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  1. Is a tough guy who cares deeply about something that is hard to understand.
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    Thats why I started teaching.... but the system is fuct. I cant bear to try and convince kids that eliminating 2 answers and guessing between the other 2 is a useful skill.
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    there's always the third option
  4. GrisGris

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    Those that can.........teach
    Always loved that saying
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    open hearted
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    i keep good teacher in school.
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    I am not teacher
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    I worry about how our culture is beginning to view teachers. Babysitters, servants, people who hand out and pick up forms. These are in fact the people who build the basis of our civilization. A great nation is built on intelligent, well informed, creative and innovative people, if you throw that away to save a little money all the wealth and infrastructure and existing technology in the world will not keep you great. My wife is a teacher and they treat her like the lowest class of public servant, she is a great teacher but they don't want her to teach, just accept ever lowering benefits and stagnant pay, and keep the kids from killing each other for a few hours. What is her motivation to keep doing it? She's a mathematician and could be earning 3 times as much and not getting disrespected by other peoples bratty children and told to do the bare minimum of teaching, her actual skill, by her supervisors.
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    i don't like teaching ...
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    I used to be a teacher....
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    A great teacher who understands the diary of the children mind. Children always understand the language of love and the teacher who understand it she will be admire for children.
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    A great teacher holds wisdom above knowledge, in my eyes.
  14. Every positive act brings a vibration that quite naturally draws us towards the good and beautiful. It's there for each one of us to hold and see shinning out into the world.
  15. I'm doing some student teaching right now. This post was really inspirational, but it also gives me another reason to consider living on a commune! I'm a music teacher and it is really hard for some students to get into some of my areas programs because of the work load in other classes. There is such a push for standardized testing in most schools. If music has taught me anything about students its that they respond to hands on learning where the teacher is engaged in what is going on in the class room. Standardized tests breed machine-like teachers who teach to the test.

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