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Site Announcements

This forum is for Site Announcements from the Admins and Moderators of the Hip Forums.

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Introduce Yourself!

New members please tell us a bit about yourselves.

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Latest News

Find out what's happening around the world!

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Discuss people who are controversial or in the news.

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Discuss local and world politics and how it affects us. This political forum is for members only!

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Science and Technology

Discuss the latest trends, discoveries and issues related to Science and Technology.

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The Media

Discuss news about mainstream media and its impact upon society.

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Front Page Stories

Discuss Front Page Stories here

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Hip Business Directory

Browse these alternative businesses for clothes, gifts and other alternative products.

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Make friends in your area. Select from a list of states.

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A place for hippies young & old to meet & relate.

  • 8,615 topics
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Discuss gay issues and meet others in this gay community. Rainbow Power!

  • 6,385 topics
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Make friends with hip folk from the U.K.!

  • 9,045 topics
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Rainbow Family

For members and those interested in the Rainbow Family

  • 2,922 topics
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A place for musicians to gather and talk about style, technique, lyrics, and anything related to writing and playing music!

  • 140 topics
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Church of the Good Earth

For people associated with the Good Earth Commune in San Francisco from 1963 to the present!

  • 12 topics
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Community of One Love is dedicated to spreading the message of One Love around the world.

  • 138 topics
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Free School

Welcome to the FIRST Internet Free School!

  • 298 topics
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Other Languages

  • 3,111 topics
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Hip Business Network

Discuss alternative business issues and strategies and network with other entrepreneurs.

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Discuss fine art, artistic techniques and popular artists.

  • 4,013 topics
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Body Modification

Discuss piercings, tattoos and other modifications to the body

  • 2,186 topics
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Hip Comics

Hip Comics and cartoons, some created by our members!

  • 39 topics
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Discuss new books and the classics or whatever turns you on.

  • 3,121 topics
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Computers and The Internet

Discuss issues relating to Computer Technology and The Internet.

  • 3,046 topics
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Events and Festivals

Post and discuss upcoming events, gatherings, festivals, seminars, etc. Please put the title of the event as the subject of the post!

  • 3,104 topics
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Fashion and Crafts

Discuss hip fashions or make your own style here!

  • 13,118 topics
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Hip Awards

Now you can decide who and what is HIP! The annual HIP awards will be voted on by our members, staff and YOU!

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The Hip Polls

We'd like to know your opinion. Stand up and be counted!

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Love and Sex

Discuss Love and Sex in their many manifestations

  • 27,256 topics
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Discuss your favorite movies and those movies you'd rather forget.

  • 5,415 topics
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Music is the rhythm of life! Please post in the appropriate subforum.

  • 19,015 topics
  • 201,228 replies

Performing Arts

Discuss musician and artist concerns

  • 1,396 topics
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Is TV just a propaganda tool or chewing gum for the mind? Discuss TV programming and it's effect upon society.

  • 2,490 topics
  • 24,297 replies

Video Links

Post links to videos on the web

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Writers Forum

A place for writers to discuss their craft and share ideas.

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Forum Games

Please put all game type threads here. Have fun!

  • 934 topics
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Discuss all types of games including video, role playing, electronic or board

  • 816 topics
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Learn more about the amazing cannabis plant. Legalize it!

  • 43,174 topics
  • 845,122 replies


Open the door to your mind...

  • 36,799 topics
  • 460,744 replies

Philosophy and Religion

The eternal questions await your answer...

  • 9,760 topics
  • 212,596 replies

Random Thoughts

Whats going on in your mind?

  • 80,120 topics
  • 1,784,204 replies


Discuss how astrology affects our lives.

  • 1,533 topics
  • 16,895 replies


Discuss conspiracies, the unexplained, alternative news and historical controversies.

  • 1,324 topics
  • 27,159 replies


What does that dream mean? Share your dreams and interpretations!

  • 3,708 topics
  • 13,702 replies


Discuss the effects of Memes on society. Create your own meme and test it out on the Hip Forums!

  • 89 topics
  • 896 replies

Higher Ed

For those seeking advice or information on colleges, alternative schools, vocational training, etc.

