Does This Happen To You?

Discussion in 'Psychic' started by archenemy, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. archenemy

    archenemy Member

    Does anyone else here sense things quite alot? Like i kept thinking about an old friend of mine, and how i wanted to get his phone number to talk with him. so i could go and visit him. i moved one state away from him, and i thought i could go visit him now. so i kept thinking about him, and that i have to search for him online. i kept forgetting to when i was online. and i kept thinking his name over and over in my head. so i finally searched him...and i found his obituary. he died at a young age to me, of only 50 yrs old.
  2. Hippie Jeremiah

    Hippie Jeremiah Visitor

    We're all connected together, Humans, animals, the world and Many other worlds. I'm sorry to hear Your friend died, but You trust he see's You now.
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  3. abarambling

    abarambling Banned

    Six degrees of separation with a lot of quantum physics.
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  4. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    i'm really not sure what the question is here. i do sometimes think of old friends. i do sometimes want to look something up but forget to when i'm online. i do sometimes find out that people i haven't seen in a long time have died.
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  5. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    what happens to me a lot, is i'll be thinking of someting and someone else will answer as if i had spoken out loud, even when i haven't.

    i can't hear anyone else's thoughts worth a dam. but i can 'mind send' like anything, especially when i'm half asleep.
    i've carried on conversations with people, without vocalizing and they never realized i wasn't.
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  6. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    I have an uncanny ability to read what others are about to do in front of me. Bike, walking, running, driving.. so many times I've been beside another car heading into a turn where inside lane is the only lane turning and I know this person beside me will cut me off so I throttle off and whenever I think a car will do, not all the time. Maybe 1/1000 times and cars but when I think it will happen sure thing that asshole does cut back into the inside lane where I would have been.
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  7. archenemy

    archenemy Member

    really no question i have. oh i see what u mean, now. yeah i was sorta vague i guess. but i kept on thinking over and over about this old pal...and how i wanted to connect with him again. but unfortunately i found out he died.
  8. archenemy

    archenemy Member

    This happens to me also..themnax. U sound really in tune. its neat when u realize these things are really happening. its like pure magic.
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  9. Melody Ward

    Melody Ward Member

    I also used to feel such things when I was in my college life.
  10. flippedcanvas

    flippedcanvas Member

    Yep I was thinking of my dear friend Jay for quite sometime specially last year after tried unsuccessfully to contact him for about 2 to 3 years.
    Then my friend Roy told me that a friend of his told him that he perished of cancer.
    The guy Jay damn he was only if anything in his early 70s, a man of help and many other qualities.
    Unfortunately the best ones seem to pass away the earliest. :tired:
  11. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    ^^^ Miss Cleo has a job for you ^^^ [​IMG]
  12. flippedcanvas

    flippedcanvas Member

    I tempt to tap into ppl's dilemmas specially when I write a personal song when all in a sudden the subject becomes more widened!
  13. Eric!

    Eric! Member

  14. Eric!

    Eric! Member

    I know this is off topic, but I want to share this:
    I wanted to call a buddy of mine awhile back (we were teenagers), and something rather strange happened. When I picked up the phone and placed the receiver to my ear, he was on the other line already. Neither one of us dialed each other- both of us were thinking about calling each other- no dailing or ringing...weird....

    As for wanting to reach out to your good buddy's, do that shit like there's no tomorrow. It's too easy with all these different means of communication.
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  15. desert-rat

    desert-rat Senior Member

    I think of lots of people I have known over the years . I dont see or call them , ect. Maby my mind works different .
  16. juggawatta

    juggawatta Love

    So what happened next? You found out he died but did you do any more processing or do you think the only purpose was just for you to know? It seems like the message was trying to reach you pretty intensely. Did he die before or after you had been thinking of him so much?

    I'm precognizant pretty much on a daily basis. The night before last I had a vision while laying down to sleep. It was a blonde haired woman wearing a black hat. She crossed my path by walking in front of me. It was followed by another scene. The next morning, yesterday morning, I got up to get ready to head out. I placed in circles for a bit, which is my sign that something is up. Sure enough, I opened the front door and directly in front of the house a woman loudly said good morning to me as she was walking by. She had blonde hair and was wearing a black hat.

    I blurted out "I had a vision of you" but like the demon that she is she just kept walking and didn't engage for conversation, even if for a brief one. But just because I had the vision of her and then encountered her it doesn't stop there. There's more work to be done. In other words, there's a reason she appeared and I need to find the demon portal and close it.

    A few hours later, Jesus came to me (two missionaries) with a word from the Lord and a very clear and direct message about demons. It's all so laborious.

    Your spirit story doesn't seem to be dark but I just wanted to suggest you explore that relationship to get what you need out of it. It definitely serves the purpose of edifying you in the spirit, in at least that much.

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