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  1. tiedyeponcho

    tiedyeponcho Member

    i think we should start a forum with just ideas or the start of ideas of things to draw/paint/sculpt ect. so when something is having a mind block they can come here to find inspiration.:cheers2:
  2. frozencapsule

    frozencapsule Member

    perfect idea. had intense blockage last night..

    this should definitly give some inspiration and ideas.

    look up these artists for full experience.

    Luke Brown
    Alex Grey
    Mati klarwein
    Robert Venosa
    Ernst Fuchs
    Cam de Leon
    Jamie Burton
    Guy Aitchison
    Pablo amaringo <-- ayahuasca inspired
    Hieronymous Bosch <--- classic
    William blake <--- classic as well
    L caruana
    Joe Coleman
    Jean delville
    De es schwertberger
    Hr Giger
    Tom Gleich
    Andrew A Gonzalez
    Mark henson
    Martina Hoffman
    Philip Rubinov-Jackobson
    Paul Laffoley
    Michelle Wortman
    Ann Mccoy
    Robert Pasternak
    Mark Pauline
    Stevee Postman
    Odilon Redon
    Stanislav Szukalski
    Carey Thompson
    Delvin Solkinson
    Roman Villigrano
    David Heskin
    Judson Huss
    Isis Indriya
    Michael Brown
    Johfra Bosschart
    Brigid Marlin
    Andrew Jones

    as well as some of these websites for more inspiration

    as well as some of these bands for some good musical inspiration to get you back on track with the art.

    SHPONGLE <--- of course..
    Logic Bomb
    Distortion Orchestra
    Puff Dragon
    Juju Space Jazz
    Human Blue
    Digital Mystery Tour
    Ten Madison
    Zero Cult
    Self Fish
    Planet Bliss
    Vakuum Sounds
    Younger Brother
    Liquid Lounge
    Liquid Sound Design <--- hehehe LSD
    The Garden of the Mind
    Fungus Garden Reverb

    enjoy. good luck!
  3. Wiseman

    Wiseman Senior Member

    Frozencapsule, I <3 your post. That definitely deserves a sticky :)

    But yeah, I like your idea. I'm not really bustling with great ideas, but if I do get something, I'll try and remember to share it here.
  4. frozencapsule

    frozencapsule Member

    we are all on this trip alone. so it gets hard sometimes. but we have to remember that we are actually sharing the trip at the exact same time. and sharing is what its all about. =]
  5. CuBaRu

    CuBaRu Member

    i occasionally meditate to the Electric Tears album by Buckethead.. It is simply amazing. soothing, so relaxing. i also use it for art. anyways, just about every time i meditate, which is for only about 15mins, i ll have ideas sprouting and blooming in my brain.. and when i see something i want to put on paper, i stop meditating, and get in my drawing zone. this is if i meditate properly.
    it also puts my mind AND body in a more relaxed state to begin creating. I wont say this works for everyone, but i would def give it a try. with whatever music u prefer, or just silence.
    Just thought id share my experience. keep drawing!:)
  6. CuBaRu

    CuBaRu Member

    imho, i feel if an artist has an idea for themselves, and if its personal, i dont think one should give out their idea. you never know when that one person could use ur idea, create it, and perhaps make money on it.
    maybe this is obvious, but i am just voicing my opinion.
    just looking out for artists that care to possibly sell their work in the future. Peace!!:)
    ps. u can always throw out crazy ideas for the heck of it.. like:

    ummm, how bout someone draw a big weed blunt as a tree, and the roots of it wrapped around earth or a diff planet, your own
    or, a cross with a church scene inside of it, or a human with multiple limbs of musical instruments, or a three-headed animal(cat,dog,tiger)wtf, weird, or, my name written in cursive with diff musical notes, or draw a pic in tribute for this website! theres my 2cents of ideas. hope u like!:D
  7. tiedyeponcho

    tiedyeponcho Member

    thanks for all the post guys!! i normally draw something that gets the point across that peace is dying out or something along those lines
  8. i0-techno

    i0-techno The Magnificent Dope

    A's all around, really..!
  9. Burnt

    Burnt Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I got a Idea fer some art, I am no artist by any means so here it goes. I always wanted to portray the everyday action of the modern day man or women in a atmosphere of a unchanged world. Basically man preforming everyday duties in a natural enviroment.
  10. lunarverse

    lunarverse The Living End

    when I need inspiration I turn to music....
    Tangerine Dream - Stratosfear
    Jimi Hendrix - Anything
    The Tornados - Telstar

    Anything by Frank Zappa....If you can watch the movie baby snakes. Definatly will inspire you. :) Peace and Love
  11. tiedyeponcho

    tiedyeponcho Member

    trying to think of something to draw now. I keep thinking of drawing a woman in a beautiful dress laying back on like a ottoman but i imagine drawing it in charcoal and i dont have any :(
  12. RebelRose

    RebelRose Guest

    it seems everytime i get a good idea i dont have the supplies eather.. :) hi im neww.
  13. hitomi

    hitomi Member

    Wow! beautiful list!
  14. MizCricket

    MizCricket Member

    Charles Manson's artwork is pretty cool. :p
  15. farmer dylan

    farmer dylan Member

    definitely the most mind-blowing claymation ive seen in my life in that movie...and of course everything else in the movie is genious too
  16. this is a great idea! have regular creative blocks usually, but have been going through somewhat of a creatively inspired patch! i will remember to come here when im all blocked up though ;)
    charlie manson always inspires me- his music inspires me alot
  17. i say your signature pic alone is inspiring.
  18. When I meditate, I intentionally follow my breath. When I paint, I follow my brush. So I go to that same space. I allow myself to be an open vessel to whatever information is available: visual, emotional, or spiritual. As in meditation, I sit down, Isettle myself, and I focus. Then I pick up my brush and I start watching my brush or watching my breath. It is the same thing.
  19. I usualy start by clearing my mind and drawing with my eyes closed: just feeling the pencil/ink/.. touching the paper, feeling the flow of it with my body. This produced some sort of abstract but erotic drawings - kind of disturbing to some people, because everyone can feel it, just dont know if the "problem" is in me or them :) those started some of the most honest series of work I have ever done.
  20. maluhia

    maluhia Member

    I really, really get inspired by riding a car. NEVER take a nap and keep your eyes open on the streets; there are always different people, the walls have graffiti and I dont know, there is a lot to see!

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