  • 1,037 topics
  • 7,138 replies


Discuss all things past

  • 402 topics
  • 7,437 replies


Post jokes, funny stories, humorous experiences, whatever stokes your funny bone

  • 1,302 topics
  • 9,283 replies

Mind Games

Do you messing with people's minds? Then this forum is for you!

  • 1,794 topics
  • 25,539 replies


They're watching YOU!

  • 734 topics
  • 10,654 replies


For those seeking info or contacts beyond this plane...

  • 1,560 topics
  • 18,706 replies

Pure Bull

Are you full of it? Get your shovel. Try and hit the fan!

  • 974 topics
  • 32,967 replies

Remember When?

This forum is for nostalgia buffs, or those just testing their long-term memory.

  • 435 topics
  • 6,797 replies

The Future

What does the future hold for us? How can we realize our dreams?

  • 576 topics
  • 10,569 replies

True Confessions

Reveal your deepest secrets, embarassing moments, dirty deeds, or...?

  • 3,287 topics
  • 48,860 replies

Weird, Bizarre and Mysterious

Post strange ideas, experiences, stories, images or strange things you've encountered.

  • 799 topics
  • 11,035 replies

The Whiners

Endless whining about nothing.

  • 16,965 topics
  • 375,482 replies

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All in the Family

Discuss relationship issues with parents, siblings and other extended family.

  • 582 topics
  • 7,147 replies

Mental Health

Discuss any kind of psychological problems you or others may be experiencing.

  • 1,684 topics
  • 18,442 replies

Bare It!

Discuss Nudism, Naturism, going barefoot. No porno, please!

  • 3,445 topics
  • 53,290 replies


You CAN make a difference! Find out what you can do to change the world.

  • 6,166 topics
  • 82,927 replies


Discuss beer, wine, spirits & other non-alcoholic drinks. Cheers!

  • 918 topics
  • 14,020 replies

Camping/Outdoor Living

Tell us about your tips, tales, and travails of living in the great outdoors!

  • 987 topics
  • 10,654 replies

Communal Living

Discuss alternative living situations

  • 1,478 topics
  • 14,556 replies


Get in touch with the earth. Discuss different methods, plants, landscaping, etc.

  • 1,002 topics
  • 7,336 replies


Heal thyself thru natural remedies, exercise and alternative therapies.

  • 3,235 topics
  • 25,460 replies

Home Schooling

A place to network and talk about curriculums, resources, legal issues, and other homeschooling concerns.

  • 194 topics
  • 1,948 replies

Munchie Recipes

What are you craving right now?

  • 1,992 topics
  • 7,837 replies

Living on the Earth

Discuss sustainable self-sufficient methods of living in harmony with nature

  • 318 topics
  • 3,827 replies


Discuss alternative ways of raising children.

  • 2,873 topics
  • 33,756 replies

Pets and Animals

Be kind to animals

  • 1,925 topics
  • 19,577 replies


Discuss open relationships, free love, problems in love, etc.

  • 6,336 topics
  • 77,806 replies


This forum is for vegetarians, vegans, and those interested in learning more about the vegetarian lifestyle.

  • 2,517 topics
  • 28,998 replies

Men's Issues

A place for people to discuss men's issues or concerns.

  • 1,027 topics
  • 22,538 replies

Women's Issues

Welcome to the Women's Issues Forum. Discuss subjects related to women's rights or any subject pertaining to women.

  • 2,931 topics
  • 51,801 replies

Yoga and Meditation

Peaceful paths to health and enlightenment.

  • 1,198 topics
  • 7,688 replies

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Member Photos

Post a picture of yourself here. You can also add one to your profile. The photo must be on another server or our Hip Photo Gallery (see below for info). Please no porno, copyrighted material or very large images.

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  • 67,354 replies

Hip Photos

Post up any photos you like here, but again no porn.

  • 941 topics
  • 12,793 replies

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Hip Travel Guides

Visit our NEW travel site, with its own forums, galleries and unique features! Separate registration required.

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Travel Photo Gallery

Interesting images from around the world. Add yours! Note: Gallery moved to new website!

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Discuss African destinations, culture, and travel tips with Africans and other travelers.

  • 110 topics
  • 893 replies


Discuss the land down under, Aussie culture, upcoming events and travel tips.

  • 800 topics
  • 6,434 replies


Discuss Asian culture, upcoming events and Asia travel tips. Make friends with Asians and other travelers.

