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We Are Woodstock by G A Eldrige – A Review
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Posted: Sep 01 2016 10:42 AM by: HipChris in Reviews
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The summer of 1969 brought us Woodstock in upstate New York. I was under house arrest, as was my brother, to prevent us from attending the nearby Aquarian Exposition and Concert. If we had escaped from Westchester and actually gone, I'd be writing this book myself!

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ISBN 9780982995013
200 pages - Paperback 5 x 8”
$12.95 @ amazon.com

Glenn Eldrige does a great job with this account of the festivities, the details he remembers from being there himself, and from historical accounts and film footage are what makes this book great.

Considering the madness of that time, and the influence of whatever mind-altering substances being consumed this novel is well-constructed and revolves around a love story. A love story which began meeting a girl at Woodstock who he ended up marrying years later in real life. The story of Glenn and Gail's love is woven through all of this story in a nice way, and will bring back happy memories to all of us from the Woodstock generation.

The author loved being there, and he shows this passion in his descriptive writing. Camping on Groovy Way, Michael Lang arriving on a motorcycle, the musicians flying in by helicopter, the hordes of people arriving on foot from all directions with no fences to manage the crowds, detailed memories of some band performances, and more commentary on the bands that didn't play and why are some of the things he covers in this book.

From Richie Havens to the final act from Jimi Hendrix, the show is described quite well here. From the bathing pond to the medical tent, the rain and the mud, the fun and the sex, and yes the rock and roll, it's all here if you want to have a great time reminiscing about happier times.

Glenn A. Eldridge was born in 1950 and grew up in the Bronx, New York. He worked at Vanguard Records and during the summer of ‘69, he worked at a camp, in up-state New York. That was the summer of the original Woodstock Festival, which he attended. His love of Rock & Roll music was cultivated in New York City, where he went to many concerts. His lists of artists is endless and he’s seen them at such places as the Fillmore East, where he saw The Who do their rock opera, Tommy. He filled his summers by going to many free concerts at Central Park, where, one time, he drank Sangria behind the outdoor stage with Jack Cassady, Jorma and Grace Slick, members of the Jefferson Airplane. He can be seen on the back cover of a Todd Rundgren Album. In Greenwich Village he meet Frank Zappa, when Zappa was doing his “Absolutely Free” show, which, by the way, was not absolutely free. As a youngster, he always dabbled in writing poetry. He now lives in Houston, Texas and has just finished his first novel. This story is considered a historical fiction love story with some autobiographical material thrown in. This book has taken two years to write, forty-seven years in the making, and is Glenn’s newest endeavor. This is his first novel, We are Woodstock.

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