ADHD is a lie

Discussion in 'Home Schooling' started by nick6999, Jan 2, 2010.

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    ADHD doesn't exist - it is a fabricated 'disorder' created by psychiatrists as an excuse to 'prescribe' drugs (at a profit to drugs companies with a cut for them) and in so doing, render less able, otherwise healthy and able children. Sure, your child may be misbehaving, but he/she sure doesn't have ADHD and CERTAINLY DOES NOT 'require' medication - see the following links:

    If you love your children, don't give them anything a psychiatrist prescribes - ever.

    (This was an answer to another post but is so important I decided to create a new thread - just go to the above links and read and watch.)
  2. Valdis

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    You may or may not be well meaning but you can't decide for others if they or thier kids should use a drug or not. That's for them to decide. You also are not qualified to say, despite various Youtube videos (could any source be more credible? LMAO!) if it's "real" or not.
  3. nick6999

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    Well. when you have finished LMAO, perhaps you would like to put your brain into gear because clearly it isn't at the moment. You obviously have nothing credible to say because you are laughing and poking fun - a clear admission that you haven't a clue on the subject. As for demanding the right for parents to decide to drug their children or not - are children property for parents to do with as they please?
  4. greengirl90

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    adhd and add is the most wonderful disorder ever... thankyou doctor and government for giving me amphetamines :) i couldnt thank you enough.
  5. darkforest

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    If your kid can stare blankly at the tv for hours while playing Nintendo they don't have ADHD.
  6. Wiseman

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    Speaking as someone that used to be pretty strongly affected by ADHD, I can assure you that it's not a 'lie'. I won't say that it's a disease or anything, but it's definitely an ever-present hindrance when you're trying to do a lot of things that demand focus.

    It didn't really set in for me at all until later in my teenage years, but at the worst of it, I couldn't read a sentence in a book and retain the things what I read. Made for a pretty fair amount of frustration. Couldn't do math at all either.

    And I never got any medication for it either. It's sorta faded away. I still can't read nearly as well as I could when I was younger, but I don't have any doubt in my mind that ADD/ADHD is indeed a real problem.
  7. sw0o0sh

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    Yeah ADHD seems kinda, . . . bs. You get forced to sit in a chair 8 hours a day for the first 12 good years of your life and you have an issue if you're eyes aren't deadlock on the teacher and their plethora of useless information that you end up forgetting.

    Not to mention the "hyper focus" thing too. So basically, an ADHD kid is inattentive and hyper yet has the ability to stay strongly focused on a subject/game they like for hours on end? Awfully contradicting, I don't know how they get away with this shit.. or wait, I do, it's the money they're producing from pharmaceutical stimulants (aka mini-mething little kids).
  8. SkinnyHorse

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    dude seriously ADHD is pure bullshit. i was diagnosed with it when i was young because my grades were not that great and i was a little hyper. now looking back on it, it seems like the only reason why my grades were so bad was because my parents never disciplined my ass when i wasnt being responsible and being hyper.

    seriously, the only reason why i can remember even taking the meds was because it made me feel good and mellow. yeah that was me... 9 year old boy who already knows what its like to get a fix. but i didnt think of it that way at the time. now im 18 and im still having my issues with drugs.

    seriously, if any parents are reading this, i beg you to be responsible parents and just discipline your kids when they're acting up. it will make their life 20 times easier in the long run.

    there's always going to be those kids who are just a little more hyper than others. but a pill to fix? thats just unnatural and wrong.
  9. desperad0

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    My parents beat the fucking shit out of me and it didn't help at all.
  10. ChronicTom

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    dude... just because you were misdiagnosed with a disorder, doesn't mean the disorder doesn't exist...

    A couple of things to point out here....

    If you have an issue with drugs, fix them... be a fucking adult and do something about it, don't whine about it like a little child....

