58% of Americans favor legalizing marijuana

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    58 dwr
    May seem like a simple number, but it’s very big.

    New Gallup Poll

    58% of Americans favor legalizing marijuana

    39% oppose

    That’s a 19% differential.

    Tipping point passed.

    Wow! latest Gallup poll: US support for cannabis legalisation now 58% in favour 39% against. 10% surge in a year!

    Shame on the 39%
    Drug Worrier Profiteers

    NEW POLL: 65% of California voters support legalizatn/regulation//taxation of marijuana, w/ 46% strongly supportive.


    A poll released today by the Gallup organization finds 58% of Americans favor legalizing marijuana. It’s the first time a clear majority has favored legalization since Gallup started asking the question in 1969.

    The finding is remarkable because, these days, it’s hard to find much of anything that 58% of Americans like.

    I went back and looked through some other Gallup polls this year to find questions where more than 58% of the public took the affirmative position. Legal marijuana isn’t as popular as universal gun background checks (83%) or legal sodomy (64%). But it’s more popular than almost everything else.

    More Americans want to legalize marijuana than think President Obama is doing a good job (44%), want to keep or expand Obamacare (38%), favored attacking Syria (36%), support a 20-cent gas tax increase to pay for infrastructure (29%), or like the Republican Party (28%).

    And legal marijuana has more than five times as many supporters as Congress does (11%).

    Medical Marijuana is Here To Stay
    CN By Robin Abcarian October 23, 2013 LATimes
    It's like buttah...

    The idea for MagicalButter® was born over a few beers while watching football with friends. One of my friends has Crohn’s disease, and he told me traditional medicines had not been working for him. He had read online that herbs might help certain patients with Crohn’s disease. He tried to inhale and even vaporizing herbs, but felt that smoking was unhealthy. He tried to cook his herbs but failed. My brain pondered how I could help him. My first attempt involved redesigning a double boiler specifically for butters and oils. It was a cool new design, but far too much work to be a viable solution. I then modified a Crock Pot to have a stirring spoon rotating from the lid. It was a good solution, but still too cumbersome. One cold Florida night, while staring aimlessly into the fire, I designed the MagicalButter machine. My design was a device to automate the cooking process, and voilà, MagicalButter was born. continued

    Call Us now ! 800-420-4334

    Marijuana Vending Machines, Stoner Fantasy,
    May Become Industry Norm


    Marijuana Nasal Spray is Here
    Cannabis Biotech, a subsidiary of Puget Technologies, recently announced that the company has produced a transmucosal method for delivering cannabis into the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity. Marijuana users, specifically those prescribed the herb for medicinal purpose...

    Feds To Supply Pot Medicine to Kids with Epilepsy
    The FDA has approved an Investigational New Drug Program involving cannabis-derived CBD (cannabidiol) regarding its role in preventing seizures in pediatric epilepsy patients.

    $1 Per Gram For Pot In Uruguay
    In an attempt to combat the country’s drug-trafficking problem, officials in Uruguay say they will begin selling legalized marijuana to its citizens for $1 per gram in 2014. That is considerable lower than the $2.50 estimation the country’s drug czar reported ...

    Medical Pot Produces Delicious Side Ventures
    As medical marijuana becomes more prevalent across the United States, we are starting to see a number of side businesses pop up that cater to the many different facets of the cannabis trade: specialized weed tasting facilities, security guards that exclusively protect weed dispensaries and perhaps the most popular, culinary experts who prepare marijuana edibles for individuals and medical facilities.

    Pot Gaming Site Dream Come True for Stoners
    With online games that require a proper smoking device to participate just as much as they do a working computer, it should come as no surprise that the creator of a new ganja gaming website wants to encourage players to get stoned to bone while they waste a little time. ...

    Interview Red Sox's Bill 'Spaceman' Lee
    Danny Danko interviews left-handed pitcher Bill Lee, known as "The Spaceman" for his countercultural leanings, outspoken beliefs and quirky pitching style. Upon turning 60, he muses about playing for the Red Sox and Expos, as well as smoking pot with George W. Bush...

    AZ Judge Rules Against Anti-Dispensary Ordinance

    Caution: We Have Come a Long Way Baby.
    But not quite this far....

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