How to get radiation out of your body

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  1. I posted this in the health section also. But may be more relevant here. I found it interesting and thought I would share. Any other information on the topic is would appreciated!"]How to Keep Radiation Out of Your Body -- A Two Part Strategy with Daniel Vitalis - YouTube
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    Well for a start you probably shouldn't go outside like this guy is doing. You know, solar radiation and everything.
  3. It was information. Either take it in or don't. I'm sure that clearly wasn't the point. Things aren't very good with the natural world right now. So it would be a good idea to keep as much shit out of our systems as we can and attempt to keeping as natural as possible. I did not post this as fact. I posted it to potentially start a conversation on the topic.
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    Gonna say this but you can't keep radiation out of your body, the whole Earth is radioactive. What you can do though is minimise the amount of radiation you absorb. That said it's very hard to do. If anyone is interested I will post the likely spots that radiation is high. But there is no point explaining how to keep it out of your body. :D

    Interesting youtube, but it's just not like that. :D
  5. Yes, please share your information!
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    I'm also interested to know, please post.

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