Introducing Singularity University

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    Listed among Singularity University's corporate founders: Google

    What is Singularity University?

    Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges.

    "Singularity University, where the world's brightest minds convene to attack the world's toughest challenges." —BloombergTV

    Here's an ABC news article from May, 2013

    Elite university aims to solve world's problems
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    Meanwhile, current Headline news (from the ABC news link above)

    • Neighbors, classmates of teen stowaway react 55 min ago
    • East Bay MUD to vote on continued water cutbacks 39 min ago
    • Consumer Reports test of best performance tires
    • Acts of bravery emerge from pilloried ship crew 24 min ago
    • Two taken to hospital in SF North Beach stabbing 44 min ago
    • Family of four displaced by fire in Bayview District
    • Homicide suspected after body found in San Jose 49 min ago
    • High court upholds Michigan affirmative action ban 29 min ago
    • Powdered alcohols don't have approvals 20 min ago
    • Testimony to begin in Efren Carrillo peeking trial
    • Police: Man ordered dog to attack woman in Berkeley 9 min ago
    • SFPD search home after fireworks found in car 21 min ago
    • weather: Bay Area weather forecast for Tuesday
    • roundup: Climber falls at Yosemite; Mount Tam death

    There's lot of HUMAN problems but technology can't solve those.
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    • Were they surprised? No problem here
      Desalinization and recycling.
      Information is not a problem.
      Field dressings.
      Automatic sprinklers
      Investigation eases suspicion.
      If you insist.
      Bad berries no?
      We are in a constant state of becoming.
      Unless the dog disobeyed no problem.
      Curious that.
      Dress appropriately
      That's the end of that problem.
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    I admit, those headlines are mild compared to other sources .. like Huffington Post. If I want to immediately put my mind into the septic tank of Humanity, I know just where to go.
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    I'm on my own septic but you could probably find sensational head lines there.
    At one time they contributed to the lines on my face but I happened upon my own composition and have a clear brow.
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    Clarity is the prerequisite to all things, yeah?

    More From ABC7 News
    • Good Samaritan pulls boy from water in San Leandro
    • Police: Utah mom admitted to killing her 6 babies
    • Police: Two teens attacked, robbed elderly woman in Santa Cruz
    • Crews retrieving body that washed onto SF's Lands End
    • 49ers Colin Kaepernick comments on Miami police report
    • Fans forced to leave concert due to fake tickets
    Singularity University is going to grow leather in a laboratory. That doesn't help the people of the world too much.

    This video is amazing. It makes me think .. this is the sort of stuff that something like Singularity University will "address" and solve ..."]Welcome to the Anthropocene - YouTube

    It's one thing to want to solve the matter of 1 billion people in malnutrition, hunger and starvation, but what is the solution for massive domestic violence issues? What is the solution to poverty (which drives DV)? What is the solution to employment issues (business and occupation, everybody needs to have something to do to keep them busy and occupied) when there are no opportunities?

    I see two worlds, not one. I see development and growth of technologies, but nothing for the worsening matters of the suffering human condition.

    I don't suffer because of a lack of leather or illuminated plants.
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    Concerning the incontertibly good idea that a Singularity University is, will it hold online courses? where will it be based? is this a reaction the singularity theory; of mind's learning about itself and the environment around it and technological adeptivity will call in the new eg; = Singularity [​IMG]
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