Kratom Lovers Unite!!!!

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by TrendyWinds, Mar 26, 2009.

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  2. oscar2

    oscar2 Member

    i just actually starting trying kratom, and i have to say i am impressed..although im not really looking for a high as more pain relief. i was worried i would go thru wd today after being on pain med for a while, i drank some kratom and didnt have any wd was impressed
  3. blitz7341

    blitz7341 Banned

    ive never tried kratom, might be something to look into when summer rolls around. how do you do it? i dont know much about it
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  5. oscar2

    oscar2 Member

    can i ask where do u order your kratom from?
  6. RandomOne

    RandomOne Member

    gross, i am about to barf just thinking about kratom again. How can you enjoy that stuff? How are you taking it? the tea and eating it are both completely nasty.
  7. DroneLore

    DroneLore h8rs gon h8, I stay based

    i never tried the ultra enhanced indo. i remember reading that it wasnt that different from any other kratom. perhaps i should try it out.
  8. Piink

    Piink Member

    Sounds interesting. I'm always up for new opiate experiences. I recently tried the poppy pod tea for the first time. That was very interesting. I would have to imagine that this Kratom has a very similar effect to the pod tea? Although, from how you are speaking this is getting me very excited. Then again, people spoke the same way about pod tea, which was great for being so available and such, but NOTHING compared to oxy/hydro/etc. How do you go about experiencing this Kratom? How do I get my hands on it. And can you be more specific in your preparation. Thanks.
  9. Im so excited to try kratom....
    For the past 1/2 a year I have had a good supply of oxy coming in every week, not to much but enough to get high 2 times a week. This was my first real opaite and my god is this the best drug ever.... by far. Point is my supply ended and I was so deppressed thinking this is the opiate end for me..... noooo

    I stumbled across kratom and this looks very promising, I got 1 ounce in the mail ready to try.... should be here tomrrow.

    It takes me about 30mg of oxy to get a good buzz. I was thinking about trying about 7g's to start.... good idea?
  10. Dillygirl

    Dillygirl Member

    I was about to order some kratom online - what do you mean by "toss and wash?" How do you wash powder? And can I get it in like health for stores instead of just online? I'm dying to try it since my pain doc is shaping up to be an asshead and I'm not going to have a decent amount of pain meds around anymore, plus it's natural and LEGAL andI really don't want to go back to the places that dope took me.
  11. Bluez_Snooze

    Bluez_Snooze Member

    i'd love to try kratom at some point in my life.
    from what i've been told, with my high tolerance, i wouldn't feel its effects.
    maybe someday if im takin off the meds, i'll take a break for a couple months to let my tolerance go down, and then order some of this stuff.
  12. Eagles06

    Eagles06 Member

    I have been reading all the posts about this Kratom stuff, and I still don't really understand what it is. I have been an opiatea ddict for over 10 years, from all the pharmacuticals to Heroin, but have never come across or even heard of kratom except on this site. Is it a pharmacutical opiate? Is it used in hospitals? Pill? IV? And as the poster above said with my high tolerance I assume it would have not effect on me? What does it compare to?
  13. Slingblade

    Slingblade Member

    its a plant
  14. type kratom in google ...... not too hard
  15. Dillygirl

    Dillygirl Member

    Okay really? I just cleared up the balance on my Visa so I can order online; I visited Kratom King and they have the Bali powder, but I have no idea how to use it, what I should be ordering, etc. If you don't want to post the directions here, PM me or send me an email (my contact info is in my profile). I'm gonna be out of meds soon and I really want to try it!.
  16. SothisIsLife

    SothisIsLife Member

    ^^^Im curious exactly how to take it as well. I have ordered 3 gram vile of the 15x extract from I put about a gram in some water and made some tea but didnt feel anything... i guess tea isnt the way to go and i should have taken alot more than a gram. I would love if you could post a detailed message about the most effective ways to dose kratom and good vendors to order it from.

    thanks for an interesting thread
  17. SothisIsLife

    SothisIsLife Member

  18. Dillygirl

    Dillygirl Member

    Someone at another forum said to get the powder, toss and wash it but I don't know what that means and I can't ask because their registration is closed. I really don't wanna spend $100 on something that isn't gonna work.

    *Edit: Okay, I'm fully retarded. I just looked up "How to prepare kratom" on Google and one site says the "toss and wash" method is to toss it in your mouth and wash it down with like grapefruit juice or something. I suppose I could have Googled it before asking here - that degree from the big deal university is coming in handy, huh?
  19. Dillygirl

    Dillygirl Member

    Okay, I found this site. Could someone tell me, when you get a chance, if this stuff is accurate?

    Also, Kratom King sells powdered Bali ($9.80/oz.), Crushed Bali leaf (same price), Premium Red Vein Indo powder ($11). Am I looking at the right stuff? Cash is tight right now and I really don't want to waste my money, as trivial as $11 might sound (I got laid off around Christmas and I'm freelancing at the moment).

    Thanks guys, I'm really glad I found this forum - it's not like I can ask my friends.
  20. Dillygirl

    Dillygirl Member

    Alrighty, I ordered the Bali powder (28 grams) from Kratom King. It should get here Tuesday; I'll let y'all know what happens.

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