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Discussion in 'Higher Ed' started by 432Days, Jan 25, 2013.

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    I'm a procrastinator...I know its a bad habit. So i haven't peculiarly studied for it. Either way though I'm taking the bus up to the community collage to take my GED Monday and want to know how hard anyone with experience found it. I didn't get really good grades in high school. It was mainly out of lack of paying attention or not trying. I'm really bad at math just in general. I never got the hang of it. Whats the chances you think that i have of passing?
  2. r0llinstoned

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    well if you havent studied, id say your chances are not very good.. lol


    i found it easy but i studied
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    taking mine on feb six...... i dont know how it is where you live but im bad at math too and my high scores in other subs will bump up my math score..... let ya'll know how it goes. but get it done because they are going to change up the math test next year least i think by then maybe a little later and it will be very hard.
    also ask about getting accommodation ie: a calculator.... they may have to test you to see if you need one.

    wish you and wish me
    good luck!
  5. 432Days

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    I know its been a week since i took it but i just wanted everyone to know i passed with flying colors! Didn't study at all and math even seemed to be one of the easiest. I never passed a single test in high school so i guess there is hope to everyone whose too lazy to study.
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  7. Flower Fox

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    there is now hope in my life! wish me luck taking test tomorrow.

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