2013 International Drug Policy Reform Conference

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    More than 1,000 Meet in Denver to Develop Drug War Exit Strategy
    CC: By Tony Newman, AlterNet - Wednesday, October 23 2013

    International Drug Policy Reform Conference celebrates this year's unprecedented momentum of the drug policy reform movement.


    Which state will be next to legalize marijuana? What do the Obama administration’s recent announcements about marijuana legalization and mandatory minimums really mean? What are some solutions to the national overdose crisis that takes more lives than car accidents or gun violence? Why do blacks go to jail for drugs at 13 times the rate of whites even though they use and sell drugs at similar rates? What role can faith leaders play in organizing and mobilizing their congregations to end the drug war?

    More than 1,000 people will gather to ponder these questions and many more at the International Drug Policy Reform Conference in Denver, October 23-26 at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel. Support for drug policy changes has never been more apparent. A Gallup poll released Tuesday shows a record-breaking 58 percent of American voters think marijuana should be legalized—up from the previous record high of 50 percent support in October 2011.

    In the past decade, voters and legislators have enacted hundreds of drug policy reforms on issues ranging from medical marijuana to treatment-instead-of- incarceration for nonviolent drug law violations. Building on the momentum from these victories, more than 1,000 drug policy experts, health care and drug treatment professionals, elected officials, law enforcement, students, and formerly incarcerated people from around the country and across the world will gather to promote alternatives to the failed war on drugs.

    Denver provides a compelling backdrop for the conference – and not just because Colorado made history last year by becoming the first state to legalize marijuana. Colorado is home to a strong base of savvy drug policy reformers advocating for harm reduction policies and sentencing reforms. It is increasingly viewed as a bellwether state in terms of policy and politics, and its national resonance will only increase in years to come. DPA has been deeply involved in the state for more than a decade. In its first foray, DPA spearheaded and managed the campaign that passed the state’s medical marijuana initiative in 2000. After playing a supportive role to our in-state allies for more than a decade, DPA opened an office in Denver in early 2011 to help pass Amendment 64 and advance other policy changes.

    - Read the entire article at AlterNet.

    International Drug Policy Reform Conference - Denver, CO
    Our friends at the Drug Policy Alliance are hosting the International Drug Policy Reform Conference on Oct. 23-26 in Denver, CO! Registration is now open! This is the largest gathering for like-minded people who think the war on drugs is doing more harm than good. CO NORML will be there! Will you join us?

    Wishing I Was At The 2013 International Drug Policy Reform Conference In Denver
    If you are attending the 2013 International Drug Policy Reform Conference in Denver, Colorado today thru Sunday, I’m very jealous of you! Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the event, but I really wish I was able to make it. Hopefully my financial situation will turn around when they have it again two years from now, or maybe I make a friend that will let me crash on their couch at least (I can re-pay in Oregon nugs?). I have been following the event on Twitter (#reformconf), and it seems like almost everyone in the drug policy reform movement is there.

    2013 International Drug Policy Reform Conference
    The International Drug Policy Reform Conference is a biennial event that brings together people from around the world who believe that the war on drugs is doing more harm than good. It brings together over 1,000 attendees representing 30 different countries.

    Reform Conference



    Here’s my opening speech at DPA’s international #reformconf, in Denver.
    Building a movement for freedom & justice.


    Reform Conference ‏@ReformConf
    Such a powerful group of #parents telling their stories why they're fighting to end the war on drugs. #ReformConf http://ow.ly/i/3x4GH

    Niamh Eastwood ‏@niamhrelease
    Uruguay recognised need for strict legal reg of cannabis - experts @DrugPolicyNews @TransformDrugs @MartinJelsmaTNI advised govt #reformconf

    Ann Fordham ‏@AnnFordham
    #ReformConf Tripti Tandon takes the stage at closing plenary: need to apply human rights to production, trade, supply of drugs. Work to do!

    DPA NY Policy Office ‏@DPA_NY
    Amazing to look around and see the Latin American delegation who has traveled here to share and learn #reformconf

    Sanho Tree ‏@SanhoTree
    Reform Conference 2013 - YouTube http://ow.ly/265prK .
    Great, instant mini-documentary about the conference by
    @HCLUDrugReform #reformconf

    az4norml ‏@az4norml
    #reformconf closing plenary: If it wasn't for prohibition, someone selling drugs would be a successful & respected businessman. #truth



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