Advice for people Living on the Road

Discussion in 'Camping/Outdoor Living' started by NaykidApe, Aug 3, 2005.

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    this thread make me wanna live on the road and travel.
    quite pleasure lifestyle except it's elitistness.
    and no ambition. living on the road make somebody so nature.
  2. Yes, as many have stated, this thread is excellent.

    I am trying to figure out how to do this trip: I live in Pennsylvania. Will be taking a Greyhound bus to Miami. I will then walk to New York City, going along the shoreline. I plan on shooting photos along the way of beach scenes and the like. I have a bit of money for misc. expenses. Obviously, the 2 biggest expenses I will have are lodging and food. I plan on walking 12-20 miles a day, so it's about a 60 day trip.

    Any suggestions for how to make a little bread along the trip? Here are my skills: I paint, can play the guitar. Are boardwalks good places to try and do either? Don't know if it's feasible to try and paint simple landscapes and srett/beach scenes and try to sell them. Could I stand and play my guitar and sing folk songs?

    Any thoughts would be great!

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    All the hipforum links in the original post just direct to the hipforums main page. =(
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    im going on the road soon and this helped alot, i also work at a street travelers sanctuary. Its a place for kids under the age of 21 to comein and relax, use the phone, do laundry,etc...

    its a great program and i love being a part of it.we really do help a lot of street people. im an artist with my work in the window...i love it :D
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    what an amazing thread,
    ive been wanting to get out on the road for a while now, ill hopefully do it this summer!
    im planning on throwing a shell on the back of my truck, then throwing a futon back there and stockin up on ramen noodles and pointing my truck in what ever direction i feel like and just driving....ah sigh...i wish i could do it now.
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    I think you want to carry sufficient I.D. that you can maintain a bank account, and that bank you use will issue you a client (debit) card. What's going to happen when you get a temp job? The guy's going to write you a check, and you'll have to cash it, and that means having a bank account. Only exception is if the employer will pay cash, which is pretty rare. Having that bank client card and some money in the bank will also allow use of ATM machines (for a fee) just about anywhere.

    When you set up the bank account, they'll want a fixed address and documents verifying that address. How you deal with that depends on your personal circumstances. The more you drop out of the system with regard to personal documents, bank cards, health insurance and the like, the rougher the system is going to treat you. Good luck.


    "If you see me passing by and you sit and you wonder why,
    And you wish that you could be a rambler too,
    Nail your shoes to the kitchen floor,
    Lace them up and bar the door,
    Thank your stars for the roof that's over you.
    Can't help but wonder where I'm bound."
    -- Tom Paxton
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    Absoulutely greta Thanks
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    There are things called maildrop services in most countries, they will re-mail (post mail to your current location), give you a Post box address and most will give a street address for you to use. (eg: if you live on the road but need to give a street address to prospective employers or some place asks for you address). You can collect your own mail, directly from the service. There are fees, but it's not like a post office box where you won't have the option of a street address as well.

    I think this link might be useful
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    lol, oh dear, i thought the title of this thread when i glanced at it said "advice for people lying on the road"

    im sure glad its not;)
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    walmart cashes checks, the bank that issued the check cashes it regardless if you have a bank account with them or not. Cash advance places chash check as well. . . no need for a bank account. no need for a address. no need for anything except your own two feet.
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    ramble on ...rambleon!!!!!!
    I agree!
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    They'll cash printed checks, but if you get paid with a hand-written check (and a lot of small businesses use these), Walmart won't cash it. SOMETIMES They'll put it on a Walmart Money Card or prepaid credit card, but those need addresses. You can get a PO Box that doesn't look like a PO box address at most Fed Ex stores, though.
  13. :peace: So i'm 17 years old, i'll be 18 in March. I am going to the rainbow gathering this summer by myself and I want to meet people to travel with. I have a job and i'm saving money so I can do this. I want to dye shirts and play guitar for cash. But I want to know if it's safe for someone my age to do this, i'm not very street smart, I look 16 years old, and I probably won't have a car and if I do it will be cheap and most likely unreliable. Anyone who could give advice on where to stay and how to be safe send me i private message please. Thanks :peace:
  14. Borrow a bucket filled with soapy water and a couple of squeegees from a gas station and go hang out at a nearby intersection.
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    Great thread!!!! Wonderful tips :D
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    to my knowledge, hand written checks can be cashed at payday loan and cash advance institutions, such as Amscot. you have to look around and be patient, but it can be done.

    if youre doing an odd job on the road it would be so much easier if you told the person paying you to either pay cash or in a money order. not always possible but a good idea to ask before you start on the job.
  17. This is an awesome thread! Haha wish I would've seen it before I left for the road a while ago. Luckily I met wonderful street kids and family who helped me out, nothings like living on the road and hitchhiking :)
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    Shit I did the exact thing you're planning to do when I was 17. It takes a minute to learn the ups and downs of traveling but it's a fun lifestyle I guess. Me and my boyfriend are hitting the road next months toward Asheville NC. And yes, all our income comes from playing music (he plays mandolin, I play guitar) spanging or flying a sign. We ask people for leftovers or score white boxes from the trash a lot. Sometimes it sucks ass and sometimes it's fucking awesome. Cops fuck with you a lot. Sometimes it's hard to find a good camp spot. Sometimes you get stuck in bumfuck towns or have significant trouble getting rides out. But it's awesome when you meet other travelers and have people to relate to and hang out with especially other musicians. You'll meet some of the coolest cats ever traveling =] Me and my boyfriend are drunks so we usually never get anything done cause once we have 20 bucks were drinking behind the safeway all day or some shit but then later we go out and jam on the streets and just have a good time. As far as advice goes I'd just try to find a road dog who knows the ropes. We don't do gatherings anymore but you probably shouldnt have any trouble meeting someone. If you have any questions about anything even hopping trains feel free to ask =]
    Good luck
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    I don't consider myself an unfortunate, quite the opposite.
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    Loving this thread- will be back to wade thru it!

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