by its smell even when i havnt smoked, but i realise this is not the case for many with straight edge parents who cant identify it
  13. 40oz and chronic

    40oz and chronic 'Nuff Said

    thats exatly what i do also, but i dont turn on the heater because its already like 110 degrees fahrenheit outside. so what i do is put a WET towel under the door, turn on the fan, open the window and blow all the smoke out the window, and while im doing all thiis i will have an inscent stick burning. doesn't leave a trace of weed smell/smoke smell at all. and sometimes i have gone to great lengths by covering the whole door with a blanket since i couldn't open my window over alarm reasons.
  14. sumi

    sumi Member

    dude i just do it out the window ocasionally, or do it in a soccer field, or a state park, but theres also this REALLY NICE PLACE by me, its this stream going through a ravine and you just chill on this rock in the middle of the stream and listen to some song with a keyboard and watch the ripples in the water, or just walk into town high as hell, the police are either fat or transvestites and are too lazy to go back there, and the FBI doesnt know about it yet so it freakin RULES
  15. GGhighman

    GGhighman Banned

    for smokin in my room i do the same thing accept i dont use a spoof i might start tho
  16. WoodstockChild

    WoodstockChild Intrepid Traveler!

    I thought of a VERY creative place to hide it but it's kind of... well... not gonna say it here :D
  17. Lucharchan

    Lucharchan Member

    I wanted to know how safe it is to post pics? Because there is that big disclaimer when you sign up. But in that case wouldnt code 431.322.12 of the Internet Privacy Act hold some grounds? even if forum info was wanted or seized by the authorities?
  18. mauhdib

    mauhdib Member

    I live in turkey.It is restricted to smoke in this fucken country.I want to buy marijuana but I dont know how to find.If I buy it in turkey it will be too expensive so I buy on internet.Do you suggest me a web site which sells marijiuana and be able to post it to turkey in a ordinary box that doesnt make any suspects.

    I found one site but they send generally to USA but they also say they are sending to world wide. the adress is
    they say their products are legal.I asked products of to a seller who sends marijuana in a envelope to everycountry he said that they r selling legal and not real weed and hash.NOw Im really confused because i have never smoked marijuana and it is already hard to find marijuana in turkey so I am a little ignorant about herbal smoke culture. I want to ask you what is the difference between hashis and marijiuana.Are they made from different plants ? And when I typed the word marijuana in google and clicled to the first result it shows me lots of plants called as ak47 afgani ... are all they types of marijuana ? Are all they called as marijuana ?

    finally has anybody ever bought something from ? I m planing to send them my order and money in an envelope and I dont know will they send my order to turkey.

    especially in this page they say they r sending the order in an ordinary box

    and read here
    they accepts mail orders.

    so help me guys do you really think herbalsmokeshop sells the real marijuana
  19. wonderboy

    wonderboy the secret of your power!

    ^^ from what i've heard, it's just fake stuff. sorry, man.
  20. fluffhead552

    fluffhead552 Member

    well in the area of spoofs. you could use one. i think it makes the area smell like weed and fresh laundry but thats just me. an alternative to this would a towel.

    you fold it up and blow through it. you have to put alot of pressure on the towel up to your mouth. this makes there be very little to no smoke is emitted at all. this works well when you have some insence running.

    oh also. when your done smoking and are going into public and just want to get rid of paranioa. using eye drops, brushing your teeth (or mouthwash/just to cover smell on your breath) and washing your hands and not having anything on you make it impossible for them to prove your high on the spot.
    idk just cures my paranioa lol

    i also recomend nag champa insence... its simply the best.

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