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  1. Invention idea (wrote it wrong in the topic)
    Here's an invention idea someone can get to work designing, I would if I wasn't being subjected to awful oppressive mistreatment for refusing to be a piece of shit. However the idea is awesome, potentially profitable, essential to data collection in a wide number of sciences. And it could bridge the gap between proving and selling assumption as evidence. I call it (I copied the conceptual name from the trailer park boys genius writers) the shit barometer.

    Imagine this an instrument panel that has the ability to measure if your measuring instruments are being subject to abrupt changes in environmental factors. One inventive instrument I tinkered with designing was made my suspending glitter between water and oil, then measuring shimmer from a light beaming through it to test for subtle movements of the instrument. But also you'd want to test for as many potential changes in environmental factors as possible, recording it on a video and checking back over all relevant factors before drawing conclusions from an experiment, for example one would want to add a thermometer, barometer, hygrometer, clock, magnetometer, etc.. The real trick would be laying it out in a simple to use, observe, comprehend manner without taking up a massive amount of space or compromising the integrity of any given instrument.

    Such an invention becoming widespread would forever change the accuracy of experimentation and do great things for the scientific advancement of our world and everyone in it. Plus it doesn't seem overly expensive to develop....
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