Could You Effectively Insufflate Thc?

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by Justme516, Aug 18, 2016.

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    So let me clarify, I do not want to try this. It was just a thought experiment and I am wondering if anyone thinks it would work. So let's say you obtained some fairly pure kief using a very fine screen. You bake it in the oven to decarboxylate it. While it is about the same molecular mass of cocaine and most opiates, you couldn't insufflate it now because it is too non-polar to be absorbed through the mucus membrane. Ethanol can be absorbed through the mucous membrane. Thc dissolves in ethanol. If you dissolved Thc in ethanol, it should cross the mucous membrane right?

    Obviously this would be painful, potentially dangerous, and overall unpleasant compared to smoking, eating or drinking. But just for curiousity's sake, could you insufflate Thc in this manner and get high off of it?
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    First of all Yes,it is completely possible and not unpleasant as you think.
    Let me tell you how I know this. While making cannabis e-liquid for vaping online recipes told me to extract THC with Isopropyl alcohol and then evaporate that and add it to glycerin and vape that and well that worked great,it had good taste and a good high, extremely clean high I guess CBD and CBN don't like to dissolve in alcohol as the high was very energetic and I could vape it all day without feeling sleepy even though it was a hybrid, not a pure sativa.
    After that I tried to add some flavour to the liquid by dissolving the THC in bourbon instead of 70% Isopropyl alcohol and well I must say that was pretty amazing. I didn't evaporate the bourbon and just added to in my tank with a little bit of glycerin and it tasted great is was not harsh on the throat at all and tasted just wonderful. I even vaped it without glycerin and that just intensified the flavour further.
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    you may be able to with THC crystal, but not so sure about what you (OP) proposes which is essentially snorting diluted hash-oil.

    insuffulate means to snort it up your nose, not vaping it.
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    Sorry for my error,I got misguided by the search results for "insuffulate meaning"
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    they have nasal spray already

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