    Should kids be pumped full of drugs to make adults lives better? Of course not... Do all (or even a majority) who are diagnosed have what they are diagnosed with? No.... Should parents act more like parents and teach their kids instead of letting them run wild?? Of course they should...

    but to jump from there to ADHD doesn't exist at all, is the most useless example of deductive reasoning ever displayed...
  11. sw0o0sh

    sw0o0sh Banned

    I suppose in essence it's just a psychology-related label that characterizes a certain set of traits in an individual -- apparently the inability to focus, combined with hyper-ness. It seems odd, but yeah, I'm sure some where there is somebody who has the symptoms to the point where it could be very impairing. I was diagnosed with ADHD myself, and I don't really believe I really express the symptoms to the point of impairment.
  12. natural philosophy

    natural philosophy bitchass sexual chocolate

    from what i know of the human mind (which isn't much), there are a lot of 'disorders' borne from our psychological need to live a less 'modern' lifestyle. things like prepackaged foods, television, organized religion, modern education, etc. have rendered us unable to cope, and so we create 'disorders' and fixations and irrational behavior for ourselves.

    i think that the 'ADHD' symptoms are from the way we as a society handle our children, the way we send them off in hordes to the halls of education where they learn to conform or be punished, memorize formulas and rules that have little to no relation to how the real world operates, are brainwashed, taught to be patriotic, etc.

    im talking out of my ass of course, i have nothing to back this up, just my personal thoughts and experience. that said, i was also misdiagnosed ADHD because i was acting up in school. after my parents refused to drug me up multiple times, they put me in the advanced classes and i was fine after that. some kids need a challenge, or more physical activity. that was the case for my friend. his parents put him in boy scouts and sports when he was diagnosed, and his 'symptoms' nearly went away
  13. ChronicTom

    ChronicTom Banned

    Well, doctors (especially psychiatric ones) definitely do not know as much as they want us to think they do. The majority of their work is all trial and error, of the worst kind as far as I'm concerned.

    You also have to keep in mind, there wasn't a magical list of disorders that someone just had to find... The 'list' was made up by making observations of people who had issues and clumping those issues together into groups or disorders or diseases, in order to find a common way to talk about them and see if they could find solutions.

    In many cases, they have all been lured to look at things from the perspective of the companies that back them and they are doing things they shouldn't in order to wash the others back.

    In some cases, they are like the rest of the human race... lazy, incompetent and poorly educated, yet full of arrogance. The do indeed make mistakes and misdiagnose people which does lead to serious consequences, like people dying.

    But that doesn't change the fact that the group of behaviors that they have classed as being ADHD exists and does indeed cause serious issues for some people.

    To say otherwise would be like someone who was misdiagnosed with cancer running around saying... "Cancer doesn't exist... I know cause they told me I had it and I don't, so there :p"
  14. thedope

    thedope glad attention Lifetime Supporter

    Those things do not require fixed attention.
  15. natural philosophy

    natural philosophy bitchass sexual chocolate

    everything you said is true and this is why after three years of studying psychology i had to change majors. it's the 'diagnosis' part that gets me
  16. SkinnyHorse

    SkinnyHorse Member

    let's both be adults...

    maybe you should have asked if i've done anything to deal with these issues before assuming bad things and being rude to me.

    believe me, life for me hasnt been very pretty in the last 5 years but i have managed to find stability.
  17. ChronicTom

    ChronicTom Banned

    What assumption is it that you think I have made?

    I read where you said you are having issues with drugs, and where you blamed those issues on the fact that you were given drugs as a kid.

    Yeah, it sucks that happened to you... lots of people have lots of things that happen in their childhood that suck... that is what becoming an adult is all about though... getting to the point where you look around you and say, okay, now... "what happens in my life, is up to me, and me alone"

    Now, if you feel it is rude of me to point this out in such a manner, I'm thinking you will just have to find a way to dig deep inside and deal with it.

    Btw... the whole tone of this thread was set when you announced to everyone who does legitimately have a problem like ADHD, that regardless of their own personal experiences and lives, that you know it is all fake and imaginary.
  18. Meliai

    Meliai Senior Member

    A few decades ago people with mental illnesses were simply called "crazy" or "mad." Now they are all pigeonholed....anxiety disorder, OCD, bipolar, rage disorder... The list goes on and on. I'm not saying these disorders don't exist, and i'm not saying they don't wreak havoc on the lives of people who suffer from them. But the fact is society feels like they must label every little quirk. Any deviation from normal now is not allowed; it must be fixed immediately with medication. If my grandmother were born in this generation, she would have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder and given xanax. Instead, because she was born in 1917 or something like that, she merely put her hand over her heart and said in her sweet little southern accent, "oh my nerves, my nerves." Then she would go read the Bible and deal with it.

