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Discussion in 'Cannabis Activism' started by Just_Dave, Jan 16, 2012.

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    I know I'm new here, but I thought I'd share what's been going on in my county. You see, I don't "smoke" but my wife does. She suffers from chronic pain and has her recommendation. We've been growing for years now (indoor and outdoor) on our 1.5 acre lot in the Sierra Nevada foothills (Amador County to be specific).

    Just last month the Board of Supervisors imposed a ban on all outdoor cultivation of medical marijuana. This outraged my wife and I...So much so that it prompted me to take action and publicly "come out". You see, I'm a white collar professional and I have "rubbed shoulders" with many key players in our small rural county and I've been instrumental in building out a wireless network to the foothill community that spans 3 counties now. Even some of the relatives of the Board of Supes are customers of mine.

    Therefore, I cut my hair off completely (It had been down past my shoulders for over 15 years now), donned one of my best suits, went before the Board and spoke out against their decision. My intent was to show them a "different" face of a who contributes to the community, provides a service, is a good neighbor, and is a professional.

    There's more I can write but I have to go for now...Stay tuned, but if anyone wants to hear what I've said, I'm on the audio of the last 2 Board of Supervisors meeting available on the Amador County website. We are now working w/ them to craft an ordinance to allow outside cultivation....more to come....
    Here's where I first spoke (see the 9AM audio clip)...

    I've been speaking regularly since...
  2. Irminsul

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    Hmm, you shouldn't of had to cut your hair. I know looks play a pathetic role in these sorts of things but I can't help thinking that to cut your hair, you've given apart of yourself up for the man.
  3. Rue27

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    I have a different view.

    What is pathetic is when we allow any part of our chosen appearance to become so defining of us, that we don't feel ourselves without it. Since the way of the world is currently that someone who looks more conventional will be taken seriously, over a long-haired hippie, I admire
    you, Just_Dave, for doing what it takes to get your message to these silly powers-that-be.

    The part of your soul/mind/personality that wants to grow your hair long is unchanged by the lack of hair; in fact I would judge it as an even more genuine part of who you are, than in someone who cannot stand to remove the outward expression of it.
  4. Just_Dave

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    Thanks folks. The issue was important enough for me to do what I did. It's "only" hair. What's more important is that people can grow. The issue of my hair is immaterial. Interestingly enough, we've befriended the Director of Calaveras Patient Resources who has been attending these meetings and even made comment that I show up and get such a positive response where he has never...He shows up with long hair wearing a "OG Kush" T-shirt...I know my enemy and I intend upon fighting them on their own ground. I was at the chairman's house not but last week and he's calling me for help to connect him to the internet...I'm going to "win" for "The People" of Amador County and if it cost me my hair...I'd gladly do it again.
  5. Daisychic

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    Good for You and Your wife, I too, suffer with a condition that leaves me in constant chronic pain, so I know what life can be like. I also worked in healthcare before becoming disabled, and dealt with so many patients that could greatly benefit from using Marijuana, especially over the so called "safe medications", that you are pumped full of, usually with negative results and death.
    I live in a State that does not have Medical Marijuana, period. However, I am as active as I can be with a group that is trying to get legislation passed. So far we have managed to get a Decriminalization (as pathetic as it is) passed. In the mean time, we trudge ahead.
    As for me and many others, we use it anyway. Sometimes, you do what you have to. I hope many will band together to fight "the man", whether they use Medical Marijuana or not.
    I always say to others "educate yourselves", before making a judgement, and you never know when it will be you or your loved one.
    God Bless You and Be With You in Your Fight.
  6. DdC

    DdC Member

    No pissant city counsel can over ride a state citizens initiative. You didn't mention the state but I gather its CA and someplace rednecks still linger. You as an individual are covered under the 10th amendment because of Prop 215. As for hair. Mine is the same length as it was in 1971. It stops growing or splits off by itself. Long hair is perfectly natural. If nature wanted men to have short hair then it would be short as any groomed poodle or short haired terrier. Religion and Corporate idiots should have no say in a persons private business. No one has the right to determine what you should be groomed like, grooming is a human act, a classists act at that. If they determine your job or medicinal status because of it. Those are fascists. Haircuts are human inventions the same as the poison chemicals they use to cover the human natural state. Fuck the so called man. They act like little boys.

