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    * Wiki books
    * Wikiversity
    * WikiEducator - dedicated to building a complete education curriculum by 2015
    * ck12 - free, flexible textbooks for the whole American educational syllabus
    * Disqo
    * Khan Academy - a series of tutorial videos, mostly of science and maths, explaining concepts very well.
    * MIT's YouTube channel - Includes entire lecture series. The one on linear algebra in damn good.
    * Open Yale Courses
    * Stanford's YouTube channel
    * United Nations University OpenCourseWare
    * John Hopkins OpenCourseWare
    * eToys - free and open-source software that teaches ideas in innovative ways. For kids
    * Open University's Open Learn
    * P2P university]
    * Connexions - Open educational content in hundreds of subjects.
    * List of educational video websites on Wikipedia
    * Open Culture - list online courses
    * Wolfram Demonstrations Project - A compilation of pretty interactive visualizations of hundreds of phenomena in science, mathematics, music and other areas.

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    Thks a lot.:afro:
    Internet is a revolution and it's only the beginning.:daisy:
  3. Great list, the Wikieducator is a great idea, I cant wait to see more from it.
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    Useful :)
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    I knew I didn't have to go back to university. I really like the one. I'm going to do the poetry course. Thanks.
  6. Very cool. Thanks for posting!
  7. thanks for posting...
    very useful links..
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    This is just lovely. Thank you :)
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    This is an interesting list... am checking though it now. I see video is the thing...
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    Hella!! Thank you!!! :book:
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    I have messed with a little. Seems legit.
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    Thank you! Very helpful [​IMG]
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    Thanks! :rockon:

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