    Some disorders are really severe. Certain drugs have worked miracles for people suffering from bipolar disorder. (might I add that these same drugs made my friend even crazier, and she went off them and learned how to deal with it in a mind over mind fashion.) But some of our most creative minds have been bipolar. Egdar Allen Poe, Sylvia Plath, Mark Twain, Beethoveen, just for example. If these people had been given lithium, maybe it would have given them a certain peace of mind, numbed their intense emotinos, and maybe life would have been easier for them. but can an artist produce true art without feeling anything intensely? Some of greatest minds ever produced by this earth were probably labeled bat shit crazy in their time. Now they would be labeled something more politically correct and given medication for it, and the world would be robbed of great poets, writers, composers, etc.

    My question is: what is wrong with being "crazy" or having a "disorder?" Look at the word itself: disorder- without order. What is wrong with not being ordered, with not falling into some imaginary line that was drawn by society? In the case of having ADHD, what is wrong with being hyper? With having imagination, with not being able to focus on something that bores you? I have a young cousin and shes a brilliant child: precocious, hyper, a little sassy. She was put on adderall and completely lost her personality. Shes so calm now, which might make her mom's life easier but I think it robs the world of a great spirit. I think the fact that we need to dope our kids up to make them pay attention in school says more about our school system than the kids' state of mind.

    I'm not judging anyone that puts their children on medication for adhd-adderal, ritalin, whatever. Parents always do what they think is best for their children. But I will say this: I work in the pharmaceutical industry. I see first-hand how corrupt it is. I see how doctors invent a new "disorder" every single day, how they get giant bonuses for diagnosing these disorders because it allows them to prescribe new medications that puts billions of dollars into the pockets of pharmaceutical giants each year.

    Children are on adderal because there is money to be made from it. Sure, they can't pay attention in school, sure they get distracted easily, but couldnt exercise, a proper diet, and discipline (in the form of making your child spend a certain amount of time each day trying to focus on schoolwork, not in beating the shit out of your kid) remedy this problem just as well, if not better than, putting your kid on amphetamines? Exercise and proper nutrition balance brain chemistry better than anything man-made, and I say this as someone who suffered from depression. I considered going to get treatment, but decided to try something natural, and it worked for me. A three mile daily run and all your daily vitamin needs really does work wonders.

    The thing is, I'm 25 years old, I like to partake in the occassional recreational drug. I take adderal to get all geeked up. I take it because it makes me feel fantastic, it gives me a great body high, it lowers my conversational inhibitions much like alcohol so that I can chat with complete strangers in uncomfortable situations and be perfectly happy. Its a social drug for me. I like to take it and speed all night and write poetry or music. I drink alcohol, smoke pot for much the same reason. Would I ever dream of giving an 8 year old kid a couple of shots of liquor and a joint every day? And when I get all sped up on adderall, its not like i'm taking a dose any higher than what the average 8 year old kid takes. One 15 mg every four hours. If I were 8, that would be one in the morning and one after lunch, which I believe is the usual dosage for an elementary school kid.

    I'm not saying its better for me to take speed illegally than it is for a kid to take it with a prescription. I shouldn't be doing it. I probably shouldn't drink so much or smoke so much pot either, but i'm an adult and i'm fully aware what these drugs do to my body. Adderall speeds me up. Adderal is speed. Parents feed their 8 year old kids speed, and I dont think they ever think of what it does to their child's body or their mind. If the same dosage an 8 year old takes gets a 115 lb fully grown adult all sped up and feeling groovy, what do you think it does to someone half my weight? just a thought.

    I didn't mean to go off on a rant about this, but like I said at my job I see first hand how the pharmaceutical industry works. I think a lot of people would be really shocked to see how many drugs are overprescribed each year. I work with patients that are on 30 different medications. I work with children that take adderall 3-4 times a day. I am sure ADHD is a true disorder. Its a label yes, and a label designed to make parents spend money on treatment, but the symptoms exist nevertheless. However, I think parents should think really hard about natural treatments before putting their kids on speed, because thats exactly what amphetamine salts (generic for adderall) are: legal speed.
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    Excellently said
  20. NotDeadYet

    NotDeadYet Not even close.

    There's probably nothing wrong with it, as long as you don't need to have a job.

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