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Discussion in 'Free School' started by scratcho, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. scratcho

    scratcho Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    If anyone has any roofing or roof repair to do--I will talk you thru it on the net or on the phone. I have 44 years experience(yikes!). Joel:sunny:
  2. stoner oxy80

    stoner oxy80 *"Senior~Stoned~Member"*

    the flashing around my chimmney leaks, when it rains hard. i,ve heard yo have to cut a groove into the chim. and piece in your flashing. BUT my place is rented and people before me have tar all over it. the landlord dosent care and i,m not going to redo the flashing( no tools or knowhow). should i put more tar around it?
  3. lovelyxmalia

    lovelyxmalia Banana Hammock Lifetime Supporter

    I might be needing your help either before December or after March, depending on the condition of the roof of the house we're moving into...

    I know there were some problems in the winter but I think it was ice dams...
  4. scratcho

    scratcho Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Oxy--explain what it looks like around the base of the chimney. Is it a comp shingle roof? Flashing goes tight up the sides, back and front of the chimney and is laid flat on the roof ,one piece for every course(or row)with a 90 degree angle as it is/was laid and counter flashing is installed in the chimney and comes down over the flashing. Counter is laid by the mason and the roofer installs the flashing. Can you send me some pictures or put them up in this thread? I HATE it when an owner calls me to fix a leak and they have slopped tar all over where they think the leak is. I can't put pictures up,but we can work this out. Usually ,the top corner is the first suspect and it only takes a pinhole to make a leak. In which case if I'm not dismantling it,some expensive silicone will seal it.

    lovely one--pictures and type of roof would help me to determine what the problem might be.
  5. simmi

    simmi Banned

    Hey what lovely pics nice solution. :sunny:
  6. desert-rat

    desert-rat Senior Member

    This thread is about roof repair . Why post a link to a Russian /Ukraine/Belorus , girl site ? Unless this site just looks like a sex site , the girls cum to your house to fix things . I have thin image of this very large Ukraian woman climbing a lader to get on the roof . To prevent problems with O.S.H.A. I will stop with that image .
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  7. TAZER-69

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    I could use some help in venting a hood out of the roof so it doesn't leak when I am done. Thanks in advance.
  8. scratcho

    scratcho Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    OK. How steep is the roof? How big is the vent and what will it be used for? Comp shingles?
  9. TAZER-69

    TAZER-69 Listen To Your Heart! Lifetime Supporter

    I'll pm you.
  10. scratcho

    scratcho Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

  11. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

    No idea man... Looks like he was only here one day back in 2008.
  12. Logan 5

    Logan 5 Confessed gynephile

    I'm thinking I may have to roof my home. I get bids and it looks like I'm looking at around $12,000 to have someone else do it. So I am thinking of doing it myself. Any advice?
  13. Pukuphp47

    Pukuphp47 New Member

    its crazy how much the price has come down. I have a couple but Im thinking my 8Gb will be enough.

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