  • 379 topics
  • 2,757 replies


Meet Canadians and discuss Canadian culture, upcoming events and travel tips.

  • 1,059 topics
  • 10,547 replies


Discuss European culture, upcoming events and Europe travel tips. Make friends with Europeans and other travelers.

  • 2,440 topics
  • 23,965 replies


Welcome to the Ride Board. Use this forum at your own risk! By posting or responding here, you accept all responsibility.

  • 936 topics
  • 1,678 replies

Latin America

Discuss Latino culture, travel tips and destinations in Latin America.

  • 211 topics
  • 1,044 replies

New Zealand

Discuss the land of the Kiwis, the Maori and Tree Ferns. Make friends with New Zealanders and pickup some travel tips.

  • 320 topics
  • 8,280 replies

Postcards from Planet Earth

Post up images and descriptions of places you've been!

  • 48 topics
  • 553 replies

Travel Talk

Discuss the joys and travails of travel

  • 357 topics
  • 1,723 replies

Travel Polls

  • 13 topics
  • 478 replies

Backpackers Message Forum

Post personal and group messages here

  • 173 topics
  • 890 replies

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For Sale or Trade

Please include location & other contact info.

  • 1,223 topics
  • 2,414 replies

Help Wanted

Please give as much info as possible including location & contact info.

  • 443 topics
  • 1,563 replies


All personal ads go here

  • 1,909 topics
  • 7,060 replies

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Question About Dmt !

Psychedelics Jan 17, 2017
I recently have arranged to have a ceremony guided by a shaman that works specifically with dmt. I am an active user and I just have tried all the western type "paths for recovery". Anyway long story short, my ceremony is today at 4. I was supposed to be 72 hours minimum off all substances, ea...
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Top Of The Pops !

Random Thoughts Jan 16, 2017
What is your favourite pop thing.   Vote now, so we can finally know what pop thing is Random Thoughts' Top of the Pops 2017!
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Barefoot Orchestra Rehearsal

Barefoot Jan 16, 2017
So I had orchestra rehearsal tonight, and I did the same thing I did for the basketball game. Got my socks wet, and took my shoes and socks off once I got to rehearsal, and played barefoot. This time, though, I put them back on, there was too much ice. I could slip.
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Any Guys From Maine Here

Gay Personals Jan 16, 2017
Just looking for bi gay friends to play
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3 Juveniles Shot, 2 Juveniles Grazed And 2 Adults Shot At...

Latest News Jan 16, 2017
Martin is rolling over in his grave.     NORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - Police and fire rescue crews are on the scene after five people were shot and two people were grazed by bullets at a Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park. Miami-Dade P...
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Short Stories

Books Jan 16, 2017
Yo,   If you were putting together an anthology of short stories, which would be must-includes for you?   these are mine, my tastes veer towards genre fiction.   Details- China Mieville In the hills, the cities - Clive Barker Mrs. midnight -  Reggie Oliver The Transformation o...
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Real Time Ray Traced Geometry

Science and Technology Jan 16, 2017
Real time ray traced geometry is a modern technology coming to a cellphone and virtual reality near you within the next three years at most. Two of the more popular companies responsible for countless gpus used in cellphones and cloud technology already are preparing to introduce real time ray tr...
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Connecticut Politician Arrested For Pinching Woman’S Geni...

Latest News Jan 16, 2017
OK that's enough statistical evidence to draw the conclusion that ALL politicians grab women's genitals!     Connecticut’s Christopher von Keyserling, who is chair of the Representative Town Meeting in Greenwich, was arrested and charged with fourth-degree sexual assault for pinching...
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What Causes A Guy To Not Be Able To Get Hard

Love and Sex Jan 16, 2017
Hello everyone, I'm new here and I had a few questions about erections. To start, I'm a very fit girl, and I've been told I'm very gorgeous, I've gotten the "you look like JLo" many times. I'm very out going and I treat people with the same respect and compassion I want to be treated with. I was...
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What Causes Men To Not Be Able To Perform

Birth Control Jan 16, 2017
Hello everyone, I'm new here and I had a few questions about erections. To start, I'm a very fit girl, and I've been told I'm very gorgeous, I've gotten the "you look like JLo" many times. I'm very out going and I treat people with the same respect and compassion I want to be treated with. I was...
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