How do aquarian men fall in love?

Discussion in 'Astrology' started by Doralicia, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. Doralicia

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    I am a virgo woman. There is this aquarian man I like very much. One day he started showing a lot of interest on me and that has made me very happy...but he sometimes is elusive...sometimes seems interested on me. I can´t find the way he asks me out. I would like to know how aquarian men feel when falling in love and how they behave.

    I am very confused and I don´t want to screw it up making a mistake or rushing him.

    What do you expect from a woman you like? I am having a hard time reading the signals.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. scarikari

    scarikari Member

    Here is some advice, take it or leave it!

    Aquarian men have no rules about love. They are more comfortable in a non-commital relationship, meaning that a relationship on a comfortable, not confining relationship, is better for thesemen. Also, they will not straight out ask you, you need to get him as your friend and be on a comfortable rapport with him. They always seem to love the untouchable, meaning slightly off limits to them. Also, they love an original and popular girl who stands out from the crowd. Talkabout anything and everything, topics that they are interested in. If you want him to finally ask you out, maybe you can ask him if you develop a comfort level with one another. In the end, he will always long for that friend he wanted to make his lover. He is scared to ask the girl out because he doesn't want to ruin the friendship, that is probably why it seems as if he isn't interested in you. He probably is, aquarians are verey different individuals. Personally, i love having them around.
  3. lanalou

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    i second your response scarikari....i am currently with an aquarian man and he ressembles what you have thing you forgot to mention though...they elaborate alot on average stories, events that happened to them and they have a nack to twist the your cards right and you will know how define truth from fiction...i am a pisces by the way and that is not a good match for aquarians as my sign is far too sensitive for the latter..but so far it has been a bumpy ride but i'm still on riding this wonderful wave of my relationship with this interesting character. Good luck Doralicia!!!:cool:
  4. meangreen

    meangreen Senior Member

    Ianalou,They say Pisces is not compatable with Aquarius,but I disagree as I am a Aquarius male and some of my most memorable flings have been with Pisces females,and all were ended on great terms.
  5. scarikari

    scarikari Member


    you are right they do embellish a little on their stories, but it is really harmless.

    why this is, I don't know. You are lucky to have your aquarius, they are great people, next to gemini of course
  6. Bug_Man

    Bug_Man Banned

    I am an Aquarius male and I have to say you hit it right on the head!
  7. BlackGuardXIII

    BlackGuardXIII fera festiva

    I am an Aquarius sun, with Mercury, Mars, Saturn in Aquarius too, and it is my ascendant. I fell in love with a Cancer, which isnt supposed to happen much. But we were meant to be together. She proposed to me, and I had always wanted to have a woman propose.....
    So what else do you want to know? I know a little about anything and everything. lol
  8. ryupower

    ryupower NO capcom included

    I once had an aquarius guy get a crush on me. I myself am an aquarius (aquarius and aquarius!). But I'm more of the shy version, who never talked to anyone, so everybody
    always ignored me. Except 2: An Aquarius and a Gamini guy. I knew because they always,ALWAYS called on me ( which confused everyone).If I would get a quarter for every time they called on me, I'd be rich! The Gemini always asked me stupid questions, and the Aquarius always complemented me,and whenever I drew, he was like ''AWSOME! LOOK WHAT SHE DREW!!!'' (and yes, everybody started teasing them. Did they care?No...) The Gemini never admitted that he liked me (although it lasted the whole year! Man, I actually started getting ANOYED by him, cuz he acted all mocho around me), and the aquarius told me (IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CLASSROOM ON THE WAY OUT!!!!>everybody walking around him!!<, standing there like an idiot,lol), just out of nowhere...''I want you to know...THAT I LOVE YOU!!!" yes, he said that loud, loud enough that everybody could here him.Leaving me, the little shy girl that everybody ignored, speechless. I saved his butt by saying '' yeah, right.". He didn't show much interest afterwards.

    My theory is, that if you want an Aquarius guy, you don't have to be popular, just eccentric or someone that leaves him curious of you, however, I'm not much of an expert on guys. Eventhough I'm an Aquarius too, I can't guarantee my theory. Since all Aquarians ( as everybody knows...) are different and unpredictable.

    But my book says that Aquarius and Virgo don't fit well together (not in a love relationship),but....that's just what my huge book on Astrology says. You may be lucky!
  9. gdhmomchild

    gdhmomchild Duct tape abuser

    Wow~! I just assumed they stepped into it like everyone else...
    *looks at the bottom of her shoes* yup...didn't even see it, just stepped right in it.
    But what do I know since I'm neither male or Aquarian. My moon is, distant cousin?
  10. hi there just spotted this {sorry im a
    female water carrier and my partner
    has the problem that you have with your man } ..
    we try to be more open i know how you must feel
    i see the worry on my partners face who is a leo
    i act totally unnerved by feelings unless someone knows me well.
    maybe your male water carrier is just being elusive until
    he feels secure enough to shine through.
    ps every water carrier ive met including my self do this to there partners
    im very sorry you feel confused and wish as a woman aquarian i could
    explain,being your partner is a man but i know its hard for all signs to
    see past this sad part of the aquarian
    i hope i brightened your view alittle
    love n peace from saff
    ps if he shows you interst then the aqauarian will be there for you what ever for aquarians do have a passion for togetherness really..although we seem distant its just maybe like myself the bigger picture of life gets in our way....
    give him a chance to be himself then point out he can talk to you about life love the universe ..its all in side.....
  11. AreYouExperienced

    AreYouExperienced American Victim

    As an aquarian male, I'd say that everything scarikari said was pretty accurate, except for the part about being popular. For me I could care less if the girl is popular or not. But then again, I'm not your average aquarian (if such a thing exists).
  12. Therefore...

    Therefore... Antidentite

    I'm an Aquarian man, and scarikari is quite accurate. Though, I personally prefer the girl to make the first move. If I do make the first move, it's after the girl has given me plenty of signals that she wants me.
  13. becky12

    becky12 New Member

    I have recently read book from Anna Kovach called Aquarius Man Secrets.
    Have to say it helps me to better understand his behaviour and improve my relation.

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