Barrelling down the path to passé?

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    Barrelling down the path to passé? dwr
    I remember back in the 80′s when going to the East Village (St. Mark’s Place) was this incredible experience — the people, the shops, so… radical and edgy. And then… in 1988, the Gap moved in at the corner of St. Mark’s and 2nd Ave. People were outraged — it was ruining that underground cultural experience.

    There has to be a similar kind of feeling going through some in the cannabis community regarding this: The Culinary Potential of Marijuana

    Yes, the New Yorker is publishing recipes calling for “one bunch of fresh cannabis leaves.”

    Kind of hard to believe that it wasn’t so long ago that no major media outlet was allowed to say anything positive about cannabis."]MEDICAL MARIJUANA RESTAURANT - YouTube

    At Ore. medical pot restaurant it's bring your own
    By JEFF BARNARD Associated Press
    Posted: 05/09/2012 02:17:58 PM PDT
    GRANTS PASS, Ore.—The dream of a place where medical marijuana cardholders could eat a bowl of Mongolian barbecue laced with pot and smoke a bowl of hashish while waiting for their food has crumbled under the weight of a rare city ordinance.

    Baked Food™ @BakedFood
    Pics of the best foods to satisfy your baked munchies.

    After prop 215 SC got into it...

    Maria & Andrea Tischler *The Compassion Flower Inn*

    The Marijuana-Themed Chain Restaurant on a Smoking-Hot Roll
    It’s been said that stoners have little ambition beyond getting high. If that’s true, then the owners of Cheba Hut, an Arizona-based sandwich chain named after the somewhat obscure ’80s rap song “Cheeba Cheeba,” aren’t exactly Jeff Spicolis.

    Weed Recipe Makes It in The New Yorker; Weed Finally Makes It
    Washington’s First Marijuana Restaurant Makes a Brief Appearance in Seattle
    Before Have a Heart had even figured out the dosages for the menu items, the company discovered under federal law restaurants are not allowed to add marijuana to edible fare. It’s considered a toxin. You can, say, make beer from hemp because there is no actual THC present in the final product.

    This is pretty good...

    The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook


    We are sooooo far ahead of the status weird... You just want to take the prohibitionists and shake them and say get over it. Your fired! The modern Pioneers do us proud. Facing not only the adversity of anyone trying to start a business, especially a restaurant. But to do it quasi legally never knowing when some politician will go off and send in the storm-troopers. The ingenuity of these no less than hero's is beyond any new I phone or pharmaceutical advertised with dozens of side effects and you can't eat them. Checking CBD's for a patient with decades of seizures I found several dispensaries and one even delivers. It's all over except the profiteers clinging to the edge of the cliff holding on for dear life. No matter the cost to innocents in the line of fire they care only for their greed and ego's. Time to step on some fingers and let them fall into the abyss from wince they came! Take NO prisoners! With all of the worthless Congress and Yesman president and Fascist Supreme Court followed by a Dick Armey of ditto's willing to kill the country over profits. The stoner entrepreneurs are the only group making the USA #1 again. Makes me want to go shake a hemp flag and listen to Hendrix' version of the star spangled banner.
    ~ DdC

    58% of Americans favor legalizing marijuana

    The benefits of making pot legal.

    Older/Senior Americans Overwhelmingly Support Legalizing Pot
    ☮Teaching Seniors the Benefits of Ganja
    ☮Seniors Using Ganja For A Good Night's Sleep
    ☮Kansas Silver-Haired Legislature endorses medical marijuana

    Go out and have a nice Ganja dinner, and lose weight...

    Wasting Obesity on Ganja
    ☮NJ Guv Christ Christie, 48, Hospitalized for Asthma/Obesity
    ☮The future of weight loss: A 'marijuana' diet pill?


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