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  1. I'm not experienced at all in this category, but I've always wondered what it would be like to have my own web-based business or work for a company similar to that. What kind of jobs are there like that? Are there many available? And if so, is it a decent money maker? I'm just curious and I've always wanted to know, plus I heard of several people on the forums who have jobs like that so I'm just wondering.
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  2. seizedbyanger

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    It all depends on what you're doing.. my mom worked for a small company and got paid extremely shitty and the business went under anyway
  3. Who did she work for?
  4. ricosuave

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    If you want to make money online go to and set up an account. allows members to post jobs they're willing to do for $5.

    People create videos, write articles and press releases, and there are people who make rings and special birthday cards. You can do almost anything on that site as long as it doesn't break any laws and isn't offensive to any particular group.

    What ever you enjoy doing you can create a service and sell it on
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    Depends what you do I guess.

    ODesk is ok.

    Promotion like affiliate marketing can make a bit of money especially if you have a successful website or two.

    It's not too easy though - I've been trying for years!

    I have earned a little here and there, but not too much o_O

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