    Note. Compassionate Use Act not the MMJ Act

    Is The DEA Legalizing THC? or Why we can't grow...
    They grow it, roll it and have patents. Barthwell and Bayer are set to distribute their sublingual spray, no doubt with the same pot.

    Excluding rights and wrongs or legal and illicit for a moment. Buyers clubs or Apothecaries are common sense progressions of removing legal barriers that should never have been in place from the fit go. As a home health care provider I've been getting patients their remedies since 1990 with no hassles from the cops. I've been using since 1969 and have not sold any or given it away or have I been given a criminal record. The Supreme Court has already established, right or wrongly. That Raich v Gonzales makes any exchange part of the commerce clause and therefore Federal jurisdiction. Prop 215 is a deterrent to jailing people for using cannabis. I don't think anyone believed sick people would have really been hassled or jailed. But we were wrong and Wilson and Lungren proceeded to do just that. Prop 215 is the Compassionate Use Act and it is for anyone for any reason. It is not like the remaining states Medical Marijuana Laws. The reasonable amount an individual could posses has been determined to be 99 plants per year. Since half , (the males), will be uprooted to prevent pollination. No one has been arrested or even hassled because this is legal under Prop 215. Which in my opinion is a 10th amendment issue of states rights. Not everything, not selling it or growing large quantities. They are not included under the provisions of Prop 215.

    Therefore Obama wasn't lying when he sent the DEA to bust buyers clubs. I don't believe he's being a nice guy to individuals. I believe he has no authority. In states with initiatives the state law trumps the CSA as long as it is not exchanged. Even passing a joint could be construed as such.This is a double edge sword in that states with draconian laws will also have jurisdiction. States with MMJ laws will only be legal in certain circumstances under doctors recommendations and other rules according to the states initiative. This should go back to the older medicinal cannabis laws before Prop 215. Again, CA and Alaska are the only two states without medicinal restrictions. So if we want the common sense Apothecaries. Quality Assurance at a fair price for patients or everyday users then we have to remove cannabis from the bogus, totally political Controlled Substance Act as a commodity. Then it would fall under state authority to implement the law and locations etc. Obama has his faults but my short term memory isn't bad enough to ever forget Bush Cheney Waldo or even Clinton's Czarbarry before that. The Feds plan I'm afraid is what we thought all along. The IOM report is still stalled in the HHS and until they release it the FDA won't and hasn't tested anything about it. If we can prove cannabis doesn't fit under a schedule#1 classification which is simple enough. The hard part has been getting Congress to even consider it, let alone examine it. 2/3

    Pure fascism or corporatism keeping a viable versatile plant off the free trade market shelf. Un-American as anything I've ever witnessed. I'm a Nadar voter so its not my love of Barry but a thirst for the truth that has me writing this. Bayer and Barthwell and the governments own patents clearly are trying to monopolize Ganja in their Sativex sublingual spray already tested in Canada and heading to Europe. Most scenario's see the governments own pot farm shipping doobies to the 4 remaining IND patients as the source for the Pharmacies. Did anyone really believe the government about to start another cold war, this time with China, would actually let us grow our own stone at home? I mean legally. Legal technicalities aside, the entrepreneurs assisting patients in getting their medication are public servants that do not deserve prison. Capitalism is our way of barter so no one should be shocked that it is being sold. Whether Obama has the jurisdiction or not it is still wrong to raid clubs when so much more is in need of the Justice Department. Dissolve the DEA and put them to work busting Banksters and Stock market slicksters bankrupting our country. Thank You Ganjashops!

    2012 Global Ganja Gathering Million Marijuana March 5.5.12

    Ancient Temple Hashish Incense! Did Jesus Inhale?"]Anonymous #OpCannabis 420 - YouTube
  7. zsjuz

    zsjuz Guest

    Yes it is time for the world to be set free from these laws! The hippi times were good and good for the world!
  8. SpectateSwamp

    SpectateSwamp So pro Pot it's scary

    I am creating hundreds of feminized seeds right now using Colloidal Silver...

    I will plant the seedlings in the wild next spring. Then in the fall when they are ready, I will harvest some and spray the rest with CS.

    What can they do about Wild Weed? Nothing.
  9. Asmodean

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    Some people did that somewhere in Germany last year. The meaning was everybody could find and harvest it. When the wild weed was growing and thus at some point discovered they were all looked up and destroyed. Hey maybe one or two plants survived and grew some buds!

    If you take a big enough area, not too close around crowded areas it might be a fun initiative.

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